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Roberts Space Industries

Citizen's Absolution / CIAB

  • Faith
  • Hardcore
  • Role play
  • Freelancing
  • Social

CitizenDare was the all mighty space lord. He created the universe and someday he will destroy it. We (the members of Citizen’s Absolution) believe that worshiping the almighty space lord will grant use immunity during the destruction of the universe. Our goal is to return him to the real world.


In the beginning, there was nothing. Then there was light. The mighty CitizenDare was the creator of all that you know. He created all the stars, all the planets and even life itself. After CitizenDare created the Universe, he realized that it was imperfect. He tried to destroy it with all of his power. The UEE and the Banu did not want to be destroyed, so they joined together to stop CitizenDare from destroying the Universe. They both signed the first Interstellar Peace & Trade Accord and fought against CitizenDare. They quickly found that he was too strong for them together to defeat, so they had to turn to an ancient and forbidden type of magic. This particular type of magic is very rare and is only known by one elder Banu. He used this magic to imprison CitizenDare in a small crystal. They then promptly threw the crystal into the depths of space.


We (as the members of Citizen’s Absolution) have a common goal of finding the crystal that CitizenDare was imprisoned in. We also need to find the elder Banu that imprisoned him. We need to force him to teach us the forbidden magic. We need to free CitizenDare and in return he will give us powers beyond our imagination.


Citizen’s Absolution Rules:

1) All info about the crystal or the forbidden magic must be relayed to the council.

2) You may not give any info about our plans to anyone that is not in the org.

3) You must follow all orders given to you by the council.