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Bushido Way / BWAE

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    Bounty Hunting

Planetside 2 Book Reading Club, Raise your KD and KPM with this one simple piece of text.


Warriors recently lost in a redeploy transport from the Auraxium wars one hundred galaxies away were suddenly free after what seemed like a countless cycle of deaths and rebirths. Their bodies driven on age old nanite technology were not so easy to perish and their minds now free from the endless stat padding KDR pages yearned for more.

A few things became uncomfortably clear a few moments after the nanite warriors of old woke within their drifting space ship… They were not in drop pods … The doctors they assumed were caring for them lay crushed and very much dead from what could only be drastic changes in directional force… And in the beds to their left and right.. Red Armor … and Purple Spandex … We were always on the same team all along.

We were nothing more than a constant research project to build the toughest, fastest and … Quite Mad … soldiers of all time.

But the weirdest thing of all … All of our shoes were missing… I didn’t know i had toes…


Who’s asking?


Who’s asking?