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Roberts Space Industries ®

The 5th Expeditionary Wing "Black Talos" / BLACKTALOS

  • PMC
  • Regular
  • Role play
  • Exploration
  • Scouting


Started July 8, 2015 on RSI, our group has been around since late 2014

The tag may say hardcore but we are barely that, just not casual. Roleplay is that we play a role and that is Exploration, which we love very much. With the Exploration orientation we do require other roles to be filled as it does require more than just the normal Exploration ships and crew and we would be happy to take just about anyone into our org, We are active and play often on ours and other discords.

The quickest way to get in contact with us and ask questions is to join the discord through the link on the page and ask for Pip. In the application on the discord make sure to state you are here from the RSI page

Updated 12/8/2019


We are changing up the page from the old 2014 format!


RANK 0: reserved for newly joined people
RANK 1: Crewman
RANK 2: The senior crewman rank
RANK 3: Senior-Rank for Crewman and a Junior Rank for Ship Captains. This rank will be given to pilots of smaller ships (crew less than or equal to 3)
RANK 4: A rank normally reserved for captains of medium ships (crew 4+)
RANK 5: BlackTalos Officer rank, Those who hold Captain ranks may as well be admirals with the way the rank system works. Captains normally lead an expedition
RANK 6:Highest rank in Black Talos, reserved for the founders

Updated 1/11/2018
This list is still being made and is subject to change, come back later
List of rules and protocol under developement