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Join the ranks of Black Water, the feared force in the cosmos. Embrace the boundless freedom of space as we carve our legacy among the stars. Your skill, our prowess, together we dominate the celestial frontier. Be part of a legacy transcending Earth’s limitations. Discord:


As the embers of the 21st century dimmed, humanity’s gaze turned skywards, and the cosmos beckoned. The scramble for control over the newfound celestial domains witnessed the birth of Star Citizen’s realm, a universe where the old Earth-based powers found their influences waning amidst the boundless firmament. Among the entities making this transition was the formidable private military company, Black Water.

As Earth’s governance extended into the cosmos, the need for private security in the interstellar expanse skyrocketed. Black Water seized this opportunity, offering their elite services to the burgeoning colonies, mining outposts, and trade convoys navigating the perilous cosmic seas. However, as the vastness of space beckoned, the lines between protector and predator began to blur for Black Water.

Initially, Black Water upheld contracts, safeguarding assets and interests against the swirling chaos of space’s lawless frontier. Yet, slowly, the allure of unclaimed riches and the intoxicating freedom of a realm unbound by Earth’s laws seduced them. The transition was subtle, almost unnoticed, as Black Water’s operations began shifting from protection to piracy.

Contracts were still honored, but now they came at a higher price, with terms that left their employers at Black Water’s mercy. Their fleets, once the guardians of the space lanes, now cast long, menacing shadows on the star trails. Their reputation morphed from that of elite protectors to feared marauders, with their black banner, once a symbol of security, now a harbinger of doom.

In the halls of the United Empire of Earth (UEE), debates raged on how to address the Black Water menace. But amidst larger galactic threats and political strife, Black Water’s descent into piracy was left unchecked. They carved a realm of fear and respect amidst the stars, a dark legacy etched against the backdrop of the cosmos.

Their tale, a grim reminder of the tenuous line between order and chaos, echoed through the starlit void, a legend forged in the cold, unforgiving expanse. The name Black Water became synonymous with the rogue spirit of the cosmos, a dark tide amidst the stars’ shimmering glow.


In the embrace of the cosmos, we find our calling. We are Black Water, the vanguard of the new cosmic order, unfettered by the chains of terrestrial allegiance, unyielding in our pursuit of dominion over the boundless celestial expanse. Our legacy transcends the feeble grasp of Earth-bound governance, rising amidst the stars to carve a realm of unyielding power and unassailable freedom.

Unbound Sovereignty:

We reject the yoke of terrestrial fetters, embracing the uncharted cosmos as our dominion.
Our allegiance lies with Black Water, a sovereign power unyielding to ephemeral earthly realms.
Mastery Over The Cosmos:

We claim the celestial frontier, mastering its perilous embrace to forge our legacy.
Our might is our right to the stars and the boundless riches they hold.
Elite Brotherhood:

We are a brotherhood of the elite, bound by a singular purpose, honed by the crucible of cosmic adversity.
Our bond is forged in the cold void, unbreakable, transcending fleeting terrestrial kinships.
Merciless Pursuit of Power:

We seize our destiny with a ruthless grasp, unyielding in our pursuit of power, wealth, and cosmic renown.
Our name is a harbinger of dread, a testament to our merciless mastery over the cosmic frontier.
Legacy of Dominance:

Our legend is etched in the annals of cosmic lore, a dark tide rising amidst the stellar abyss.
We are the architects of our destiny, the masters of the merciless void, the heralds of a new era of unbound dominion.
With the stars as our witness, we rise unyielding, our black banner a symbol of cosmic dread and unparalleled freedom. We are Black Water, the dark tide amidst the starlit void, the merciless masters of our celestial dominion. Our legacy is the cosmos, unclaimed, unforgiving, and unending.

Unite under the banner of Black Water, embrace your destiny amidst the stars, and ascend beyond the terrestrial pale into the realm of boundless possibility and unparalleled power.


The cosmos beckons to the audacious, extending an invitation to transcend terrestrial mediocrity. We, Black Water, heed this call, united in purpose to seize dominion over the boundless celestial frontier. This Charter encapsulates our doctrine, the bedrock of our unyielding quest for cosmic ascendancy.

Article I: Membership

Eligibility for membership within Black Water is dictated by merit, skill, and unwavering loyalty to the collective cause.
Members shall forsake all terrestrial allegiances, pledging fealty solely to Black Water.
Article II: Governance

A Council of Commanders, elected by merit, shall steer the course of Black Water, their decree is absolute.
Order and discipline shall be maintained through a hierarchical chain of command, defiance shall be met with due retribution.
Article III: Operations

Engagements shall be conducted with ruthless efficiency, displaying the formidable prowess of Black Water.
Piracy, protection, and privateering shall form the triad of our cosmic endeavor, executed with unyielding resolve.
Article IV: Wealth Distribution

Wealth accrued from operations shall be distributed in accordance with merit and contribution.
A portion shall fund Black Water’s arsenal, ensuring our unassailable dominion over the cosmic frontier.
Article V: Alliances and Diplomacy

Alliances shall be forged with discernment, solely to fortify Black Water’s position within the cosmic hierarchy.
Diplomacy shall be exercised only to advance our unyielding quest for cosmic dominion.
Article VI: Legacy and Expansion

Our lore shall be forged through the annals of cosmic conquest, a beacon of dread and respect amidst the stars.
Expansion of dominion shall be relentless, the cosmos shall bear witness to the inexorable rise of Black Water.
Article VII: Amendments

Amendments to this Charter can be proposed by the Council of Commanders, ratified through a consensus of the said council.
In witness of the stars, this Charter enshrines the ethos of Black Water, codifying our resolve to carve a realm of merciless dominion amidst the celestial expanse. The cosmos is our legacy, the Charter, our creed; together we rise, unyielding, under the black banner of cosmic mastery.