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BSB Olympus Fleet / BSB

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Welcome to our Syndicates Page. Feel free to browse the member list and check our Recruitment section if you wish to join us and Help Us Make our Mark!
Find us at The BSB Network


Our history starts in 2002 when we were initially known simply as the ‘Better Stronger Better’ Clan (Abbreviated to BSB); a Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear clan founded by three friends with the aliases of Box, BOFH & Hulk. The inception of BSB was to provide a mature & friendly clan that wanted good people first rather than simply good players! The idea was to have no restrictions on age, skill, regional location so that everyone was welcome to take part in the fun.

The name ‘Better Stronger Better’ (using the tags [BSB] still used by us today!) was intended as an ironic and humorous jibe at so-called “elite” gaming clans and players that can often be found supporting online games. The term “Better, Stronger, Better…” was derived from a dry-witted private joke between the clan founders that was originally adapted from the TV series The Six million dollar man. When abbreviated it was also a cheeky nod of acknowledgement towards the common practice of online gaming clans use of real military unit’s abbreviations, such as S.A.S or S.B.S.
Our first year of gaming was very successful, recruiting in excess of two hundred members including many of our current senior members. During this time we were awarded the ‘Silver Clan Award’ by the independent reviewers at The Global Clan Directory now the Central outpost
In 2004 the clan expanded the clan’s support beyond Rogue Spear on to it’s follow up game R6:Raven Shield. As this signified a move to support two separate gaming titles we adjusted our name to “BSB: Rainbow Six Network” to reflect our new status. Having proved successful supporting The Rainbow Six Series of games between 2002 and 2004, the clan then went on to expand into Ghost Recon in early 2004. As this was a not directly a Rainbow Six series title we decided to modify our clan title to simply “The BSB Network” which we felt to be much more appropriate as it reflected our status as a multi-gaming clan and our intentions to create a gaming network. Later in the year we also moved in to support the newly released and massively popular Counter Strike:Source, proving to be one of our most successful titles and leading to further expansion in to titles including the Battlefield series, Company of Heroes and later Combat Arms.
In 2012 with the 10th anniversary of The BSB Network multi-gaming clan, we made a bold move to enhance focus on our community and the gamers within it; rather than purely as a traditional gaming clan. We recognised that we had naturally evolved in to a social community of members, ex-members and friends, as well as acknowledging our gamers’ needs, expectations and levels of commitment had changed over our ten year activity.

To reflect these changes we allowed our main focus to be our open social/casual community with varying grades of membership that reflected the level of commitment and expectation of each member, ranging from purely casual “community” members, and gradually escalating to dedicated and loyal members of our in-house clan, BSB Core. The idea of this being that we could better accommodate a more diverse community with different gaming needs, those who were more casual as well as those who were looking for more dedicated and loyal commitment.

Find us at The BSB Network


Our Aims As A Syndicate

We aim to build this organisation from a group of clan members from the BSB Network to the most infamous pirate band in the world of Star Citizen. It is our goal to become the most feared and notorious organisation within the game. We intend to play this game as the bad guys, piracy, smuggling, bounty hunting, murder and extortion will be our bread and butter. We want to become the talk of the forums and the group the bad guys want to join and the good guys want to avoid.

Through team play and joint missions we intend to increase the wealth of our organisation as quickly as possible to achieve the goal of capital ships to exert dominance over the areas of space we are located. When the syndicate is large enough we hope to make at least one system our home star system, dominating it to the extent it is seen as a no go area for other organisations.

How We Operate

The way we operate is simple, it is clear so there can be no misunderstanding and that is we never ask twice. If we make a deal we stick to it, if we make an offer we stick to it but we never ask you twice. If someone makes us ask twice we execute them all without exception.

BSB And Our Commitment To The Organisation

We intend to create a good friendly environment for our members to game in. We provide a website, forums and Discord services through our gaming community to make a high level of team play possible. As a long running gaming community we are also able to give financial backing to our star citizen organisation should that be required. The BSB Network is a long running gaming community/clan and has been going strong for over 15 years. It is our hope that some of the members who join this in game organisation will become more deeply involved with us and become members of the BSB community and enjoy gaming with us in the long term future. Although, If you don’t want to join the community and just engage with us during in game team play then that’s fine; we also allow players to stay as complete lone wolves if they want to, calling the team in for some backup from time to time.


The BSB Olympus Fleet here by grants you the bearer of this charter, the right to commit any acts of piracy in any of the known star systems against any individual or organisation, providing they have not been allocated “safe passage” status by the BSB Olympus fleet.

We grant the bearer the right to smuggle any and all contraband goods into any space port within any of the known star systems without exception.

We also grant the right to collect any bounty on any person or persons with the exemption of the members of this organisation or persons granted “safe passage” status by the BSB Network.

We grant the right to terminate escape pods if the escaping pilot has been declared enemy and has been given “no quarter” status*

Any attacks on the bearer of this charter will result in the full strength of the BSB Olympus Fleet being brought against them in retribution for the attack.

  • Escape pods maybe terminated without “no quarter” status at a individual ships captain discretion if he feels the action is appropriate, for example if the ship he attacked was audacious enough to make him ask for something twice