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Better Red Than Dead / BRTD

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Have fun and get shit done.

Military, Industry, & trading Organisation.


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About BRTD

Formed centuries ago on the desolate, war-torn wastes of the distant planet of Auraxis, Better Red Than Dead is an organised collective of pilots, soldiers and rogue traders. Having cemented our position in our home world as a force to be reckoned with, we are expanding into the farthest reaches of the galaxy in search of greater challenges and even greater rewards.

The long military history of this organisation is reinforced by a reputation for always delivering; our work, mirroring our troops, may not always be pretty, but to quote the motto coined on the battlefields of our distant home, “we’ll get shit done”.

For a price, of course.

Tales have been told of our “Reaper” fighter wings tearing apart enemy ships; of our highly coordinated boarding teams taking and holding vessels despite overwhelming odds. Tales of bravery, skill, and unswerving loyalty and dedication.

History is written by the victors.

This Organization is a participant of the Allied Security Council.


We believe the following truths to be self evident:

Might Is Right.

The organisation will defend itself and its members from attack. Traders, explorers, pilots and soldiers, all will have the right to traverse the universe unmolested. All slights will be avenged, all unprovoked actions against our members punished.

Our Reputation Is Our Currency.

We fight hard, fly hard and play harder. But we do so with integrity. Our name cannot be brought into disrepute when it comes to how we carry out our activities (however clandestine they may be). Any member using unsanctioned hardware or software in the activities will be dealt with harshly.

We Are More Than An Army.

An organisation needs good links, territory and quality intelligence. Explorers and traders will not be marginalised. The benefits of a multi-faceted community are countless and we will actively recruit those who will contribute to the organisation by methods military or civilian.

The Aims of the Organisation:

To have a military that is as respected as it is feared
To be a rounded organisation with many strengths and specialities
To become an organisation of comrades-in-arms, allied traders and intrepid explorers. A community.
To have fun and get shit done!

That is Better Red Than Dead. Are you?



Yes, we are a casual clan/community, but the below rules represent the foundation of order which has helped us last as long as we have. This is an 18+ Outfit – This is for both our AND your protection, as we cannot guarantee topics of discussion and general member communications will always be SFW.​


  • Verbally abusing members or other players will not be tolerated.
  • If you are in-game, then you are required to be logged into our voice comms (Mumble).
  • Leave the drama at the door. This includes many things, but our members come to play, not to argue (see below).

If you have a problem with another member, please approach a staff member on voice comms or message them privately on the forums. A quick message can often sort out the occasional issue members may have with each other, and can help resolve things smoothly. It is much preferred that you let someone know rather than suffering in silence as that often doesn’t help matters. Remember, the leadership are here to help.