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Roberts Space Industries ®

Bluetech / BLUETECH

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Exploration begins with

= Exploration || Logistics || Prospecting || Security || Racing =

Bluetech Racing Division is a veteran participant in the Daymar Rally yearly since 2950 (5 th place in 2952).


Inventing solutions since 2949

Bluetech is an exploration and trading company in the defense sector that’s was established in Arccorp year 2949.
With the goal of seeking answers to unanswered questions about unknown space. The company has a broad spectrum of work areas where exploration is a natural and important part to invent solutions to explorations, trading and also providing the best security apparatus for your needs. Exploring deep space is time-consuming and requires resources which can be difficult to obtain. With the help of Bluetech this can now be possible.

We strive to always have at least one ship out on assignment as well as one in readiness to shorten the establishment time from decision to start the exploration. Bluetech tailor the assignment to your needs. In order to give you the most for the money. You may be looking for a shorter route for your transport lines or for a rare mineral in order to improve the effect of your production.

No matter what, we are here to find the answers to your questions. All our assignments are always done with the highest degree of confidentiality to protect our clients. We never share our client lists with anyone else. When you use our services, you and your company can feel confident that the identity of your organization, staff, cargo or data will remain in strict confidence and protected by our security system.

You will find us at New Babbage Microtech (STANTON IV).


Beauty comes in many forms. For us, it is when a plan comes together and is executed in near perfection. This derives from years of training and military discipline. Most of our employees have a background in the military services, in perticular the UEE-navy. We strive for perfection and self-improvement. From the the smallest of details to the Big picture. But most of all, it is the curiosity, will to discover, learn and adopt that drives us.

Ad infinitum et ultra.





  1. a journey undertaken by a group of people with a particular purpose, especially that of exploration, research, or war.
  2. promptness or speed in doing something.