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Banu Merchantman Owner's Club / BMMOC

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Banu Banu


Welcome! Remember to check out the Org forums, we have some silly stuff and have some serious stuff. This Org is not only about the BMM but also about enjoying our community.
We look forward to our mutual adventures in the verse.


On a day of true glory, the most perfect ship sprung into form within the mind of Chris Roberts. He christened this ship the “Banu Merchantman” and decreed that CIG must make it “whenever you feel like, probably not for a couple years”. Since that day, a devout following has praised this mighty vessel of epic trading prowess. We call ourselves, the Banu Merchantman Owner’s Club.

In an age long past, the BMMOC congregated in a far off land now known only as “the archived forums”. From there we built our epic legacy, driving our thread further than any other in general chat.

In the golden age, the BMMOC brewed with much rambunction. Celebrations were had. Jokes shared among friends. Much entertainment was found within the raptor pits. Yet the festivities grew too raucous. One innocent jest turned into a preposterous string of feline gifs. The postings became out of control, so much so that the mods looked on in displeasure. They reprimanded the BMMOC, “these cat gifs are totally off-topic”, and then purged the thread of all gifs. But the extent of the purge was too great. Failing to realize the power they held, the moderators struck a seemingly mortal wound to the BMMOC, leaving it glitched and nearly FUBAR. But the mods were not unjust, nor without mercy. They assisted the BMMOC in reforming, and rapidly restored it to it’s former glory. And thus, this event became known from then on as “Caturday”.

Then, lo, tragedy struck one day. The mighty voice of Disco Lando spoke from above, saying: “From now on, one should not partake in the chaos that are the ‘ship owner club’ thread. We will organize our conversation about space ships in the new shipyard subforums.” And thus Lando did close the owner’s clubs, and open up the shipyards for the forumites to engage in highly speculative discourse.

But those members who formed the BMMOC were discontented. They appreciated the new order brought by the shipyard, but they dearly missed the community of their thread. Forthwith, they began to plead with Lando, begging for the BMMOC to be reopened. And Lando did hear their please, and Lando saw that the BMMOC community was good, and so Lando re-oppened the BMMOC and permitted the re-establishment of other owner’s clubs.

Then, the time of great migration came. The old forums had run their course. Turbulent had forged a new set of forums and chat tools for the mighty Chris Roberts, they called this wondrous creation “Spectrum”. It was not long before Roberts commanded the forumites and chatrollians to begin their pilgrimage. He proclaimed Spectrum is the platform of the future! All must move their shitposting and theorycrafting off of the forums, and onto Spectrum.” With his proclamation, moderators descended from the sky, and sealed the gates of the old forum tightly shut. Faced with the daunting prospect of change, the BMMOC set out to recraft their thread from the very essence of Spectrum itself.

Also, after some weird shenanigans (we still aren’t entirely sure WTH happened) the old BMMOC org ended up as “The Cult of Cappy”. And then it just got deleted. So here we are. New org. Same SID. 100% less Cappy.






Top Hat and Monocle not required.
The BMMOC org has been clothing optional since 2943.