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Roberts Space Industries ®

Blazing Saddles Security / BSAS

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Blazing Saddles Security…BSS for short. If you have a need just ask…we can do our best to fill the need and if we can’t fill it; we just might happen to have contacts with someone that can do it for you.

“First things First; Wait what is First?”


After enlisting in the UEE Army in 2925; our founder and leader served at several border outposts during clashes with pirates and Vanduul raiding parties. While posted with the Army at one of the later outposts our leader decided he wanted to transfer into the UEE Navy in 2928 when his enlistment with the Army was completed. After his transfer was accepted in early 2929; he applied to and was accepted to attend Officer Candidate Training at the UEE Naval Academy on McArthur where he graduated in 2932. While in his first year at the academy he learned about the UEE Naval Intelligence Bureau and decided that upon graduation he wanted to ultimately end up in one of those slots as his career goal.

After graduation he served on several warships as a pilot in one of the many combat squadrons that were supporting the Army along the border outposts where he had previously served. After his rotation as a pilot he was promoted and then assigned to UEE Marine combat platoon and then later became a fleet combat operations officer and finally served as an intelligence officer assigned to the Naval Intelligence Bureau.

The experiences and skills that were learned while enlisted in the UEE Army and serving as an officer in the UEE Navy would prove to become invaluable and helped shape his vision of leadership and how to run operations and intelligence gathering. In his last years in the Navy he became frustrated with the way the UEE was acting and reacting towards the Vanduul. After spending his last 3 tours tour of duty as a liaison officer with the Xi’An and Banu he had made several official and unofficial contacts that allowed him to see various intelligence reports regarding the Vanduul fleets and suspected locations. Once his final tour was over he submitted his retirement papers instead of taking one of the offered postings back to the UEE HQ in the McArthur system. After almost 30 years of service to the UEE; it was time to move on. Once his papers were accepted he moved out to the leeward systems in order to begin work as a private security consultant to several terraforming corporations and occasionally he would take on jobs for the UEE Military Intelligence Bureau in order to supplement his retirement income.

It was during this time that he learned that corporate espionage and intelligence were big business and this was how he figured he could set himself up to play a couple of sides against one another and make money; all while shuffling information around to the various corporate players. So he started Blazing Saddles Security. This was when he reached out to a few old friends still in the UEE Army and Navy. As part of this he always asked if they were happy and if not would they want to come join a small little enterprise he had just started. As a result a few guys decided to come join up and see what life was like on the outside.

One of his first contracts was to support the UEE Army outpost in the Vega system with intelligence gathering capabilities. Moving his Cutlass Black out to Elysium made him realize that he needed to invest in the Herald. So he bought one of those and moved it out to the same location. The extra set of “ears” so to speak was going to be worth it’s weight in Taranite.

During this time the outpost had been getting hit by Vanduul raiding attacks every few weeks and while the Army garrison there was able to fight them off with light casualties; the citizens were beyond upset and showed it almost every day between the raids. It was here that his prior experience and long time working relationships and friendships with the Xi’An worked in his favor. In the days leading up to this attack BSS was sending out their Herald to “listen” in on the noise from the stars so to speak. Each time it returned they would send the information back up the chain to Army and Navy intelligence analysts. This time the information they sent back stirred up a veritable hornets nest of activity. The military came up with a plan to let the attack proceed as usual but they would dangle a carrot out there with a lightly armed and escorted resupply convoy arriving in system just as the Vanduul raiders were trying to leave the system. BSS would be the security on the convoy but the ships would be anything but toothless. During the ensuing slaughter one of the Blazing Saddles pilots made a huge discovery. He focused on a badly damaged Vanduul ship; but he didn’t finish it off. In a split second he was able to recognize some of the symbols marked on the hull of the ship as Xi’An markings. These were markings he was familiar with from his time being assigned to a military exchange program between the UEE and Xi’An. He made a decision to mark the ship as dead so it would not be destroyed; even though it was on a course headed out of the area it appeared to have no one piloting it.

Once the fighting was complete he returned to the ship and boarded it. During this trip he discovered that the few Vanduul on the ship had not been able to destroy the ship because of an breach in their reactor; which ultimately killed them. While searching the ship he located Xi’An navigation systems that had been wired into the Vanduul control systems. He knew that these Xi’An navigation systems stored jump point information and the only ways to remove that information was by utilizing a Xi’An genetic code or hacking the system itself. He exited the ship and attached a real tow cable to the Vanduul Crawler. So for the next week he bounced back and forth between his Cutlass and the Crawler doing exploration and digging around on the Vanduul ship. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to quantum jump back to the Elysium but that week of cruising back allowed him to extract some secrets from the ship; such as Vanduul ump point locations in and out of a few neighboring systems. When he arrived back at the main outpost the military jumped all in wanting to know everything he could tell them about the ship.

It was then that things took a wildly unexpected turn of events. Once the information was provided to the UEE Navy regarding the jump point locations into the Elysium, Leir and Kabal systems was known this changed the face of the raids by the Vanduul. This information allowed for greater security and stability in the area; and one such item of stability was a very lucrative and long term contract with the UEE Navy to continue providing electronic intelligence as well as what was termed back in ancient Earth days as HUMINT or Human Intelligence. With the contracts firmly secured and a long term source of income coming in; our leader was able to recruit a small group of pilots and highly skilled Marine and Army troops who were able to bring their skills to BSS.

As a result he has been able to establish a main office on the Earth in the SOL system allows BSS to effectively respond to contracts from the UEE Army for assistance along the frontier with the Vanduul. There are a few small outposts and a remote liaison office located in the Idris, Elysium and Centauri systems which report to the central communications hub for BSS in the Ellis system. This allows our employees to have access to the leadership of the UEE Navy and Marines for quick personal responses to high value military contract negotiations and repairs of vessels if needed.


BSS will operate with integrity and within the rules of our Charter. We recognize the UEE laws but sometimes our job dictates that we may have to operate in the gray or black in order to acheive the terms of the contract. However when dealing with the UEE military or government we will follow the rule of law at all times.

If you need something found and secured or you desire security on your convoy or close personal security; really any type of job there is…then this is the group that will make sure you get what you need.

In order to find out more about our services please contact us through the message boards and we will be sure to get a representative in touch with you as soon as possible.

We are open for contract work with other organizations and intend to operate with the highest level of skill and ability at all times.

Otherwise…you just don’t know what may happen.


Rule of the group:
  • Don’t be an idiot.
  • Don’t be rude to everyone; this will not be tolerated.
  • IF you have a better idea than the one that is being talked about then speak up and let the person know. HOWEVER once the group rolls out…shut up and do your job. It is too late to make a change at that point.
  • Respect every client and treat them like they are family….you just might be protecting someone or something valuable.
  • IF you are found to be in violation of these rules of conduct then you will have summary judgement which could involve punishment up to and including getting ejected from an airlock and removal from the group.