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Billy D Inc takes a unique and groundbreaking approach to universal and omnipresent expansion throughout the verse. We are a force to be reckoned with and our prowess will resonate in the minds of all that cross our path. Our ultimate goal is growth and power! We will prevail!

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Hurston dynamics on Earth founded by Solomon Hurston

Stanton System claimed by the UEE

Magda Hurston CEO of Hurston Dynamics which is one of the rare mega-corporations which can properly boast that it owns its own planet, having secured Stanton 1 from the UEE government in a money-and-stock deal worth an estimated fifty trillion credits. Prior to the purchase and acquisition of Stanton 1, Hurston Dynamics was based on Earth, with mining assets, weapons manufacturing and testing ranges scattered throughout the galaxy.

Lorville on Hurston was founded and Magda’s husband Aberdeen Hurston dies.

A local reporter takes candid photographs of Magda Hurston in a passionate embrace with a dashing young mercenary nicknamed Billy the Destroyer.
Gossip and rumours were widespread about the absolute pedigree of Magda’s presumed only son Gavin Hurston who is the current CEO of Hurston Dynamics.

Extensive weapons labs have been established on Stanton 1, and rumours of a third line of guns continue unabated. These rumours gained serious traction last year, when the corporation put out a record-high ten million credit bounty believed to be for a mercenary who stole a test artefact from the corporation. It is unknown whether or not the bounty was claimed or the artefact was ever recovered?

Billy D senior dies and His son inherits all his worldly possessions.

Billy D Incorporated was established by acquiring some strategic assets from Hurston Dynamics. Hurston Dynamics had some areas of business that they considered too risky to exploit so we stepped in to take control. Our mission going forward is to establish an economic foothold in the Stanton star system and expand at a sustainable rate. Our main focus will be exploration and exploitation of lucrative assets.

  • We will need dedicated explorers and data collectors to locate jump points to points of interest with suitable economic value.
  • We will need a logistics division to capitalize on these found assets.
  • We will also need a strong security division to protect our crews and to ensure we keep control over what we have gained.

Apply now if you think you have what it takes to achieve these goals.

JT Paladin:Historian


Billy D Incorporated will take on the challenges others fear to face. We will explore and discover new assets to exploit. We will drive out the competition and take what is ours. We will establish footholds on every planet, moon, and any other location that we need to exploit in order to ensure our growth.

  • We will explore
  • We will exploit
  • We will expand

At Billy D Inc we look to the stars and the vastness of unexplored space.
We want to meet players around the vastness of our world and form lifetime friendships.
We strive to achieve a high degree of knowledge and experience in your chosen profession by practicing and playing the game.
Star Citizen is a skill-based game and you can only acquire those skills by playing.
We will help you get started and give you the necessary tools to help you on your way.
Being able to react quickly to opportunities and capitalize on them is our strength at Billy D Inc.
Honesty and integrity are paramount to a successful business transaction.

“Non est ad astra mollis e terris via”
“There is no easy way from the earth to the stars” Seneca


Billy D Incorporated will take on the challenge’s others fear to face. We will explore and discover new assets to exploit. We will drive out the competition and take what is ours. We will establish footholds on every planet, moon, and any other location that we need to exploit in order to ensure our growth.

  • We will explore.
  • We will exploit.
  • We will expand.

This is our primary focus. We will do no harm to bystanders unless they stand in the way of our resolve. You are with us or you are against us. If you chose to challenge us, you will be met with fierce and unrelenting opposition. This we pledge.

Core values
Have fun, don’t be too serious. It’s just a game.
Family and life must come first.
By your actions don’t bring Billy D Incorporated in to disrepute.
Everyone will have the ability to contribute if they wish to.
Answer calls for assistance by Org members to the best of your ability.
Be respectful to others in the ORG and as courteous as possible to all in the Verse.
But if someone tries to kill you, Kill em back…!!!
No mercy for those who enjoy ruining other’s fun.

The Structure of Command
Recognizing that Star Citizen is a Work in Progress and our command structure should be malleable to fit the needs of future changes to Billy D Incorporated structure and the ongoing changes in Star Citizen.

Leaders are people who are already contributing and are recognized for their actions.
Leaderships positions are not just handed out they are in recognition of continued and ongoing commitments and efforts.
Leaders are here to support, help direct and take ownership of their actions. Leader’s should not abuse their powers in ways that restrict, control or use it to exclude people or groups.
Every member can do and become all that they can be.
Members can organize mission briefs and suggest rates of shared UEC for their parts.
Billy D Inc will have to retain a small % of Org mission profits on a scale TBA later.
All members should be treated equally.
If you are to lead, do it by deed and example.