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Cascadian Ventures / CASCADIAN

  • Corporation
  • Casual
  • Transport
  • Security

You buy it, we’ll fly it. We get cargo where it needs to be.


Formed in the Pacific Northwest before the Diaspora from Earth, Cascadian Ventures is made up of rugged individualists that have banded together like siblings for protection from the dangers of the greater universe.


Cascadian Ventures is your go to company for moving goods. While not as large as some, we have the backing of a Patrol Class Idris to guard your wares and make sure they make it to their destination. Additionally, if you find yourself in need of getting through dangerous space, Cascadian Ventures can provide you with the high powered escorts you need – from Retaliators to Avengers – we’ve got you covered.


Cascadian Ventures is a law abiding organization that stands opposed to Piracy. Our members are dedicated to keeping the space lanes open for all honest tradespeople.

When Pirates are discovered, we will utilize our significant resources to not only defend our assets and resources, but also to defend those that may be preyed upon by others.