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Founded in the late 20th century, Blue’s News was created to deliver quality gaming news. It reached its zenith in the early 29th century, delivering gaming news to over one trillion readers in more than 4,000 systems. In the Information War (2884-2892) it suffered heavily at the hands of the evil Zenimax Empire, during which it lost more than 90% of its information runners.

Under the leadership of Chancellor Krovven, General Verno, Lord Blue and a mysterious figure known only by the alias ‘theyarecomingforyou’, the organisation has undergone significant militarisation to combat the growing dangers associated with information running.

A Brief Timeline

20th Century

  • 1996: Blue’s News is founded as a gaming news website

22nd Century

  • 2120: The company plays a pivotal role in communications with the new Mars Colony
  • 2125: CEO Robert Creston donates $150m to the victims of the Mars Tragedy

23rd Century

  • 2262: Three datarunners disappear in an area of space that would become known as The Neso Triangle, resulting in the creation of a no-fly zone
  • 2271: Nick Croshaw, funded by the Blue’s News Scientific Research Grant, becomes the first man to discover and successfully navigate a jump-point

24th Century

  • 2304: The company expands its space fleet to provide services to the terraforming of the Croshaw System
  • 2362: Operations are established in the Croshaw System

25th Century

  • 2438: Contact is established with the Banu, ushering in the start of cross-species news delivery
  • 2496: The company marks its half-millennial

26th Century

  • 2525: Operations are established on Terra
  • 2541: First contact is made with the hostile race the Tevarin, resulting in the destruction of 23 of the company’s forwarding outposts and the loss of more the 1,000 employees
  • CEO Edward Cutter resigns over the handling of the response to the Tevarin crisis
  • 2544: New CEO Maxivo Nin signs a controversial deal with the UPE government to provide transport for sensitive military data for Operation Nemesis against the Tevarin
  • After the UPE fleet is wiped out in orbit around Idris IV, Nin is forced to resign
  • 2545: Reginald Kosumo becomes the company’s third CEO in five years years only to be assassinated by ZeniMax operatives, triggering what would become known as the Corporate News Wars (2545-2583)
  • Acting CEO Xi Beamer retaliates with the destruction of ZeniMax’s headquarters

27th Century

  • 2638: Senator Assan Kieren of Terra exposes the company’s involvement in the UEE’s military-industrial complex, resulting in widespread consumer boycotts
  • 2682: The Vanduul launch attacks against several company outposts in the Tevarin system and quickly retreat

28th Century

  • 2751: With the UEE military stretched thin the company takes on an increased role in the supply of sensitive military data, seeing its annual turnover more than treble in just two years

29th Century

  • 2872: CEO Zander Prez announces that company’s role in the creation of a SynthWorld in the Chronos system, pledging more than ¤50bn UEC through the Blue’s News Scientific Research Grant
  • 2884: ZeniMax launches a ruthless attack against the company, marking the start of the Information War (2884-2892)
  • 2892: In a ruthless move, CEO Bismarck Klink approves the use of Project Aries—a black hole device prohibited under galactic law—against the ZeniMax headquarters on Deus Proxima
  • Bismarck Klink is executed by the UEE for crimes against sentient life

30th Century

  • 2932: CEO Arlin Hump resigns in the wake of a sex scandal and is replaced by Chancellor Krovven, who instigates swift and far-reaching reforms of the company
  • General Verno, Lord Blue and an individual known by the alias ‘theyarecomingforyou’ are appointed to senior positions within the organisation, which sees a rapid militarisation to deal with the increasing threat of the evil ZeniMax Empire
  • 2944: The company announces it is actively recruiting for what will be the largest expansion in the company’s history


Blue’s News is the premier news service for the 30th century audience. We know the importance of accurate and up-to-date information, which is why we have invested in our network of information runners to keep you apprised of the latest news wherever you may be. Whether you’re looking to keep informed about the latest gaming news or to transport sensitive corporate data we have the solution for you.

Our Services

  • PMC Express™ – for high-priority classified military data
  • Corporate Courier™ – for sensitive and time critical business information
  • Blue’s News Service™ – for all the latest news, from gaming to politics
  • Social Circles™ – for keeping in touch with friends and family
  • Greetings Stranger™ – for reaching out to new people

Our Locations

  • Baachus
  • Chronos
  • Davien
  • Earth
  • Elysium
  • Ellis
  • Kallis
  • Kellog
  • Pyro
  • Oberon
  • Oso
  • Rhetor
  • Stanton
  • Sol
  • Terra
  • Trise
  • Tyrol


Blue’s News is the most trusted name in intergalactic news and has provided businesses and individuals with the information that they need for over nine centuries. In order to demonstrate our commitment to our customers we provide numerous assurances and guarantees.

Corporate Responsibilities

  • Confidentiality: All information will be handled in the strictest confidence
  • Security: Any attempts to intercept data will be met with deadly force
  • Reliability: Our pilots have the highest reliability in the known universe
  • Punctuality: We promise to deliver your information on time or we will refund the cost
  • Professionalism: Our employees are trained to the highest standards