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The Boring Corp / BORINGCORP

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The Boring Corp is probably not an evil corporation.
Join the not evil Boring Corp.

“We swear we are not evil”

Pilot and crew member positions available.
Career progression is encouraged!

(Definitely not evil)


Founded by our CEO’s on the proviso of making as much money as possible, whilst not being evil.
We have achieved most of our goals.

Hostile takeovers.
Shady dealings.
Government interference on both a local and an interstellar level.
Are some of the things this not evil corporation has not participated in.


Our Board of Directors will unveil our official corporate statements soon. Please come back for updated information.


We are a relaxed group of adults. Our goal is fun and money, in that order. No bullshit, no drama or politics.
Just a simple org with room for all play styles and skill levels, with a simple ranking system for some semblance of order.
We are friendly and not so huge you will get lost. Active players preferred.
We don’t mind you being an affiliate member if you’re already part of an org.