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Cano Industries / CANO

  • Organization
  • Casual
  • Role play
  • Transport
  • Trading

We’re the colony cohorts.

We’re traders & haulers who have an interest in seeing the frontier be tamed. We supply to colonies and Pioneer ship operators, and have aspirations of building out our own parcels. We transport goods and mine celestial surfaces, but will crew on ships.


Upon the discovery of the Cano System in 2463, it immediately realized the potential this system had for a massive water operation on Cano II. In early 2464, a water purification and hauling operation named H2Cano was founded.

The organization grew exponentially until 2898 when microscopic zooplankton colonies were discovered. H2Cano’s prosperity took a nose dive in 2902 when it was realized that this zooplankton was being considered to be on the verge of sapience. This halted operations until the UEE came up with the Cano Species Development Accord. This required H2Cano to move their entire operation to the North Pole. The economic impact was devastating and H2Cano never recovered.

H2Cano was bought and sold a few times since it’s relocation to the North Pole. By 2945, the company had just a hangar and a single MISC Freelancer to conduct business with. The water filtration aspect of the business had been sold off years ago. All that was left was the water delivery business.

On 2946.03.03 H2Cano was once again resold and the new owner reorganized the company into not only water delivery, but anything that budding colonies would need to survive. With this new direction to service outposts, H2Cano was renamed CANO (Colony Associated Network Operatives).

October 26, 2947

Already in expectation of the production of Consolidated Outland’s Pioneer model of spacecraft, the UEE starts to sell land claim licenses through the Planetary Development Bureau. Prior to this date their policy on frontier real estate ownership kept the common man from frontier parcel ownership. CANO’s 5 year dream of owning and operating a base on a distant world started to become a real possibility. Even the thought of just flipping meager amounts of frontier property was significant enough, but much bigger things are in store since the parcels that we have since bought are much bigger than we ever imagined possible.

October 31, 2947

CANO starts to look for potential base locations. What they discover holds great potential not just for CANO, but any organization that transports goods to and from Terra. This discovery conjured up the idea of renting out frontier warehouses space. This would not only benefit CANO, but UEE commerce as a whole.

November 28, 2947

The Planetary Development Bureau starts to highly encourage all sizes of organizations to purchase land claim licenses worth kilometers of frontier property. The licenses are being sold cheap with the thought process that the more developed the frontier becomes the more secure the UEE economy and it’s citivillians become.

November 29, 2947

The idea of one warehouse suddenly become a whole network of frontier storage space leasing.

November 30, 2947

CANO decides to purchase their first Land Claim license. By the end of the day we had agreements with two other organizations to work together on developing a network of colonies that would serve the interests of all pilots, not just cargo haulers.

By 47.12.6, CANO owns 2 land claim licenses.

Currently we have plans to locate somewhere on Pinecone Run as an independent operator.

2950.08.25: CANO adds surface resource aquisition (SAR) to it’s list of services by purchasing a Greycat ROC.

…And if all fails, CANO goes into the water delivery business as H2Cano and hopefully include water purification as well.


Although we will haul goods and beings all around the known universe, we will focus heavily on colonies roughing it in the UEE on largely uninhabited worlds. Our mission is to turn vacant, raw, frontier land into thriving parcels of commerce. We’re “the colony cohorts” and we’ll assist frontiersmen over come the odds of frontier taming.

We look at each delivery as the laying a new stone to the foundation of frontier stability.

C.A.N.O. is located on Cano II in Carteyna City.


  • Be excellent to each other.
  • Tame the frontier by creating robust supply lines that assist the frontiersmen.