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BritizenCon 2019

The UK’s only Star Citizen Fan Convention

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See below for some highlights from BritizenCon 2017…

Click here to see one of last years Dev Panels

Brian Chambers – Development Director: Brian heads up the Frankfurt office of Foundry 42 and came all the way from Germany to be with us!
John Crewe – Lead Technical Designer: John oversees the UK setup of ships from concept to in-game from a design point of view, along with global balance issues for all areas of the game.
Sean Noonan – Senior Designer: Sean is building the levels and game modes for Star Marine, designing the locations that house combat and defining the objectives within.
Luke Pressley – Lead Designer for Star Citizen Live: Luke leads a team that is constantly working on regular content for game’s Persistent Universe in addition to managing live content for the Arena Commander and Star Marine modules

Click here to see the other of last years Dev Panels

Derek Senior – Director of Engineering for Squadron 42: Derek directs all engineering projects for Squadron 42, which in turn also affect the Star Citizen Universe.
Andy Nicholson – Ship Balance Designer: Andy covers controls and ship balance design as well as getting ship assets in-game and playable
Ross Tregenza – Senior Sound Designer: Ross is our specialist in Dynamic Music Systems as well as composing some music.
Staffan Ahlstrom – Senior VFX Artist: Staffan creates VFX for all things weapons – muzzle flashes, projectiles and impacts!


BritizenCon will be on Saturday 21st April 2018 @ 10:00

The venue is the same as last year, but with a few improvements!

Radisson Blu Hotel, Chicago Avenue, Manchester Airport, M90 3RA

A finalised schedule will be available closer to the time.

10:00 – Bar and exhibition area open along with ‘sign up’ for the competitions!
10:30 – Competition heats start.
13:00 – Panels start in the main hall.
20:00 – BarCitizen will commence about this time at a local pub.

We are hoping to organise at least two Dev panels and there will be one or two other panels during the day. The event will finish off with competition finals on stage followed by the raffle and prize-giving.

With the exception of when the Dev panels are on, we plan to run the competitions and panels concurrently in two separate areas. This will allow attendees to watch whichever interests them more.

At BritizenCon this year we will, once again, be running the UK Dogfight Championship! We are also planning to run other types of competitions. The details of which game modes we will be running and how to enter will be available in the next few months.
We will continue to improve and expand this in later years.
We would also like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of the Alpha nature of the game and that crashes will most likely happen, we will deal with these as fairly and as promptly as we can on the day.

We have a small number of exhibitors tables available. If you wish to exhibit at the event, or use a table to showcase your Org or fan project, please contact us through our Contact Form.

There is no cosplay competition this year but the wearing of cosplay is encouraged if you wish to do so. BritizenCon is an Armistice Zone. Attendees must not bring any weapons or anything that looks like a weapon to the event.

Short Film Showcase
If you have a fan film (up to 10 mins) that you wish to be shown at BritizenCon, please put them on YouTube and send us a link through our Contact Form (See main webpage). Ensure that the video is either public or unlisted. All videos will be vetted before being shown.


BritizenCon 2018 Tickets Available Now!

Tickets will be on sale until 11:30pm on Friday 20th April 2018.

Should any places be left, tickets will be sold on the door but at an increased price.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Tickets are non-refundable.
  2. Each attendee must have their own ticket.
  3. Attendees must be over-18 and bring ID to the event.
  4. Full name and email address are required. (Tickets will be emailed to the email address provided).
  5. A shipping address is required for all bronze, silver and platinum tiers. Anyone not providing a shipping address will not receive T-shirts or hoodies and those funds will be treated as donations!
  6. BritizenCon is an Armistice Zone. Attendees must not bring any weapons or anything that looks like a weapon to the event.
  7. The organisers reserve the right to remove from the venue anyone not displaying acceptable standards of behaviour.
  8. The event will be filmed and streamed. By buying a ticket, attendees agree to being filmed and accept that they may appear on stream or in any videos/photos of the event.

Please note: All guests appear subject to work and life commitments and so panel line-ups may change at short notice.

Ticket Prices:

Standard – £30 (Available 9th October)
Entry Ticket and location of BarCitizens!

Bronze – £50
Entry Ticket and location of BarCitizens, Event T-Shirt (inc. shipping) and a Raffle Ticket!

Silver – £85
Entry Ticket and location of BarCitizens, Event T-Shirt and Hoodie (inc. shipping) and a Raffle Ticket!

Gold – £170
Entry Ticket and location of BarCitizens, One night’s accommodation at the Radisson with Breakfast the next morning and a Raffle Ticket!

Platinum – £225
Entry Ticket and location of BarCitizens, Event T-Shirt and Hoodie (inc. shipping), One night’s accommodation at the Radisson with Breakfast the next morning and a Raffle Ticket!

Last year we had two BarCitizens, one on the Friday night – hosted by the talented youtube/twitch ‘Streamers’ you all know and love, and one on Saturday night following the main event. We are still working out the details for the main BC18 BarCitizen but we’re hoping the ‘Streamers’ will do the same this year

Please note:
This is a ‘not for profit’ event and it all goes into making it the best Star Citizen experience you can have outside of Port Olisar!

Also of note, this event is not run by Cloud Imperium Games or any of its staff, though we are banking on them turning up in their droves just like last year. So, if you like to rub shoulders with the very people making this game, go buy your ticket now!!!

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