Roberts Space Industries

The Dark Side Of The Bongo Bong Bande / BONGOBONG

  • Faith
  • Hardcore
  • Role play
  • Freelancing
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Cheese: It’s modular, cellular and you can eat it too!

Join our Organization if you love Cheese and hate Bananas.

Be advised: Bongo Bong (also known as Cheezus) sees everything. He is watching you while you are asleep.

Bongo Bong and his Bloody Schmock will bring peace and justice in space!


Once there was a small planet far off all bigcommercial traderouts of the galaxy. There lived a very modest yet very wise man. His name was Bongo Bong.

His arch nemesis was Red Nose Duck, whom he despised as much as oil hates water.

His apprentice is called Bloody Schmock, a dark cloud of antimatter which emits anti light and is full of hatred.

Professor Bad Rock was a sentient rock which supported Bongo Bong’s vision of a universe cleansed of bananas.


Bongo Bong is the Leader of all Cheese Children. His Cheese will free the world. All hail Cheezus!


Our esteemed leaders have summoned a conclave to put into writing the foundation of our Faith. Please come back soon to learn more about our community.