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Black Widow Company / BWC

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“One Team, One Fight”

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Multi-game – Multi-national – Gaming excellence, teamwork & fun. Established 2002.

Active duty, veterans, & civilians are welcome.



Black Widow Company was formed in 2002 by a group of gamers who were stationed together at Fort Meade MD. The group began in anticipation of the world’s first MMO-FPS, Planetside. We quickly made a name for ourselves, establishing the outfit as a force to be reckoned with. We put an emphasis on small-unit infantry and combined-arms tactics, utilising coordination and teamwork to accomplish our objectives.

We branched out into other games, taking our formula for success wherever we went. We competed in, and dominated, a number of Battlefield 2 tournaments and ladder matches. We got into MMO-RPGs and terrified the hell out of rival factions with our ability to put many combatants on target. We even began playing competitive paintball in real life, racking up awards for Most Valuable Team and Most Feared Opponent.

We are bringing this mentality to Star Citizen. We may be older, but we’re not any less lethal. One team, one fight.

And we have a history with Star Citizen too. Many of us supported it from the earliest days, and have close contact with the developers. For example, BWC partnered up with CIG in 2013 to organise the ‘Play to Give Back’ charity event, where funds gained from the sales of F7A upgrade packs were donated to veterans’ charities.

Company Profile (RP/LORE)

(Note that RP is not mandatory in BWC and we are not dedicated to roleplay, but members are required to respect each others’ preferences. Therefore you may not interfere with RP intentionally, but you may also not hold back everyone else through the use of RP.)

Black Widow Company is a registered, law-abiding private military company and services provider operating in and around the
United Empire of Earth. With a focus on the quality of work and high standards on training,
BWC is capable of running operations with small, specialised elements in a scalpel-like fashion. BWC maintains business relationships with many other law-abiding companies to exchange services, information and tackle larger issues.

The leadership of the company is chosen based on a meritorious peer-review system and has limited terms of 6 months. Employees receive various benefits and enough financial compensation to live a decent life outside of company activities.

While combat services all fall under the branding of Black Widow Company, other services may be found under different branding, for example
Benette Pharmaceutical & Research. The primary activites are bounty hunting, security, medevac, civilian search and rescue.

Company Ideals (RP/LORE)

“There is no instance of a nation benefiting from prolonged warfare.” – Sun Tzu

Human history has been one of constant struggle. Against each other, the elements, and time itself. Times of peace allow humanity to recover and expand, reaching new heights of progress, before the inevitable fires of conflict flare up once again. It is in this fire that the steel of nations is forged, tested, and eventually broken. Thus the cycle repeats throughout the generations.

As of 2950, the Black Widow Company continues to observe and intervene when necessary to help protect humanity from another collapse. Members have entrenched themselves in all walks of life, public and private. On the surface, the Company provides various mercenary services to law-abiding governments and organizations. From small-unit tactical teams to fleet-based maneuvers, all operations are carried out with excellence and professionalism. However, its agents can be anywhere, using all manner of cover identities as they go about their mission. In some cases, BWC members can find themselves on both sides of a conflict, gathering intelligence and attempting to steer the fighting away from vulnerable populations of the UEE. When it is time to activate the entire organization, all of these skillsets are utilized to descend upon the enemy like an angry god. It is not the goal of the organization to be a conquering army however, as quality is prized over quantity and large groups do not remain covert for long. Instead, information is of utmost importance to determine where to strike, and to execute any mission with scalpel-like precision.
Black Widow Company does not aim to seize power or spark conflict, it seeks to stay prepared to extinguish any flame that threatens UEE citizens.



The BWC Core Values are the core foundations of what we expect our members to exemplify and we believe that all of our members should try to live up to them. These are the guiding principles upon which we model our behavior, and thus they are the guiding principle behind the BWC SOP. Our Core Values are the bedrock upon which policy should be based. These are not exactly rules, but rather they represent the characteristics that embody BWC members — they are what being a member of Black Widow Company is all about. The core BWC Values can be summed up with the acronym LDRSHIP, and they are further defined as:

  • Loyalty – loyalty to Black Widow Company and the factions for which we fight (we are not turncoats, we back each other up, we are brothers andsisters).
  • Dependability – when a BWC member says “I’ll be there”, their battle-brothers can bank on them being there. A member of BWC can rely upon fellow members to embody the One Team, One Fight ethos. We never fight alone.
  • Respect – treat all BWC members as you would treat any other beloved member of your family. Treat people as they should be treated. Remember the Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
  • Selfless Service – the standard set by Black Widow Company’s Commanding Officer is to put the welfare of the unit and your battle brothers before your own whether they are your peers, subordinates, or upline leaders.
  • Honour – live up to, and embody all BWC Core Values. Honour is honesty, fairness, or integrity in one’s beliefs and actions. It means you are a source of credit or distinction.
  • Integrity – do what’s right, ethically and morally, the first time every time. If you truly believe in your heart that what you are doing is honest and correct, then the worst you can ever be is wrong.
  • Personal Courage – face fear, danger, or adversity whether it be physical or moral.
What we do:

The Star Citizen Org of BWC is primarily a Private Military Company, focused on scalpel style combat operations of various kinds.
Combat wise, BWC delves into fleet operations, dogfighting and CAS, ground and EVA combat, special forces operations, bounty hunting and more. In all of this, the intent is to limit the idle-time for employees to an absolute minimum, meaning BWC will focus on missions and tasks that do not involve a lot of waiting.
In terms of civilian fields, BWC has a medical department running Search and Rescue operations, training and hospital operations. There is also a special combat medevac unit.
Mining, Salvage, Processing, Transport and other civilian themed operations may be run on a temporary or semi-permanent basis to support BWC projects as needed or just to diversify employee activities.
In terms of competition, BWC may send teams to various racing events, for example the Daymar Rally.

Nested into various types of gameplay, and in addition to main branches (squadrons/detachments etc) we have task forces that specialise in specific tactics and skills, have certain activity and training requirements and are activated like you would activate a SWAT team (where patrol officers with extra training retrieve their gear and gather, but only when needed).
Here are some examples:

Task Force Ranger, a small unit that trains for, and conducts, specialized military operations in support of BWC Star Citizen main body of forces, ie ‘Venom’ Fleet. They are a direct-action unit first and foremost, meaning they are infantry. Focusing on movement to contact, ambush, boarding actions, hasty defence, and reinforcement of weaker areas, they supplement our marine force. These special forces go through a custom-tailored selection program that provides training over multiple weeks while testing their skill.

Task Force Dragon is made up of the air and space combat specialists of the BWC Fleet. Successful candidates for TF Dragon are those members that have a strong desire to be front-line combat pilots, demonstrate initiative in training and skill development, and demonstrate leadership qualities. Entry into TF Dragon is competitive; after completing a series of training in Fighter/Strike/Attack, candidates must pass a series of grueling checkrides in order to prove their mastery of space combat fundamentals. Dragon pilots are expected to understand the nuances of flight combat, be capable of defending themselves and others in a dogfight, and seek continuous improvement in their chosen role.

Who gets to decide:

The way BWC is structured internally, there is no space for egotistical, incompetent or power-hungry leaders. We run a merit based system where billeted officers are verified through a peer-review system and have terms limited to 6 months. Our award system makes sure people are recognised for their efforts, while our thorough discipline system ensures people course correct in time.

A Lawful PMC

BWC has a firm stance on illegal activity. We do not tolerate piracy and will follow the law of the UEE to the best of our ability. We have our own Rules of Engagement which are designed to be fair, compatible with UEE law, while also allowing us to handle potentially dangerous situations without much risk to the wellbeing of our employees, clients and innocent third parties.
Hostility towards us, our clients, or the innocent people of the UEE will make someone our enemy.

Lastly, our motto:
One Team, One Fight.


Since 2002 the members of the Black Widow Company, regardless of rank or position, have adhered to a detailed Standard Operating Procedure.

This SOP influences and governs everything we do as a professional gaming Outfit and has evolved as BWC has evolved as a gaming community. Other gaming organisations call this their charter or their rules and regulations.

As with all gaming properties that BWC engages in, there is also a game specific SOP that address the unique conditions and considerations required to achieve victory conditions and success within that gaming environment.

These unique conditions may be based on structure, game mechanics, Outfit goals and roles engaged in.

To find out more and discover how BWC SOPs work and how they apply to our presence in Star Citizen, submit your application for membership at