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Confederation of Free Traders / CFT

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Confederation of Free Traders: Before you know it


     The Confederation of Free Traders started out like most ventures, with friends talking over drinks. In this instance the friends were seasoned pilots and they were complaining about their employers and how the UEE’s regulations favored massive cartels. They also discussed the cut throat practices of “Lone Wolf” traders and how the fierce competition between them only benefited the conglomerates.
     The Confederation of Free Traders Charter was the result of these discussions. It set down the principles of mutually beneficial trade and fair practices that have been the hallmark of this organization for years.
     After the charter was finished and agreed upon, the friends all took the leap and quit their jobs flying at the behest of others. From that point forward they would each be the captain of their own destiny.
     The CFT has grown over the years and has seen many pilots rise up and make their own fortune, such as Confederate Emeritus Bjørn Farmann, owner and operator of Viking’s Ship Rentals. The Confederation of Free Traders is known throughout the verse for their shining reputation and fair dealings.


About CFT

We are an association of sovereign merchants and cargo pilots who have pledged to deal honestly with each other and when appropriate to pool knowledge and resources. We do not control members actions nor do we forbid multiple memberships. Also, as each member is an independent operator they are free to conduct themselves as they see fit aside from a few restrictions in our Charter. Those, however, are primarily aimed at interactions between members, but hypothetically also those under contracts brokered under our banner. We strongly advise members and non-members alike to review the pilot they are considering and have a contract in place. The assumption of trust our group provides is not a substitute for knowing who you are dealing with nor does it replace having your deal in writing!


The CFT was thought and founded as a network of Free Traders. So basically, it’s a paradox of itself that we have a section providing you with info about our “services”. Each member is a sovereign of its own, so it’s really hard to say which services will be available to you when you approach us in business. However, the CFT indeed has a purpose, and if you want to read more about it, have a look into our charter , but if you want the short version, there you go:

We are here to conduct trader’s business, in a transparent and safe way.

The commodities of our business ways are explained elsewhere. Instead, what follows now shall give you a quick overview on the features the CFT provides you with when conducting business with or within the CFT.


As a CFT member you are part of a network which is most dependent on the reliability of its people. This is what makes the CFT strong, and this is what will make you stronger as well! That’s why you will find absolute honesty when conducting business with other members. On the other hand, whoever infringes this rule will be expulsed immediately, so you can be sure you won’t enter a nest of wolves in sheep’s clothing!

Members of the CFT will profit in full from our networking capabilities. At all times, they will have access to our permanently updated databanks about the trustworthiness of companies and individuals the CFT has already dealt with. That way you can make sure you chose the right person/company for the job!

CFT members will be able to take part in our coordinated player-convoys. Or even set them up themselves! There are a few details more to it than what follows, but basically, you can tell a coordinator to broadcast your request for convoy partners, or take part in convoys requested from other players. The Coordinator just acts as a mouthpiece between those looking for a convoy from A to B. He will gather participants from the CFT member pool, and then hand the lead over to the person(s) who requested the convoy and put up the contract.


Your business partner on the CFT has access to a widespread network of informants. If you’re afraid your freight might attract some greedy scum, our affiliates will know the safest routes to your cargo’s destination available at the moment.

The CFT was made by business men, for business men. And whats the most important thing for successful business? Right, trustworthy employees and business partners. We don’t accept any kind of fraud between our customers and our affiliates, and the CFT imposes penalties on members who infringe this rule! **** happens anyways, that’s for sure, but when collaborating with the CFT, the risk will be reduced to a minimum!

What Makes Us Different


The CFT isn’t just a guild without a leadership. For example, CFT Members won’t be restricted to join other player-groups such as squadrons as well. However, there are some parts of the player-base we wont cooperate with, but therefore just have a look into our charter.


Charter of the Confederation of Free Traders

Section 1: Purpose of CFT

To pool information and at times resources and to provide a circle of like minded pilots and merchants with the connections necessary to transport goods throughout known space and to put members in contact with a competent escort.

Section 2: Statement of Principles

All members are independent operators and are free to conduct business as they see fit within the guidelines of CFT. CFT does not endorse nor condone the purchase, sale, or transportation of illegal goods. .Members who participate in such will only face repercussions from law enforcement. However, failure to disclose the Reason of blockades or the true nature of cargo for a cargo mission will result in a reprimand and repeated offenses may result in such a member being removed from the rolls. (See Section 6)
Piracy runs counter to the objectives of honest merchants and is against the law. Members who engage in such do so of their own initiative and at their own peril. We are opposed to piracy in principle, however leave each member to police themselves and only take action if they attempt to present those actions as sanctioned by us.

Section 3: Membership Requirements and Duties


A prospective member must be free of any bounty and have any piracy charges dealt with.

Members Must

deal fairly and honestly with other members
disclose the nature of any cargo brokered for transport by other affiliates
conduct themselves in a professional manner
Disclose Reason and foreseen duration of blockades if possible the condition for preferential treatment of members

Members Must Not

engage in piracy against members
intentionally attempt to defraud members
egregiously defame the CFT

Section 4: CFT Services, Responsibilities, and guidelines

CFT will not direct your game actions, nor will it censure your game actions.
CFT is not a closed shop, you can be in other organizations and squadrons alongside the federation.
CFT affiliates need not support fellow affiliates just because they are in the same federation.
CFT affiliates can be in active competition between each other depending on the prevailing conditions at the time.
CFT will attempt to maintain a database of members and pilots with which members have dealt and information on them regarding their reliability, honesty, courtesy, speed, and other items as seems appropriate. Available to Members.
CFT will try to act as a platform for coordination of major lucrative events, such as convoys, to benefit its members. This includes but is not limited to informing about the event, negotiating escorts and planning routes.

Section 5: Governing Body

A Coordinator will be appointed by common acclamation during meeting where at least 75% of the affiliates are present.
If needed Regional Coordinators may be similarly selected, likely based on real-world time zone location.
The charter is the ultimate authority governing the actions of the Federation and any alterations must receive a ¾ vote of the current membership to be valid.
A five member ad-hoc group from the current affiliates will adjudicate disciplinary actions (See Section 6)
Any inter-organisational arrangements must be voted on by at least half of the active membership and pass with a majority vote.

Role and Duties of a Coordinator

The Coordinator will act as contact for inter-organisational arrangements.
Coordinate organisational events such as convoys.
Act as a way to find people willing to help you do large deals, if requested. (I.E. You need it.)

Section 6: Disciplinary Action

CFT does not censure members actions, however some acts are far enough outside CFT guidelines to result in official responses.


Piracy on members (25 points)
Defrauding of members (25 points)
Presenting that their own piracy acts were sanctioned by CFT
Consistent abusive behaviour (2 points)


All infractions result in negative marks on your record with the CFT. If a member accrues 25 points in a rolling 30 day period they are subject to expulsion.


If a member believes an infraction has unfairly applied they may make their case to an ad-hoc group of 5 of his peers.


Any expelled member may rejoin if they meet the qualifications (see Section 3, A) after 60 days with the exception of Pirates.