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BLACKSKY LTD. is a no-frills organization built around good people playing currently functional gameplay loops in Star Citizen together.

Feel free to join our discord:


BLACKSKY LTD. was established on ArcCorp in the year of 2952 with official offices in ArcCorp tower in Area 18. BLACKSKY LTD. aligns itself as Chaotic Good.

A conglomerate of merged organizations, BLACKSKY LTD has branched out to form three divisions of functionality:


Combat & Rescue:

  • Focused on PvP bounties, Player rescue/medical, Xenothreat and Jumptown type events. This team would be summoned to help defend our other teams in the event of an assault or pirate attack.


  • Mining, Salvage, and Transportation/Logistics. When working as a team profits can be maximized by keeping miners and salvagers in the field while logistics handles the rest.

Exploration & Racing:

  • Participating in events like the Daymar Rally, and talk of circumnavigating a planet or moon by ground vehicle, this team is there to see the verse.


As an org we’re focused on quality of members over quantity. Most of us are 30+. Feel free to apply today!


We do not sit around and wait for gameplay loops to be implemented. We play what we have, and we play what’s fun. This org is built around three main loops: Combat & Rescue, Mining, Salvage, & Logistics and Exploration & Racing.


This community is built around a relaxed comradery- (play when you want to play, don’t when you don’t), and does not require any sort of mandatory attendance or meetings/events.

We are aligned as Chaotic Good. Not interested in over-organization, however we’re not pirates.