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Blue Rogues / BLUEROGUES

  • Organization
  • Casual
  • Role play
  • Security
  • Piracy

I’m _____ of the Blue Rogues.
And I will be relieving you of all your stolen treasures and valuables shortly!

We are more than Pirates
We are more than Vigilantes
We are more than Mercenaries

We are the BLUE ROGUES!


“One day, I shall see what lies beyond the clouds, the so-called limits of the world.” — Vyse

01/21/2944 – DATE OF FOUNDING

05/11/2944 – Organization Leadership Change

06/16/2944 – 25 Rogues Recruited; United and flying under the Flag of the BLUE ROGUES

01/21/2945 – 1 Year Anniversary

03/092945 – 50 Rogues Recruited; United and flying under the Flag of the BLUE ROGUES

01/21/2946 – 2 Year Anniversary

01/21/2947 – 3 Year Anniversary

01/21/2948 – 4 Year Anniversary

01/21/2949 – 5 Year Anniversary

01/21/2950 – 6 Year Anniversary

01/21/2951 – 7 Year Anniversary

01/21/2952 – 8 Year Anniversary

01/21/2953 – 9 Year Anniversary



Similar to The Pack; a organization made up of ‘Lone Wolves’, the Blue Rogues are more of a blanket organization based on a ideal/ philosophy.


Blue Rogues are pirates with a moral compass… of sorts. (think Grey Jedi from the Star Wars Universe. Or from a fantasy perspective – Robin Hood; Except we keep our earned plunder. We are not saints. Accepting all into our ranks, but choosing to battle the constant choices of morality and living freely at the same time.

  • It is the intention of all Blue Rogues to ONLY engage in acts of piracy against ‘Black Pirates’. While at the same time, providing security for the General Populace/ Citizen / Hired Corporation or Anyone in need of the protection of a Blue Rogue.
  • A Black Pirate is: One who prays on any Honest Citizen,Trades Ship, Merchant, Miner, Explorer Etc.
  • * UEE Military ships are in the Grey Zone of combat engagement. No Blue Rogue is bound to any Official Government or any One organization. Therefor, any Individual, Crew or Captain of Ship may align themselves with, help or attempt to attack any UEE MILITARY vessel as they see fit.
  • The Vanduul as a species possesses a threat to all human life and liberty (Citizen or Outlaw). It is not mandated, but highly advised, to engage and eliminate, destroy or report any Vanduul ship on sight.

Blue Rogues are Pirates but Provide Security?

  • Yes. It may seem a contradiction, but the Blue Rogues ONLY * pirate the Pirates of the galaxy.

While the Citizens of the galaxy can always expect safe travels when the Blue Rogues are near, it could also be a wise choice for any wary Citizen or Corporation to hire or enlist the help of a Captain flying under the flag of the Blue Rogues.

The Blue Rogues are a organization aimed to be a counter balance to its own sub culture.

SoA fans. The legacy of Vyse and his Blue Rogues can live on through your actions. Sail with the Blue Rogues once more!



“AS SOON AS YOU TRUST YOURSELF, YOU WILL KNOW HOW TO LIVE” – Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (1749-1832), Faust

Join the BLUE ROGUES not for a Org filled with rules and oversight, but to Live & Fly Free!

One and Only Rule of the BLUE ROGUES:
  • NO Black Pirating

BLUE ROGUES are made up of every type of profession. Are you a Explorer? Maybe your a Miner or a Trader. A famous Outlaw or Treasure Hunter. Could it be you just crave a Adventures life. Smuggler or Bounty Hunter perhaps? All of you can stand up to those who prey on those with a lack a means to defend themselves. Do you share the values of a Blue Rogue. If so, that is all that is required.

Defend and fight for what is yours. Protect others and Live Free under the flag of the BLUE ROGUES.

  • Affiliate Captains are on the same level of any Full Membership ROGUE despite any ‘Rank System’ within the Organization. This will be used for different levels of access/ duties within the organization. ex (Personnel Officer, Propaganda Officer) etc. This will also be used for when full membership members have access to Org based Hangers.

The Six Codes of Blue Rogues

1. Always Be Audacious!
2. Make Decisions Swiftly!
3. Take Treasures and Be Thankful!
4. Do Not Tolerate Cowardly Acts!
5. Always Challenge He Who is Stronger than You!
6. Never Give Up!