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Roberts Space Industries ®

Outpost: Imperia Tiberius / BLACK6

  • Organization
  • Casual
  • Role play
  • Exclusive
  • Social
  • Security

Our home – Our City – Our Anchor

“[Place Holder] | Imperia Tiberius Discord Link
Outpost Contacts: * Capt. Skira | * Cowski


Black Star Legion originated in Star Wars Galaxies on the Starsider server. Our city was located on the planet Lok; Imperia Tiberius was our city. Some of us will be making a city or outpost in Star Citizen carrying on that legacy.


Alignment: Neutral / Grey, we operate to our own benefit and are not law abiding or criminals. We will track to ground any bounty we agree to take on until the bounty is neutralized or captured satisfactorily. We will fire on UEE and law enforcement if fired upon, as well as engage pirates, slavers and drug runners or anyone in between if it suits our mission requirements and is within our Rules of Engagement (ROE) or ethical philosophy. We have zero tolerance for slavers, and those who inflict injury on the defenseless when there’s no honor to be gained.

Political Affiliation: We are an independent government. Our politics reflect that and will resist any external influence to alter our culture.

Stance on Piracy: We do not condone piracy as we find it dishonorable. We are not pirates, and no member of the Exodus Sovereignty is authorized to conduct piracy. Direct Action raids, Capture, Recovery, Mercenary work, Bounty Hunting, Smuggling or fulfilling a legal contracts to perform a paid job is not piracy and we make a very clear distinction between the two sides of that line.