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Ahoy! Welcome to Cerberus Syndicate, The Cerberus Gaming communities organization. A gaming community with over 12 years of life and counting. In Cerberus you don’t just become a member, you become a valued friend!

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We Few… we Proud…. We band of nerds. Cerberus Syndicate has gone through many evolutions, but the core has remained the same. A group of friends forged over the interwebs, introduced through digital content, but friendships were formed, a community was forged. With each new game we gain more friends, each new game our community expands.

Cerberus Syndicate dates back to EVE online, coming to Star Citizen during the initial kick start of SC, in the initial days long before the actual game existed. We would spend hours at night theory crafting the future, and how we would concur the universe. We eventually created a podcast, doing weekly coverage on the game, groups within it, talking to others that shared our excitement of the game! Some of our old Podcasts can be found ( Our time behind the microphone was short-lived as the content was slow, and no physical game existed yet, running out of things to discuss, the group started to hibernate, waiting for something more tangible… Fast-forward to 2020, the game has become a more “stable” version of itself. With things to do, a new life has been pumped into Cerberus Syndicate, as we come back to life, we seek others that share an interest in Star Citizen, interest in the community, and most importantly, interest in just having fun.



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