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Black Nova Mining Company / BNMC

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“Value through discovery, power through intelligence.” – Ian Shepherd, Chairman


Garron II, 1795: the time and birthplace of Black Nova.

For years colonists had struggled to eke out their lives in the far reaches of the universe, terraforming inhospitable worlds and scavenging what resources they could from their harsh surroundings.

The Shepherds were one such family.

Selling everything they owned to leave the overcrowded core worlds, Vess Shepherd and her family gambled everything on the developing world of Garron II. Part of a small group of colonists, they struggled for years to prepare the planet for the terraforming process and dig out a niche for themselves. Sacrifices were made, loved ones were lost, and disaster was constantly looming to swallow them all. Finally, after untold effort and sacrifice, the terraforming process was started only to be cut short, a victim of ongoing political turmoil. It was discovered that the hard-won progress of the Garron II colonists had accidentally claimed an unevolved group of aliens as collateral damage.

The reaction was immediate and heavy-handed.

The UEE put an immediate stop to all progress of civilization on Garron II, and in 1795 ratified the anti-expansionist, ironically named “Fair Chance Act,” immediately and permanently taking the side of undeveloped alien races over that of hard-working human colonists.

Vess Shepherd, sitting in her family’s utilitarian home under the already decaying atmosphere of Garron II, took the news and turned it into a renewed determination. That very day, she gathered like-minded neighbors and together they drew up the initial charter for what would become the Black Nova Mining Corporation.

Spurning the heavy hand of the UEE and their so-called “merit based” citizenship system, the fledgling Black Nova resolved to do anything and everything in their power to avoid having control of their lives taken away. The founding members of the Corporation pooled what resources they had and made a number of smart investments and acquisitions in the mining industry.

In the 200 years since that day, the corporation has grown exponentially, and truly become a power to be respected across the universe. Continually pushing for progress in the fight for human rights, the Black Nova Mining Corporation stands head and shoulders above competitors as an industrial empire in the making.

What does the future hold for Black Nova? Join them in the journey and see for yourself.



The Black Nova Mining Corporation, hereafter referred to as ‘The BNMC’ or ‘The Company,’ is an organization dedicated to the advancement of resource gathering and engineering throughout the universe. Methods of advancement include, but are not limited to: mining, research, sales, prospecting, and engineering. The Company will gladly review applications for pilots who are skilled, intelligent, and trustworthy.


“Value through discovery, power through intelligence.”

The motto of the company chairman, Ian Shepherd, effectively sums up the goals of The Company. By pooling our efforts and applying our intellect, we discover new sources of raw materials, or develop new weapon systems. Discovery and ingenuity lead to prosperity, while applied science and engineering lead to strength. BNMC will not be bullied or coerced into doing any actions outside of their express interests, and any seeking to impede the company in its efforts will be dealt with harshly. Conversely, bright minds with an eagerness to apply themselves will be wholeheartedly accepted into The Company.


All who work for The BNMC hold themselves to a high standard, both in regards to their work ethic and in their interactions with others outside the company. Poor performance is repaid with stagnation within the company ranks, but dedication and willingness to serve are rewarded handsomely. The Company takes care of its own. Certain allocations and insurances are made for employees who lose property when on Company business. Further details can be found in the employee handbook in the section entitled “Insurance and Disability.”


The BNMC has always had lofty goals, in spite of its humble beginnings. Or rather, because of its humble beginnings. Power and wealth are best utilized when earned, and not inherited. Its tenacity and perseverance have made The BNMC a force to be reckoned with. The Company has always looked forward to more and greater things, but it will not forget where it came from. For this reason, those wishing to advance their careers, wealth, and reputation would do well to seek enrollment with us.


Our Board of Directors will unveil our official corporate statements soon. Please come back for updated information.