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The Boring Corp / BORINGCORP

  • Corporation
  • Hardcore
  • Social
  • Freelancing

Welcome to the Boring Corp.
Our mission is to have fun and make money, In that order. We are a relaxed group of adults who ensure a relaxed, no bullshit, no drama group.

We ask that people join us on discord.

Head to – our discord channel and ask us more or to join up!


Fleet Admirals Smokey and Venree started as a Trafficker/Hitman and a UEE pilot respectively.

They came together to form The Boring Corp as a means to make enough money to have as much fun as possible after a chance drunken meeting aboard an 890 Jump that they later stole..
Rumour has it, Admiral Venree had the transponder changed and still uses it for parties.


We are here to make money and have fun.
You decide whats fun.

Officers of rank will assist recruits and lower ranked people as is appropriate for their rank.

We are neutral with The UEE at this time.

We are dedicated to resisting the Vanduul and our fleet will be leading the charge during Operation Spearhead in Vanduul space.

We look to explore jump gates and find profit and adventure beyond.

We aim to provide fun emergent content for our members to participate in.

No drama or bullshit – We are allegedly grown ups!

No racism will be tolerated, we are multi-cultural group.


From the Department of the Admirals of the Fleet:

Official Boring Corp Charter:

As in our past, we are dedicated to the core values of accumulation and victory.
These are the principles on which the The Boring Corp were founded and continue to guide us today.


“If I start with nothing, I shall end by owning the stars.”

As a Boring Corp member you will:

  • Accumulate Profits to help expand your personal wealth.
  • Share any intelligence or data that may benefit The Boring Corp or its membership.
  • Follow orders from superior Officers as appropriate.
  • Heed the call of Org members and offer services and support when required.
  • Be able to call on and rely on The Boring Corp in times of need.
  • Have access to the finest ships and services at reduced cost from other Org members.
  • Represent The Boring Corp to best of your ability.
  • Actively recruit new members at any given opportunity.

As a Boring Corp Officer you will.

  • Maintain chain of command.
  • Help crew members and recruits with training.
  • Hang out in discord, even if not in SC, to encourage less confident members to join voice.
  • Share out ships to less equipped members.
  • Donate a small percentage of earnings to the Org bank when live.
  • Take command of squads and wings as appropriate.
  • Use The Boring Corp logo and website link in media content.
  • Actively recruit new members as often as possible.
  • Look for potential talent in the ranks.
  • Have Boring Corp set as your main org.
  • Captain shifts on Capital Ships in live.

Welcome to the Boring Corp.

It’s less boring than it sounds.