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Roberts Space Industries ®

Bluetopia Network / BLUETOPIA

  • Corporation
  • Hardcore
  • Role play
  • Trading
  • Engineering

Bluetopia Network – Progress at any cost.

Research – Engineering – Trade – Security



If you need a quick and safe way to transport your goods to the rim of the universe, or your goods have to go undetected, we’re the right people for the job!
We have always been neutral to other parties, our only job is to get our cargo from A to B.


We’re always looking for freighter pilots with a tingle for adventure and danger. Our job is rough since we take any job. The outer rim is a deadly place.If you believe you’re up for it, you’ll find a well paid place to work here.

We’re also looking for escort pilots. Preferably with Military experience and plenty of practice. Get ready for the toughest jobs possible, money will surely be your least concern.

The Bluetopia Group
was founded in 2933 on Cassel (Goss II). The initial idea was to build a simple trading company, and since M. FoxMaster still had an old Freelancer in his hangar the start up was easy anyways. He crossed paths with J. BlueBird, a high-ranked military officer, who had a couple of problems with the law, and founded the company with him.

What originated as a small trading company quickly evolved into an interstellar trading and smuggle society. Due to resource shortages and increasing demand the Bluetopia Group expanded into a Network. Thanks to the Freelancer they’ve earned plenty of money, but as the market began to stabilize again and the money machine came to a stop. Due to that, the freshly rich decided to expand the company.

2939 they recruited 4 new employees, Max, who’s full name is still unknown, but he serves as one of the best scout,-escort and attack pilots, thanks to that operations in more dangerous systems like Cathcart and Pyro became possible. Thanks to that the profits significantly increased and they were able to recruit
  • C. Curry, an excellent mechanic an gunner,
  • D. Bubbles, another transport ship in the fleet
  • T. Limo, also a small transporter for close-ranged and routine transports.

2941 The Bluetopia Group renamed to Bluetopia Network, the ships were upgraded and improved, multiple transport and trading contracts were signed. Today the Bluetopia Network also delivers to the more distant systems, a zone most transport companies avoid because of the risk of running into pirates or other criminals.
They’re not a problem for us though, we know our pilots have excellent training and are prepared for the worst case scenarios.