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Welcome to Big ‘N’ Shiny LLC, where bigger is always better.


Big ‘N’ Shiny LLC

CEO Peter Dragon is from a poor family pushed from their home world of Charon 3 by the bitter civil war. During his time as a refugee he lost his mother and father. As he was hunting for work from any crew that would take him in, a nicely dressed butler approached him with a small fortune from a distant aunt on Charon 3. A malfunctioned Hurricane had come into the living room of the madams estate while she was having her daily foot massage. He was enjoying his new life of luxury, when he saw a broadcast for a mining group attempting to break a named asteroid. It was at that moment he knew what his purpose in life was: “Finding the biggest damn space rocks and cracking them open.”

There, in a half priced hot tub and with a toast of his Torpedo Burrito, Peter Dragon set out to create Big ‘N’ Shiny LLC. Hoping to find like minded citizens to traverse the verse in search of the next big space rock to conquer. Ships were bought, structure and strategy was determined, all that’s left is you.


Big ‘N’ Shiny LLC

Our Goal: “Finding the biggest damn space rocks and cracking them open.”

Our Structure: A partnership based company. All of our members share equally in the profits.

Our Culture: Work hard and play harder. Our members are on the fringes of space for weeks on end and it shows in our interactions. Our members engage in comradery and tomfoolery, all within the politically correct nature of the UEE, of course.

Big ‘N’ Shiny LLC, where bigger is always better.


From the desk of the CEO Peter Dragon

Partners of Big N Shiny have come together for a single goal: finding the biggest damn space rocks and cracking them open. This requires precision, patients and discipline. With a shared interest in success due in part to our partnership model, our members are vetted to promote synergy and success in the field. Our members are required to follow all laws and go beyond the highest standards of safety outlined by the UEE. Due to our multi-crew and multi-ship fleet structure, communication is our core pillar to success in the verse. All partners are treated with the same respect, and we have become like family while out on the fringe.