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Blackguard / BPMC

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Blackguard are specialists on Black-Op operations that will defend against alien incursion and pirate activity.

Blackguard aims to provide customized protection and security solutions for your company.

Your satisfaction is our top priority.


2940.08.03 The 36th Fighter Squadron’s most celebrated mission took place against the Vanduul on August 3, 2940. A force of twelve Gladius fighters was ordered to provide close escort for a civilian Hull C transport ferrying survivors from a recent Vanduul strike. During the course of the planned escort run, the group improbably wandered into the largely undefended rear of a Vanduul supply fleet. By managing fire control through the Hull C and operating as a cohesive unit, the lightly armed force of Gladius was able to quickly eliminate nine fully laden Mule transports and their light escort screen. The incident, coming on the heels of several disastrous Vanduul raids, was played up heavily in the media.

A few handpicked individuals from the 36th Fighter Squadron and from the 65th Battle Group
are assigned to a new unit that is specialized in black ops for covert missions deep inside
Vanduul space for the purpose of sabotage and creating chaos in an attempt to demoralize the
Vanduul. The unit remained secret from the UEE Government for a long time so that it could
not be detected by the Vanduul’s spies.

After long reconnaissance of the Oberon System the 36th Fighter Squadron destroyed multiple
Vanduul Kingships in a joint operation with the 65th Battle Group. The operation was led by
Admiral Bishop aboard his new flagship, UEES Retribution.

On 12 May 2946, the UEE Government shut down the 36th Fighter Squadron and the covert unit
to create the PMC Corporation Blackguard. Command was given to Legatus Navium icE.
The first task given to Blackguard was to send out a small team of engineers to build a new
secret mobilization storage in Vanduul space.

On 14 February 2950, Blackguard was sent for reconnaissance in the Orion system and all
nearby systems. The first weeks nothing more than occasional small patrols with Blades or
Scythes were discovered.

After twelve weeks of reconnaissance the data collected suggested a pattern in the Vanduul
patrol movements. To test this Blackguard sent out an unmarked and undetectable merchandise
ship as a decoy and see if it could manage to fly through the surveillanced sector without being
detected. The mission was a success and now there was a way to get through the Orion system

The planet Armitage had been laid to waste by the Vanduul antimatter bombardment of the
first recorded Vanduul attack against humanity. Prior to the attacks Armitage had a growing
population and pastures capable of agricultural development. Now the planet was a wasteland
with abandoned human settlements and plains pockmarked by blast craters. Blackguard was
contracted to re-establish a trade route to the once promising planet.

After fourteen jumps and traveling 174.03 AU from Earth to Orion Blackguard had moved
their entire fleet into the system and could begin to fulfill thier contract. At the same time as
Blackguard were making a huge profit they had the time and opportunity to build thier own
mobilization storage.

Blackguard had completed their contract by re-establishing a trade route between UEE space
and Orion.

Blackguard was sent out to explore the Vanduul system Viking in hopes of finding jump points
to the systems Vesper or Vagabond. Intelligence collected from smugglers and rouge explorers
indicated that the Viking system could also have a jump point to the Vanguard system.

After several months of reconnaissance Blackguard detected increased Vanduul movement into
the Viking system and continuing into the Orion system. The initial assessment was that the
Vanduul fleet needed supplies or had discovered Blackguards operations.


In early 2951, XenoThreat forces attacked a corporate convoy in Stanton headed for the Terra
system, destroying all cargo and publicly executing the crew as “collaborators of corporate
greed”. In response, the United Empire of Earth Navy (UEEN) dispatched an armed contingent
to deal with the threat. Blackguard was a leading part of this contingent.

On 14 February 2951, XenoThreat was successfully pushed out of Stanton. The group made a
retreat back to their home system of Pyro following a decisive defeat..


At Blackguard we know that everyday situations in relatively safe locations are not necessarily totally risk free; incidents affecting personal safety, both directly and indirectly, can and do occur every day. But you can rest assured that our bodyguard service agents are trained to perform the many functions that regular so-called “armed pilots” are not. Executive personnel go through exhaustive training in counter-terrorism and various other related disciplines such as high risk flying, logistical planning, crisis management and emergency coordination. Whether you are transporting personnel or merchandise, some cargo is just too valuable to risk losing. So when it comes to protecting your most prized assets on the move, you need a company that you can be confident about in getting the job done.

The Vanduul attacks in UEE space and domestic terrorism has increased in the past months
and with the threat of kidnapping by criminal organizations, the protection of diplomats and
executives has never been so essential. UEE has lost control!

Blackguard specializes in black ops and providing executive protection services for CEOs,
visiting dignitaries and other VIPs from the threats of assassination, kidnapping, assault or

There is a need for VIPs to be able to travel to certain vulnerable or exposed locations as well as
crossing the galaxy in high risk areas like systems unprotected by the UEE or even the Vanduul
territories. Due to their status as VIP there is always a risk involved with their travels as there
is a tendency for criminals to target them. The risk may be the result of a specific threat to the
VIP, their company or to a group to which the individual belongs. Blackguard provides clients
with area-qualified security professionals who are familiar with the people and alien species,
customs and cultures for unsurpassed security in any given situation.

Blackguard escort services operate in local offices with a highly trained security staff that
knows your area. We work closely with each client to develop a security plan that is right for

We provide all the fundamentals to create a seamless transition on your end; just tell us if you
would like undercover or uniformed, armed or unarmed, marked or unmarked ships and we will
provide you with the protection you need.

Blackguard is the premier source for all of your black ops and security services needs including:
providing trained security officers, bodyguard services, executive protection services, private
fleet security, negotiations, hostage rescue among others.

We perform a variety of security services and provide complete solutions for safe transport and
protection for both people and merchandise.

Blackguard is not affiliated with the UEE in any shape or form, and as a freelance contracting
organization we care only what needs to be done and how we must accomplish it, no questions

We strive to provide professional security services that exceed our clients expectations and
needs, with integrity and professionalism. Blackguard engineers unique security solutions for
our clients to stay relevant. We make it our responsibility to give our clients peace of mind, as
well as continue to proactively revolutionize emerging security systems to set us apart from the

We will conduct research and development, use state-of-the-art equipment and review our
methods of operation in a never ending effort to continually improve the quality of the products
and services we offer. We are continuously designing a system that will help security and facility
directors handle the increasing complexity of security networks, derive beneficial information
from their security systems and deliver unique security solutions.

Blackguard aims to provide customized protection and security solutions.
Your satisfaction is our top priority.


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We have a fleet for war! We have a Javelin, Idris-M, Idris-P, 2x Polaris, 2x Hammerhead, 2x Nautilus, 2x Perseus, 2x M2, 2x A2, 2x MSR, 2x M2, Kraken, Hull D, E around 180 ships are in the fleet!