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Black Widow Company / BWC

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“One Team, One Fight”

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Multi-game – Multi-national – Gaming excellence, teamwork & fun. Established 2002.

Active duty, veterans, & civilians are welcome.


Black Widow Company was formed in 2002 by a group of gamers who were stationed together at Fort Meade MD. The group began in anticipation of the world’s first MMO-FPS, Planetside. We quickly made a name for ourselves, establishing the outfit as a force to be reckoned with. We put an emphasis on small-unit infantry and combined-arms tactics, utilising coordination and teamwork to accomplish our objectives.

We branched out into other games, taking our formula for success wherever we went. We competed in, and dominated, a number of Battlefield 2 tournaments and ladder matches. We got into MMO-RPGs and terrified the hell out of rival factions with our ability to put many combatants on target. We even began playing competitive paintball in real life, racking up awards for Most Valuable Team and Most Feared Opponent.

We are bringing this mentality to Star Citizen. We may be older, but we’re not any less lethal. One team, one fight.


Commander’s Intent for BWC is to be the best Org that we can possibly be in all facets of the PU in which we choose to engage. We will not restrict ourselves from using valid in-game tactics and doctrine if those restrictions hinder our ability to consistently achieve victory conditions.

We will react to hostility and aggression as expected and as the situation warrants. This can be considered the core of our stance on how we will interact with the universe around us.

We make no promises easily but fight to the death to honour the ones we do make. We stand by our brothers and sisters flying to either side of us.

We are in this together, as a team, and we will do what is required to support our existing habits of victory and success.

One Team, One Fight.


Since 2002 the members of the Black Widow Company, regardless of rank or position, have adhered to a detailed Standard Operating Procedure.

This SOP influences and governs everything we do as a professional gaming Outfit and has evolved as BWC has evolved as a gaming community. Other gaming organisations call this their charter or their rules and regulations.

As with all gaming properties that BWC engages in, there is also a game specific SOP that address the unique conditions and considerations required to achieve victory conditions and success within that gaming environment.

These unique conditions may be based on structure, game mechanics, Outfit goals and roles engaged in.

To find out more and discover how BWC SOPs work and how they apply to our presence in Star Citizen, submit your application for membership at