Roberts Space Industries

Skeleton Crew / BONES

  • PMC
  • Hardcore
  • Security
  • Exploration

We employ several exploration and mining crews. We will perform escort and transportation duties regularly. Boarding enemy ships to recover and/or sell will be the majority of combat roles.

Please read the Charter for rules and ranks.


“In darkness, I shall be light

In times of doubt, I shall keep faith

In throes of rage, I shall hone my craft

In vengeance, I shall have no mercy

In the midst of battle, I shall have no fear

In the face of death, I shall have no remorse”


Intent – Explore the Universe, Build a Massive Military to protect our assets, Rule a system (if possible)

Motives – Fun, Enjoyment, Honor, Loyalty, Credits, Advancement

Views – Honor is a way of life, It is not so simple to write down a few words and everyone agrees that what is written is the truth. Honor is a feeling as much as action, I have seen Honor is many different ways, heard of ancient warriors and their near fanatical rules of honor.

Our honor is very simple – Do what feels right


As the Founder of this Organization I will do everything I can to keep a honest and fun environment for us to enjoy this game in. Some Laws and Ranks will change over time and situations will come up to bend some Laws without breaking the system. this list or Laws is just to give everyone a understanding of how myself and other leaders of this Organization feel.

1st Rule: All leadership will enforce the – Laws – or be removed from their position
2nd Rule: Mission may come first and sacrifice’s will be made but, We do not abandon our team.
3rd Rule: Pay for serving on a ship will be determined by the mission success.

Laws of Conduct

  • Be yourself. If your actions bring any disgrace to the Organization or others in it, you will be informed and action may be taken.
  • We will live by credits and honor, smuggling is fine, griefing noobs is not.
  • We will retaliate, defend and ghost outlaws and Pirates. Don’t cross the line.
  • Every member will have a place and be treated with respect. Don’t be an ass.
  • All knowledge gained that can benefit the Organization should be shared within the Organization and only within the Organization. Knowledge is power and credits.
  • We are not a roleplaying Organization but yelling and screaming at others will not be tolerated. We play this for fun.
  • No begging for credits, ships etc. you will be kicked. ask like an adult and be done with it.

Laws of Command

  • When you’re on someone else’s ship, they are in command of that ship and everything in it. Delegation is key.
  • A ship will always be property of the individual who purchases it (unless given to the Org.) and no one can take that from you.
  • The Organization’s ships will fall under the chain of command for use and control/leadership of that ship.
  • If you are unhappy with a current leadership style on a Organization ship, do not join under that ship’s commander after that mission is over. We are more mercenary than military, but ask that you always help finish the mission.
  • Leaders will be assigned to each career field that the Org takes part in, Leader’s of these careers are called Rear Admirals and are a valued voice of accomplishments and needs, they are dedicated to the progress of that career. This rank does not carry over to other careers but is respected across all.
  • Org leaders are responsible for the success and failures of the organization as a whole. The Rank of Fleet Admiral will come to members dedicated to the Org and a clear desire to help with both knowledge and personal time.

Laws of Currency

  • Only top Organization leadership will have access to Organization funds.
  • Organization funds will be used for a great many things: ships, guns, armor, ammo, hangars, npc crew and more. (details pending more info)
  • Any abuse of Organization funds by the leadership will be removed from the Organization forever. Trust is to important.
  • Rewards for Org related events will come from the Org funds.
  • Organization Business’s will rely on the Org funds.
  • Organization tax (?) will be kept very low. 1% normal 5% extreme High.

Organization Ranks

Ranks are to determine a Purpose and command capacity for Organization Operations. Ranks are given to members that are willing to accept the responsibility and who are able to carry out the duties associated with that position. Remember we are not a role playing Org. but during a Organization Operation you will be asked to play under a strategy of engagement. (everything is subject to change as the game development progresses)

Organization Members

  • Lieutenant – New member. we are watching.
  • Commander – Full member of the Org and will be backed by the Org.
  • Captain – Shows great dedication to the Org and has proven themself a valued member.
  • Rear Admiral – Assigned by the fleet admiral of each career field to serve as a second in command for a career. 3 max per career.

Organization Leadership

  • Fleet Admiral – Every career is a fleet, This is the most knowledgeable person in the Org of that career field. This rank is responsible for enforcing the – Laws – of the Organization.
  • Grand Admiral – Leads the Organization and keeps focus on the purpose we are here. In times of war, assumes command of all Admiral’s during engagement.