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Chimera Assets and Security Holdings / CASH

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The Finest Country Club in the ‘Verse

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Originally conceived by Thomas “Magnum, P.I.” Selleck back in the year 1988, Chimera Assets and Security Holdings was a mere glimmer in the love-and-drug-hazed eyes of an over-popularized sex symbol and TV icon. But beyond the sets, the endless adulation, and the pretty faces, Selleck was dissatisfied. He dreamed of a world of star ships and alien planets, not so unlike those of the science fiction writers of his time; a time of intergalactic trade and enterprise – and all the dangers that such plans brought. The so-called ‘perils’ of his contemporary time grew weary on the mind of Selleck. With the dawning age being relegated to the realms of the digital and the electronic vanguard, it was not an age suited for his avant garde dreams. Jaded by the tropes and social norms of the end of the 20th century and further disenfranchised by emerging ‘world-unifying’ technologies like ‘the internet,’ Selleck decided to have himself frozen cryogenically in the year 1992. His body would remain on ice, and his estate overseen by the Falcon lineage of accountants and investors, for the next several centuries. However, the facility containing Selleck’s body was buried in a mudslide in California in 2507, and all efforts to find the ruins were fruitless. Loyal to their patron, the Falcon lineage continued their task of overseeing his estate even as the centuries rolled by. By a turn of fate, in the early 2800s, while hiking in the mountains of California on the recommendation of a guidebook, a freelancer came across the ruins of the old facility. Bedazzled by his archaeological discovery, the young explorer unfroze the historic champion and was promptly written out of the history books with an unceremonious boot to the face.

Having been reborn into the 29th century, the charismatic, handsome, and fantastically wealthy Selleck easily attracted attention and capital to his now-plausible venture. He emptied his bloated stocks and converted them into the raw resources needed to fund his galactic dreams. But if his experiences in Hawaii had taught him anything, it was that every venture was fraught with peril. With a moon-sized pile of credits at his disposal, he could easily have acquired the services of any corporate juggernaut, but Selleck didn’t trust anyone to do it right – so he did it himself.

In 2845, Magnum, P.I. established Chimera Assets & Security Holdings, exactly 900 years after his birth. A time traveler by rights, he had an aggressive perspective on business that many of his competitors, complacent from their luxurious 29th century upbringings, lacked. He knew space was going to be as unforgiving and dangerous, if not more so, than the slums of the 1980s. CASH, as it was known in the industry, focused primarily on the service that many other booming industrialists and space-born entrepreneurs would need: the safe, reliable transport of goods.

Ships and other raw materials were essential to new space travelers and companies. Just because someone had an idea didn’t mean they had the resources necessary to make it come true. Enabling other like-minded dreamers, CASH Trading enabled new ventures access to top-of-the-line ships with which to begin their own journeys. At a slightly lower than industry-average cutoff, CASH Trading was quickly making its mark on the galaxy, with 17 facilities in 9 systems by 2880. CASH Trading represents regular interests by numerous clients, including the larger ship manufacturers and are known for their resiliency, consistency, and style. Independent contractors and spacefarers, drawn to the lucrative business model, would often join the ranks as entry or even capital-class shipping vessels. In 2883, CASH Trading moved over 4.5m kilograms of antimatter, worth an incalculable amount to the new ship manufacturing industry.

The second arm, CASH Security, was founded alongside its third arm, CASH Intelligence, in 2881. After a catastrophic pirate attack that left a trade convoy in tatters, coordinated by the PMCs hired to protect the convoy, CASH posted its first major annual loss in decades. The loss drove Selleck to a new level of distrust of those around him, and he founded the Intelligence and Security Divisions shortly thereafter. CASH Intelligence represents the pinnacle of information gathering and logistics; the Division meticulously records and analyzes every trade and every deep space encounter, greatly demystifying the frontier of the universe and charting new trade routes every quarter. Working alongside CASH Security, the two Divisions beat back the plunderers and other ne’er-do-wells of the ‘verse to ensure that shipping remains safe, and that law prevails over disorder.

With the three Divisions now working together, the aging Selleck has since stepped back and handed off control of the company to its Board of Directors. With the transfer of control, a new age dawns for CASH as they are, for the first time, without the guiding hand of their founder at the tiller. However, Selleck put his trust and faith in his new leaders, and they intend to see his legacy expanded to even greater levels.


Mission Statement:

Chimera strives to provide an all-inclusive, curated, gaming experience for its members. With Chimera, you can expect a hand-selected group of members who have been vetted through a two-step application process or personally selected by leadership, a leadership team that is open to and frequently solicits proposals and ideas from its subordinates, and gameplay that is heavily focused on team tactics. We are here to shoot bad guys and make money, and want to leverage every resource at our disposal to be the best at it.

Our Corporate Scope:

Chimera looks to have 300 active employees at maximum, with 20-40 concurrent players online on average, and with a presence in all legal activities in the ‘verse. We have the equipment to support everything from major fleet combat to large-scale mining, and look for entrepreneurs and creative thinkers who approach problems from unique directions. Beyond the immediate gameplay options, we intend to explore the economic metagame to its fullest extent, from real-estate speculation to any commodities or securities trading available.

The Branches:

Chimera’s operating divisions are structured to be efficiently organized, well-equipped, and ready for any challenge. Less “gameplay silos” that players are locked into and more areas of interest that our members can move between dynamically, the below descriptions give you an idea of what we expect of each Division on a day-to-day basis.

  • Mercantile (The Bull): Chimera’s Mercantile Division is focused on economic gameplay in all its facets. It is the backbone of our group’s mission, and the engine that drives and funds all our activities. Beyond just “hauling,” Mercantile players are those who like mining, securities trading, real estate, and other aspects of the game that don’t necessarily need a ship to play but require a mind for business, math, or puzzle-solving. As a Mercantile player, you will have at your disposal a fleet of economy-centered ships to rival much larger organizations, and two support teams of top-tier players to help find opportunity and to escort you there safely.
  • Combat (The Lion): Chimera’s Combat Division works in tandem with the Logistics and Mercantile Divisions to provide air and ground support for all operations. Members of this division are expected to be team players with a mind for group tactics, an eagerness to work with others to achieve goals, and the humility to listen to their commanders during operations. Chimera has high expectations for its combat players, having started its life as a Planetside 2 organization specializing in turning fights with precise, small squad, actions. To ensure we can face any challenge, combat players will have open access from Day 1 to top-spec fighters, bombers, gunships, dropships, tanks, trucks, over a dozen combat capital ships, and many other combat and support vessels.
  • Logistics (The Serpent): The Logistics Division handles Chimera’s back-end support and builds the foundations upon which all the other operations will be conducted. Logistics players are explorers, builders, scientists, and spies. They are players with the flexibility to operate as a team, or as an individual. Their roles require maximum flexibility, as a Logistics player may be running a Terrapin into the unknown as a recon flight for a fleet op one night, and then crewing on a Pioneer the next building forward bases for weekend mining gameplay. Logistics players will also find themselves in the heat of battle: Chimera’s Hope-Class Endeavor hospital ships fall under the Logistics Division’s purview, but they are of no use if they are not close to the front lines. For players who prefer a more support-oriented, but active, role (if you were an FPS medic or healer in an MMO raid team), Logistics is the perfect division.

What Benefits Are Available for an Employee?

Chimera offers credit lines, ships on loan, and shares of mission payouts. In exchange, we have scheduled flights and missions that employees must complete to maintain their employee status. More details can be found in the Company Charter.

Additional Benefits
** Impress your friends or your date! Get VIP access to our exclusive Million Mile High Club, as well as our numerous org-owned yachts.
** Gain access to crew positions on our Javelins, Idrises, or Krakens.
** Make new friends in our strong, compassionate, and diverse community.
** Full access to our active Discord server, including public-facing rooms that can be shared with your non-member friends to benefit from our server perks.

CASH expects loyalty to the group and dedication to the game. That doesn’t mean employees need to be masters of the game: quite the opposite, in fact. What is expected is that members put their best foot forward whenever they get online, and focus on working towards the ultimate goals of the group when engaged with other org members.


Preface: The following should be considered the “employee handbook.” It is written in the manner of an employment contract, and we will not expect all people to be able to recite its tenets on the spot. We will explain the core concepts of it to all new members in their entrance interviews. The curious and fastidious most certainly can read it though. Members should be familiar with its core tenets, specifically those pertaining to the use of Discord, ranks and privileges, and conduct within the game universe. There will be moments where, for clarity purposes, we divert from the “canon-style” contract format.

Employment Contract: Chimera Assets and Security Holdings


  • Scope of Work
  • Compensation
  • Termination
  • Standard Terms and Conditions
  • Execution
  • Addendum A Corporate Organization
  • Addendum B Corporate Requisition Hangar (NOTE—This section is now very out of date and will be updated later)


  • The Company: Chimera Assets and Security Holdings, also referred to as CASH, a company formed in 2845 by Tom Selleck.
  • Employee: The undersigned who enter into a contract with The Company for a term of employment.

Scope of Work
  • A1.1 — Employees of The Company are granted the ability to complete jobs from and for The Company. Employees that complete jobs from and for The Company are entitled to the compensation described in the job description.

  • A1.2 — A Note on Time Expectations: Time expectations in CASH are approximations. We as an organization understand that not everybody can hold to the expected schedule every week without fail. The stated time expectations are guidelines for players. What we do expect is consistency, and that if players will be taking extended leaves of absence, they let an officer or administrator know so that we don’t accidentally remove them during a member roll purge.

  • A2.1 — Profits and Returns: CASH is built with inspiration from US 501c non-profit taxation codes. The organization will not carry more than 20% of its operating revenue year-over-year, nor will any single member accrue wealth from year-end revenue. CASH will siphon its annual revenue back into the organization to benefit our social programs or as bonuses for members over the course of the year. In other words, the organization is built for the welfare of its members, not its principal officers.

  • A2.2 – Credit Line: All employees of Team Leader or above are eligible to use a credit line with the guild bank for the procurement of sponsoring funds. The credit line can be used for almost any purpose. Examples include the purchasing of materials for crafting gear, repairing damage and restocking a ship after a mission, and hiring NPCs to make up a shortage of crew during a mission. All credit withdrawals, unless justifiable as beneficial to the long-term goals of the company (such as crafting materials for rare items to be issued to company members), are to be paid back at a weekly interest rate of 2% and within a period of no greater than thirty (30) days.
  • A2.3 — Requisition Hangar: All employees have access to the Requisition Hangar. The requisition hangar shall be governed by Addendum B.
  • A2.4 — Commendations, Awards, and Gifts: The Board of Directors and Human Resources reserves the right to grant any award, commendation, or gift it sees fit to a member. For example, gifting the benefits (Class 3 rentals, credit line) of a Manager to a Stakeholder who has shown exceptional work in the group but does not want a leadership role, as one might confer an honorary degree. Other gifts may include ships from the community hangar, lump credit sums, and ship upgrades.


  • Termination: The cancellation of the terms of this contract, releasing both parties from its obligations. There are two forms of Termination: Default, and Convenience.
  • Termination for Default: Initiated by an Employee breaching the terms of this contract in a manner warranting a termination, or by the Board of Directors. A termination for Default will not always include a formal hearing in front of the Board, but will include a reason for the termination, either with a written or verbal explanation by the Board, or with a list of the violated term(s).
  • Termination for Convenience: Initiated by the Employee being inactive for a period longer than thirty (30) days. An employee removed from the company roster in this manner may reapply at any point with all their previous benefits, ranks, and privileges restored in full. The purpose of a Termination for Convenience is to maintain an active roster and trim the excess membership when needed. Employees who have previously notified an officer of the company about a prolonged absence are exempt from this rule.

Standard Terms

Article 1 – General Conduct of Employees

  • A1.1 – Chimera Assets and Security Holdings (hereby referred to as CASH) and its Board of Directors retains the right to change this contract at any point if deemed necessary to protect the interests of the company and its employees.
  • A1.2 – All employees of CASH must respect and honor the founding policies and procedures above all else while under employment of CASH and its subsidiary divisions, both on and off company missions.
  • A1.3 – Respect the opinions, ideas, and beliefs of your peers and fellow members. CASH is a diverse group with members from many backgrounds, races, sexual preferences, political leanings, and religions: while you may choose not to follow these ideas or beliefs, we do expect all members to be tolerant of the lifestyles of their peers. Failure to do so will result in punitive measures up to termination from CASH. This philosophy goes as far as gaming, where many approaches to a single issue may be correct, and members are expected to listen to their peers when discussing the approach to a situation, and to have the maturity and acuity to recognize a superior idea and separate their ego from their suggestions. When a decision has been made, regardless of the personally perceived merits, abide by it. While good-natured teasing is acceptable, “bashing” or other blatant disrespect of fellow members will also result in punitive measures up to termination from CASH.
  • A1.4 – Members are expected to be mature, in all the measures of the word. As a baseline, that means an understanding of how to read a social situation with some skill (to not jarringly segue from the topic at hand, for example), to accept constructive criticism when it is made with humility and understanding, and to maintain a respectful decorum that is not overly “low-brow.” While jokes about farts, sex, and other things can be funny, mature members also understand that there are such jokes in good taste and such jokes in bad taste, and to keep things to the former.
  • A1.5 – Embody a spirit of “playful professionalism” at all times. While we all game to have fun, there are times where the success and enjoyment of the group hinges on “buckling down” and focusing on the task at hand. We ask that, per A1.4 “reading the room,” members understand when an officer is driving the group to focus on something and to refrain from excessive noise, communication, or other disturbing behavior that detracts from the ability of the officer to lead. Just as when you are trying to focus on a big job at work or at home you don’t want to have somebody screaming in your ear, officers are trying to focus as well on providing a fun, organized experience for the group and sometimes need some quiet to collect their thoughts and/or present the next move.
  • A1.6 – Leadership roles in CASH are granted on a meritocratic basis, and do not hinge solely on single factors such as experience, gamer skill, age, or backer level. Roles are filled where a clear need for an officer exists, and members are evaluated for the position on a number of criteria ranging from engagement in the group to real-world experience in the select field to sociability. Leadership roles in CASH are first and foremost social positions, and between an officer who is a technocrat in their field but less sociable and an officer with a grasp of the material but a magnetic social presence, the latter will usually receive the promotion.
  • A1.7 – A positive attitude is expected at all times, and we ask members feeling flustered to log off, or AFK, or otherwise remove themselves from the situation to go take a breath or grab some water. High tensions leads to stress, which can lead to frayed nerves and a failure of a goal, or worse, a tearing of the social fabric. We try at all times to be a community first, a gaming group second, and negative attitudes harm that social fabric in deep ways; especially in situations of failure, hurling about blame, raging, or otherwise acting in a hostile or negative way completely isolates you from your peers, and in turn, the group. To this end, frustration griefing (such as pressing charges against somebody who accidentally destroyed your ship, shooting your teammates because they stole a kill, etc) will be punished harshly on a three-strike system without exception.
  • A1.8 — Remember, we’re here to have fun. While we try to place members into the right social groups given our entrance interviews, we are not perfect and sometimes make mistakes. If you’re not having fun, let an officer know! We will either try to rectify the situation, or if we cannot, ensure that your departure from the group is an amicable one. We appreciate constructive critiques of our performance both as individuals and as a group, and our doors are always open.

Article 2 – Utilization of Communication Channels

  • A2.1 – Use of, or linking of, unauthorized, inappropriate or illegal material(s) in the Discord or on Spectrum is not allowed while employed by CASH, and violation will result in contract termination. We don’t have a meme channel for a reason.
  • A2.2 – Communication involving any activity in regards to Article A2.1 is strictly prohibited at all times.
  • A2.3 – Employees must respect and comply with any Discord or Spectrum Moderators within reasonable bounds at all times while under employment.
  • A2.4 – Service members will utilize the Discord or Spectrum for their intended purposes and not to gain or otherwise bring discontent to the community or company. Those found in violation of Article 2 will face disciplinary action up to and including contract termination. Excessive harassing of members, posting content that

Article 3 – Star Citizen Gameplay

  • A3.1 – All employees of CASH will abide by all and any rules of the server.
  • A3.2 – Unethical gameplay via means that are unsportsmanlike or morally obtuse, such as cheating or exploiting, is not permitted at all.
  • A3.3 – All employees in CASH will play with respect to each other and other members of the gaming community not affiliated with CASH, and show good sportsmanship while in and out of the game; this includes persons in the CASH community and those not associated with CASH.
  • A3.4 — The act of Piracy, Smuggling, and/or any other illegal or morally obtuse activity, is strictly forbidden while under the employment of CASH. Any employee discovered to be involved in illegal or morally obtuse activity while employed with CASH will promptly have their contracts terminated without judiciary hearing. Illicit activity on alternate characters not tied in any way to CASH are not subject to A3.4. NOTE: This rule may be suspended at times during the pre-alpha PU phase to allow the org to participate in emergent gameplay opportunities.
  • A3.5 — Employees of CASH who choose to resign to pursue illegal activity will be barred from reapplication.
  • A3.6 — Illegally procured ships, whether through theft, extortion, or any other illicit means, cannot be used by any employee on any mission. Use of an illegal or otherwise questionably procured vessel is grounds for judiciary hearing and disciplinary action up to and including contract termination.

Article 4 — Membership in Other Organizations

  • A4.1 — Employees of CASH may remain members of another organization, so long as (i) said organization is on neutral or better terms with CASH, (ii) said organization solely conducts legal activity, (iii) said employee places their duties to CASH before their duties to their other memberships, (iv) said employee is of Team Leader rank or lower. Officers above the rank of Team Leader may maintain membership for social or diplomatic purposes, but not as active members of an organization participating in PU game play. Violation of A8.1 will result in a judiciary hearing, concluding in punitive measures up to contract termination.
  • A4.2 — Employees who are maintaining membership in CASH to commit espionage or otherwise share information about CASH operations not available to the public will have their contracts terminated. Likewise, employees who are maintaining their membership in another organization for the purpose of committing espionage on the behalf of CASH or a third organization will have their contracts terminated. CASH does not condone espionage outside of legal game mechanics; no real-world espionage, subterfuge, or sabotage will be tolerated; violations of A4.2 will be handled swiftly and without favor for rank, seniority, or relationship with members and leaders.


The undersigned do hereby execute this contract upon the date below.

Employee:__________________________ CEO:_____________________________
Printed Name: _______________________ Printed Name: Thomas Selleck III______
Date: _______________,2944 Date:_______________, 2944


Addendum A: Corporate Organization and Terms

Article 1 – Chimera Assets and Security Holdings Rank Roles and Privileges

  • A.A.1.1 – Contractor: Contractors are the base rank in CASH. Contractor refers to a member who is not fully employed by the company but assisting in company tasks such as completing trade runs, gunning for larger ships, or other miscellaneous tasks. A contractor may also be a member of another organization “affiliating” with CASH. Contractors have no expected time commitment to the company. Contractors can seek full employment after a period of three (3) days of consistent service to CASH.
    • Addendum: This rank is, for all intents and purposes, a trial period akin to an internship. Contractors will be cycled through the various divisions by their supervising mentor and shown the workings of CASH. A Contractor may terminate this trial at any time by simply leaving the group.
  • A.A.1.2 – Stakeholder: Stakeholders are fully-fledged members of CASH. Stakeholder refers to a new member who has been approved by Human Resources for employment. Stakeholders are authorized to requisition up to and including Class 2 ships from the Organization Hangar.
  • A.A.1.3 – Team Leader: Team Leaders are fully-fledged members of CASH. Team Leader refers to a Stakeholder who has been approved by Human Resources for promotion and has accepted. Team Leaders are authorized to requisition up to and including Class 3 ships, at a priority level below Manager. They will be given a small credit line with the Guild bank of (TBD).
    • A Team Leader is the first tier of officership and responsible for ~5 members. They are intended to serve as squad leaders who will organize smaller crews or wings into functioning squads and engage members who may be “soloing” content to take part in group activity.
    • A Team Leader, as a forward-facing officer, should be personable, charismatic, and able to work with diverse personalities effectively. Additionally, they should be humble and mature enough to take criticism from a higher authority and listen to the suggestions of those with more knowledge about a specific task. A Team leader does NOT require mastery of the game, only a friendly personality and an understanding of bringing disparate people together.
  • A.A.1.4 – Manager: Managers are fully-fledged members of CASH. Manager refers to a Team Leader who has been approved by Human Resources for promotion and has accepted. They will also be given a medium credit line of (TBD) at the Guild bank. Manager may requisition up to Class 4 ships from the Requisition Hangar at a priority rating above Team Leaders. Managers are expected to be active either online or in Discord ~5 days a week.
    • A Manager is a second-tier officer responsible for ~15 people. They are intended to serve as an the first level of administrative management in the organization, as well as organizing larger group events in conjunction with Team Leaders. In larger ships with crew complements beyond 15 members, Managers will serve in positions equivalent to XO or Section Leader, depending on size or scope.
    • From an administrative perspective, a Manager is expected to help oversee some of the paperwork required to operate CASH, utilizing their real-world skills discussed in their entrance interview. If they feel they are particularly qualified for a section of work, such as finance, data analytics, or human resources, mentioning it during the promotion process will help expedite them being placed into a role.
  • A.A.1.5 – Executive: Executives are fully-fledged members of CASH. Executive refers to a Manager who has been approved for promotion by Human Resources and has accepted. Executives may requisition up to and including Class 5 ships at a priority level below Director, and will be given a credit line of (TBD) with the Guild bank. Executives are expected to be active online and/or in Discord approximately 6-7 days a week.
    • Executives are responsible for ~20-30 people. They are intended to serve as the core of the administration, more than forward-facing members. The Executive role is less about leading members on a day-to-day basis and more about operating the group as an entity. During scheduled events, Executives will have the option of being cross-listed as leaders to help coordinate larger groups, such as wings of a fleet or concerted efforts across multiple areas of space.
    • Executive administrative duties will include either overseeing a particular facet of the administration with Managers and other administrators to assist, or serving to operate under a Board Member’s chosen purview if they are heading a section on their own. Executive duties can extend from serving as direct extensions of Board authority (in the case of operating an international branch of the organization, such as the EU administration or SEA administration) to handling guild finances and banking structures.
  • A.A.1.6 – Director: Directors are fully-fledged members of CASH and the highest achievable rank via conventional means. Director refers to an Executive who has been approved for promotion by the Board of Directors and Human Resources, and has accepted. Directors are expected to be involved 7 days a week, in addition to any tasks that require their presence. Directors will also serve on the Board of Directors for the company, advising the CEO and working on high-level tasks such as new policies both in- and out-of-game for the company. A Director may requisition up to and including Class 5 ships from the Requisition Hangar at the penultimate priority level.
    • Directors are not assigned to a conventional leadership task or group of individuals. A Director is given overall operational control of a portion of the group, and expected to oversee the overall strategy. Because of this, they are required to understand a variety of functions of higher strategic leadership, from finance to military strategy to metagame mechanics. They can either be experts in their own right, or have a ready pool of advisers that they can consult with.
    • Directors stepping down from their position will be demoted to Stakeholder for ease of bracketing them into the corporate structure. If the resignation was amenable, they will retain their privileges afforded to them as members of the Board, such as priority requisition levels and any other perks or rewards they earned.
  • A.A.1.7 – Chief Executive Officer (CEO): The CEO is a fully-fledged member of CASH and the highest achievable rank. CEO refers to a Director voted by their fellow Directors to the position. The presently serving CEO is GrandPoobah. The CEO is expected to go above and beyond the involvement of other Directors, in addition to the 7-day expectancy. The CEO will serve on the Board of Directors, develop company policy, and manage all external affairs of the company, such as the Discord, website back-end, and any other issues outside the game world. The CEO may requisition up to and including Class 5 ships from the Requisition Hangar at the highest priority. The CEO also retains the right to terminate a contract at any time, given justifiable cause.
    • The CEO is given overall organization control, and expected to take part in missions across all regions, types, and ranks. They cannot assume tactical control over a mission unless they are ceded it or they initiate the mission personally.
    • If the CEO steps down from their role, the Board of Directors and Human Resources may opt to either return the CEO to the role of Director, or return them to Stakeholder if they are not interested in a leadership role.

Article 2 – “Officer”-Level Ranks

  • A.A.2.1 – Administrative Officers, or those who are the rank of Director and above are granted administrative privileges to handle most if not all aspects of the CASH community and must not abuse their powers in any way, shape, or form.
  • A.A.2.2 – Officers, those who are Executive rank or higher, are leaders in the CASH community and must represent themselves in a fashion befitting the division they represent and the company as a whole. Any display considered uncivil, disrespectful, or otherwise misrepresenting the CASH brand will result in a judiciary hearing resulting in punitive measures up to and including contract termination.
  • A.A.2.3 – Abuse of authority as granted by any position or rank will be immediately subject to a judicial hearing to determine the future course of the individual(s) in question. Use of power to unilaterally circumvent any existing checks in the organization will result in immediate contract termination.
  • A.A.2.4 — It is NOT permitted at any time that any Executive, Director or CEO to represent another community based in the ‘Star Citizen’ realm outside the role of community ambassador. Such action causes a conflict of interest and the Officer in question will be asked to remove themselves from the offending organization. If they refuse, they will be removed from a leadership, and potentially have their contract terminated.
  • A.A.2.5 — Officer Tax: As officers are paid bonuses and given other perks pertinent to their rank, they are expected to contribute financially to the operating costs of the organization. On top of all other expenses and relevant taxes, an Officer Tax is levied on all officers at 2% of their share of mission profits.

Addendum B: Corporate Requisition Hangar

  • A.B.1.1 — The Requisition Hangar allows employees to use a ship they do not own, feel would be appropriate for a mission, or otherwise cannot afford, for a short- or long-term rental period. The Requisition Hangar is comprised of ships donated by organization members or purchased by the organization itself: no member is obligated to give a ship or have their ships forcibly added to the pool. All missions completed in a requisitioned ship are taxed a rental fee pertaining to the class of ship:
    • Class 1: 2.5%
    • Class 2: 5%
    • Class 3: 7.5%
    • Class 4: 10%
    • Class 5: 100%
  • A.B.1.2 — Ship Classes
    • Class 1: Aurora series, Mustang series, Avenger series, 300 series, Herald, M50, Razor, Gladius, Hornet series, Reliant series, Hull A, Hurricane, Defender, Sabre, Prospector, Khartu-Al, Buccaneer
    • Class 2: Cutlass series, Freelancer series, Gladiator, Super Hornet, Vanguard series, Hull B, Eclipse, Terrapin
    • Class 3: Constellation series, Retaliator, Caterpillar, Redeemer, Merchantman, Starfarer series, Hull C, 600i Series
    • Class 4: Genesis, Orion, Reclaimer, 890 JUMP, Hull D, Carrack, Crucible
    • Class 5: Javelin, Idris Series, Hull E, Polaris, Pioneer
  • A.B.1.3 — Requisition Fleet: The Requisition Fleet in its current iteration is listed below (as of 3/26/2015)
    • Aegis Avenger Stalker
    • Aegis Avenger Titan
    • Aegis Avenger Warlock
    • Aegis Eclipse
    • Aegis Gladius (x2)
    • Aegis Idris-M
    • Aegis Idris-P (x2)
    • Aegis Javelin
    • Aegis Reclaimer
    • Aegis Redeemer (x2)
    • Aegis Retaliator (x2)
    • Aegis Sabre (x4)
    • Aegis Vanguard Harbinger (x2)
    • Aegis Vanguard Hoplite
    • Aegis Vanguard Warden (x2)
    • Anvil Carrack (x2)
    • Anvil Crucible
    • Anvil Gladiator (x3)
    • Anvil Super Hornet (x4)
    • Anvil Hornet Tracker (x2)
    • Anvil Hornet Ghost (x2
    • Anvil Terrapin (x2)
    • Aopoa Khartu-Al (x2)
    • Aopoa Nox (x4)
    • BIRC Defender
    • BIRC Merchantman (x2)
    • CNOU Mustang Beta
    • CNOU Mustang Delta (x3)
    • CNOU Mustang Gamma
    • CNOU Pioneer
    • Crusader Genesis
    • Drake Buccaneer (x2)
    • Drake Caterpillar (x2)
    • Drake Cutlass Black (x2)
    • Drake Cutlass Red (x2)
    • Drake Cutlass Blue (x4)
    • Drake Dragonfly (x4)
    • Drake Herald (x2)
    • Esperia Blade (x2)
    • Esperia Prowler
    • MISC Endeavor (x2)
    • MISC Freelancer DUR
    • MISC Freelancer MAX (x3)
    • MISC Freelancer MIS (x3)
    • MISC Hull A
    • MISC Hull B
    • MISC Hull C (x2)
    • MISC Hull D
    • MISC Hull E
    • MISC Prospector (x2)
    • MISC Razor
    • MISC Reliant Kore
    • MISC Reliant Mako
    • MISC Reliant Sen
    • MISC Reliant Tana
    • MISC Starfarer
    • MISC Starfarer Gemini
    • Origin 325a (x2)
    • Origin 350r (x2)
    • Origin 600i Touring
    • Origin 600i Explorer
    • Origin 85x (x4)
    • Origin 890 Jump
    • Origin M50 (x2)
    • Origin X1 (x6)
    • RSI Aurora CL
    • RSI Aurora LN (x2)
    • RSI Aurora MR
    • RSI Aurora LX (x5)
    • RSI Constellation Andromeda (x2)
    • RSI Constellation Aquila (x2)
    • RSI Constellation Phoenix (x3)
    • RSI Orion
    • RSI Polaris