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Colonial Industrial Dynamics / CIDCORP

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Providing the foundation for your corporate success.

Colonial Industrial Dynamics

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The beginning:

It all started when the idea of a crowdfunded space-sim became a reality.
All of us at C.I.D. were excited about Star Citizen from its announcement in 2012 onwards until today, especially about the possibilities the game could offer.

Our organization is based on the principle of trade and relationships with other groups as opposed to war or conquering. Our might will not rest on weaponry and capital ships, but rather on the trading network we will create and the partners we seek to have from all corners of the universe. However, since the formation of C.I.D. we quickly realized that not every member will have the same ideas and views about the future of the corporation, which meant branching out in terms of what C.I.D. stood for.

Today, we offer almost every job available within Star Citizen, without compromising our security and quality of service. We have achieved this by recruiting only the best suited candidates for our organization. This process of enlisting the right individuals has been a long, slow one, albeit today we can proudly present to you a tightly knit group, one that will take to the stars with superior trading and tactics.

Our plans:

Colonial Industrial Dynamics is aspiring to become one of the best resource and trading organizations in the Star Citizen universe. The creating of a trading network based on mining, production, trading and cargo hauling are the principles C.I.D. was founded on and will serve as the main sources of profit. However, C.I.D. has plans to incorporate almost every aspect of Star Citizen into the organization, since we will need explorers to scout out new asteroid fields and escorts to provide security through dangerous areas.
Apart from piracy, if you want to fulfill a certain role in Star Citizen: we will almost certainly have a task for you here at C.I.D.

Welcome to superior. Welcome to Colonial Industrial Dynamics.

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The purpose behind the creation of C.I.D.

C.I.D. has been created due to a desire to be part of a well-developed corporate organisation that provides large scale industrial products and services. The creation of this organisation is heavily inspired by other gaming organisations with a high emphasis on dedication and seriousness to its operation, as such can be found within the EVE-online community. These communities have shown that complex games such as EVE highly benefit from well organised groups that are focused on industrial or economic activities. C.I.D. is looking to go one step further for the PU of star citizen, as it strongly holds to real world ideals set for successful and long-lasting industrial companies.

What are the values and norms that C.I.D. encompasses

C.I.D. aims to differentiate itself from its direct competitors by holding dear a strong corporate stylisation throughout the entirety of its structure and activities. This means that every aspect of C.I.D. is structured in a way you would expect to see in large real-world corporations. By doing this C.I.D. ensure that each development within C.I.D. and action outside of C.I.D. is well thought out, sustainable and aimed towards the goals of C.I.D..

This corporate structure is reflected within C.I.D.’s internal culture, traits such as professionalism, reliability, commitment and incentive are strongly encouraged. These traits ultimate lead to the high-quality standard that C.I.D. maintains.

What role will C.I.D. play in the PU.

Within the PU C.I.D. takes the role of a large-scale industrial supplier of materials and services. The main essence within this role is to be able to supply players and NPC alike (both individuals and organisations) with a variety of high yield demand. Ultimately this will result in C.I.D. becoming a staple-brand within the persistent universe for industrial manufacturing, logistics and mineral extraction.

What does C.I.D. add to its external and internal environments.

In its functioning and activities C.I.D. upholds a high standard of professionalism, reliability and sustainability. These standards provide C.I.D. with a culture of dedication and devotion. As such C.I.D. becomes a haven for players that are looking for a serious and structured environment where they can utilize their real-world skills, experiences and ambitions to become successful within C.I.D..

C.I.D.’s services and products are aimed towards providing the necessary resources for both player and NPC-ran organisations to effectively function. In this way C.ID.’s success is closely connected to the development and progress of various organisations and the economical growth of the environment that C.I.D. operates in.

What is the vision of C.I.D.

C.I.D. is built upon dedicated professionals that are excited to work with you to figure out what your exact needs are and how we can fulfil them to the fullest extent. Our professionals pride themselves on their expertise and the high-quality standard of their service. C.I.D. can guarantee this quality standard due to our custom training programs. Our professionals are based around the globe to reliably offer you the products and services where and when you need them.

With C.I.D. providing essential resources for organisations to grow in combination with a high degree of professionalism and reliability, C.I.D. is set up to become an indicator of general economic growth for its direct environment.

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The main activity of C.I.D.

The main activities of Colonial Industrial Dynamics are aimed at extracting, refining and manufacturing various industrial goods on a large scale. These include the extraction of common and rare ores/minerals, gasses and other resources found in the persistent universe, refinement of common and rare metals, manufacture of basic goods that require an industrial manufacturing process such as fuel and ammunition.

C.I.D. secondary activities include the export of various services that it needs for its own supply chain. This means providing hauling services but also extraction and manufacturing services.

Practical goals for C.I.D.

The main goal for C.I.D. is to become an organisation capable of providing a wide variety of players, NPC factions, and organisations with industrial goods on a large scale. The primary focus is on becoming a hall-mark brand name on each issue that requires large amounts of industrial materials such as ores and metals, large scale hauling services and other industrial goods/services.

Ultimately C.I.D. is a commercial organisation (commercially orientated within the PU) and has as one of its main goals to be a profitable operation. These profits will pay the organisation’s members and provide financial resources for future investments.

What activities are not acknowledged by C.I.D.

C.I.D. is above all else an industrial corporation. This means that the activities are primarily limited to industrial aspects. Security services and exploration are services that will not be exported by C.I.D. Instead these activities are incorporated within dedicated departments that play an essential internally supporting role, without which the main industrial activities of C.I.D. would not be realisable.

C.I.D. is a strictly legal corporation. Any illegal activities such as piracy, smuggling and any other are forbidden for the members of C.I.D.. Members that do partake in any such activities may be disciplined by C.I.D..

How does C.I.D. achieve its goals?

In order to guarantee successful large-scale extraction and manufacturing processes, C.I.D. looks at real world theories and cases and implements these within the persistent universe. Anything from logistical management, fleet management to governance accountability will be used to increase the successfulness of C.I.D..

The use of real-world knowledge is one of the key aspects that will turn C.I.D. into one of the go-to brands in regards to supply for large scale industrial goods and services. With its members being another key aspect; each dedicated to an internal standard of quality and undergoing extensive training.

What makes C.I.D. different from its competitors?

C.I.D. realises there is a choice of various providers of ores, manufactured materials and industrial services. To convince customers to choose C.I.D. above its competitors C.I.D. aims to make its service superior to its customers. It does this by holding dear various qualities and values. C.I.D. will work at all times to guarantee a high level of professionalism by training C.I.D.’s members to provide the highest amount of quality service on prompt notice.

To uphold this mentality of high-quality service amongst all its members, C.I.D. has created an internal culture where dependability, quality and swiftness are cornerstone values. To add to these values, C.I.D. embraces various real-world management techniques and theories in all its activities to ensure sustainability, effectiveness and ability to grow.

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