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Roberts Space Industries ®

Crimson Rose Assassins / CALYPSO

  • Faith
  • Regular
  • Role play
  • Piracy
  • Piracy

(PLAY VIDEO AND THEN READ) ARR we be the Scurge your mothers be warnin ye about. Or the ones yee be dreamin a joinin. If yee be thinkin ye gots what it takes. Then please feel free ta come test your metal in our ranks. We be Pirates through and through.


We be thought gone but we never left stayed in the shadows we did. A waitin a new sea for us to plunder. As time moved on we seen that thee only new sea fir us be the Verse. Now we return our family heritage, honor, and code to issue forth on a new playing ground. ARR we be thee Pirates yee thought gone an long forgotten. Returned to claim whats rightfully ours. Back from the time of our fore fathers and mothers. Edward Teach (Blackbeard), Morgon Addams, William Parker, Bartholomew Roberts (Black Bart), Samuel Bellamy (Black Sam), John Rackham (Calico Jack), and this list gos on. We will prove our fallin family proud.


Our Org. isn’t like most gamer pirate Orgs/guild/fleets that are in other games. You see we know as a pirate nation/guild its not all about pirating. You need to have other parts in the guild, people that sell your cargo, people that hull cargo, there’s a lot that gos in to being a pirate things you wouldn’t think that gos on behind the public’s eye. If you decide to join our Org. it doesn’t mean you have have to be out there pirating. Just doing some thing for the Org as a whole is all you need to do. Be it shipping,selling,hacking,ect..


Rules are easy and pretty basic.
1) Real life comes first.
2) All ways play to have fun (remember in the end its still a game)
3)The Orgs. that are affiliated with our Org. are off limits to being pirated by us.
4) Pirating a Org. that is affiliated with our Org. will mean you and your ships well be open to being pirated by us and used as we see fit.
5)If you have any problems send me or any one in the higher seats of Tortuga a message we are here to help and will do so.
6)Mercy comes at a price, when you pirate a ship or cargo remember this rule. If they want to live they buy that right.