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The Mustache Riders / BGNG

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No matter the cost, no matter the course…we fly with no fear.


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Borne from the ever-increasing disparity of the mid-2900s and generational enslavement, the Riders have seen their people beaten and bruised by shifting sands, Vanduul attacks, and raiding parties from the nearby wreckage of Olympus. Generations have passed since that terrible warship found its way to Ashana in an attempt to silence their forefather’s voices against the tyranny of Messer and his family’s unchecked control. Their great-great-grandparents had seen the Massacre of Garron II and again stood up to the government. Now, as the Vanduul attacks increase while the UEE continues to overlook our bondage, it’s up to this band of expatriates, drifters, fathers, and daughters to take up this new crucible forged by the fires of Nul and help their people not just survive, but escape this way of life.


The Riders make up those looking to rise up and take action despite the UEE’s utter lack of response against our captivity and generational despondence. Their aim is to bring their forefather’s clans to financial and societal stability despite the collapse around them after breaking the bonds of our pirate captors. We will stick to a strict charter paving the way for their descendants to continue to build on this foundation of inter-clan cooperation. All Riders believe this is the way to ensure the survival of not only their families but our code and way of life.


Fly with no fear • These words apply in any and all avenues of life be it combat, trade, bounty hunting, surviving, thriving.. the Riders fear nothing despite having everything to lose.
• The clans must be protected no matter the cost • If medicine, food, or shelter is desperately needed and cannot be provided for by traditional means, actions against large corporations can be taken to ensure the survival of our people.
• Slavery must not be advanced • we will not partake in any activities directly associated with bondage