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Welcome to the Citizen’s Coffee Company!

The go to stop in the ‘verse for all your networking needs!.


Owned and Operated by ArmorEx


The Original Citizen’s Coffee Company

The Citizen’s Coffee Company (CCC, CitCCo) got its start on Earth as a chain of coffee shop and bar hybrids during humanities initial expansion into space. CCC locations seemed to follow the space industry wherever large companies would set up manufacturing plants, often being the first place to go after a shift to meet up with co workers and associates. As space travel started developing for civilian use and cities established themselves as major space ports, the Citizen’s Coffee Company was quick to model its business plan to follow suit. A team of real estate agents were hired by the CCC to scoop up whatever spaces were available closest to all the major ports. Management developed a template for all future CCC locations, and began converting all purchased buildings into something that would be recognizable whether you were from Shanghai or Boston. Old churches, workshops, libraries and anything else close to a port was gutted out and filled with tables and booths, bars and stools, and in some cases small rooms were available to rent for overnight stays for long time customers.

When human colonies developed on other planets and civilian travel and business was authorized, the CCC began purchasing store fronts at just about every port. Rather than opening multiple locations in each city, the business model stuck with a single location ideally in walking distance from the port. The look of the Earth locations was replicated in each new establishment, giving the same experience to the customers throughout the galaxy. With locations spread throughout various systems and on dozens of planets, the CCC grew a considerable logistics fleet to keep all of its supply needs covered. As years turned into decades, financial issues forced the CCC to halt the majority of its shipping business and look into outsourcing work.

The introduction of the affiliate program

After consolidating its logistics fleet to a manageable number of ships and employees, the CCC began a program targeted at its frequent customer base. Many corporations and PMCs had accounts open with the Citizen’s Coffee Company for their employees to use while on business, and this led to the creation of an official affiliate system. Companies were allowed to sign on to the CCC as an official affiliate, gaining access to an internal network that consisted of hundreds of other businesses from mining groups to intelligence agencies. Affiliation came with benefits, including data running services and even the use of a team of bounty hunters working for the CCC should another affiliate use your public information to cause harm. Community events also became something that was offered to affiliated organizations in the form of tournaments and friendly competitions.

Contract Services

With the success of the affiliate program, the Citizen’s Coffee Company started to establish itself as the hub for contracting services throughout UEE space. As business owners and associates already frequented the CCC locations, a MobiGlass app was created that allowed affiliated organizations to post contracts for jobs they needed help with or just to browse jobs for their crews. The CCC never attempted to charge a fee for this service, it simply became another benefit of affiliation. All contracts were allowed as long as the job was within the limits of UEE law. A review system was put in place, where both parties working a contract together were encouraged to leave a 1-5 rating and brief description of their experience. This allowed other groups interested in working with each other to have an idea of who they were getting into business with before signing anything official. A major point that contributed to the success of the contract services through the CCC was that it has never been an official formal alliance. All contracts have always been strictly business and allow the cooperating organizations to go their own way upon completion.

Present and Future

Internal Operations:
After the UEE military began selling aging and surplus ships to the civilian market, the Citizen’s Coffee Company went through one final reorganization to bring it up to date and modernized. Its outdated cargo fleet was replaced by larger more efficient MISC Hull series ships, ranging from a handful of Hull B vessels to one behemoth Hull E, the “CCC Fika”. Logistics operations inside of the CCC provide the revenue needed to pay employees and allow the funding of expeditions. A number of exploration and science vessels were purchased to create a well organized fleet capable of defending itself in uncharted space.

Once the reorganization was complete, the Internal Operations section of the Citizen’s Coffee Company was brought into the Exploration group “ArmorEx”. ArmorEx completed its purchase of the Citizen’s Coffee Company and is now handling all CCC employees and missions.


The Citizen’s Coffee Company is a business with establishments in just about every major space port in UEE space. We have an open door policy to any Citizen, unless you are a known and wanted criminal. Regardless of your past, once your record is cleared you are welcome to come to the CCC and enjoy good company and find a unique player driven experience in the universe. We want every customer to feel welcomed here, and are more than happy to help a newcomer in the verse get comfortable and get their feet wet while looking for an organization to call home.

Temp Work

Players who don’t have a primary organization, or are actively seeking one, may work for the CCC as a temp in order to make some UEC or learn a little about the game.

Business Owners and Business Representatives

Owners and Representatives come from organizations who have affiliated with the CCC. They all hold equal status inside of the CCC and are valued customers regardless of which organization they come from.


Affiliates of the CCC who have some extra time and wish to help with the company are welcome to step up as a volunteer and help out with community events and moderation.

Internal Operations

Full employees of the CCC. These members work in roles that keep the business running, while also providing support to all affiliated organizations by being able to offer contracts of their own.


We have very simple rules to follow here at the Citizen’s Coffee Company.

  • Keep the place clean and friendly, don’t turn our comms channels into something that needs heavy moderation.
  • Respect each others organizations. Regardless of an organization’s size, everyone is on the same level here. Whatever rank or title you hold in your main organization has no meaning inside of the CCC.
  • Absolutely no open recruitment is allowed. We encourage you to introduce your organization on Spectrum in the archive area in order for other organization representatives to search for a useful contract partner. However, any reports of poaching or visible recruitment will result in your organization being removed from the CCC network. (Exception is the clearly labeled “Shameless Recruitment” section on Spectrum. Many people have put hard work into making great artwork for their org, and this is the one are where we welcome you to share your creations.)

Policy on Espionage:

The Citizen’s Coffee Company is a network of like minded UEE organizations who recognize the value of having contacts available to help with jobs they cant handle, or just to make friends among other organizations. We do NOT employ spies in any way shape or form. When you post contracts, leave out any information which could be used by someone reading it to cause harm to your organization. That being said, as an organization that is primarily a social group, people who fancy themselves some type of spy may try to hang out in the CCC. As we have an open door policy, you are most welcome here even if you are involved in espionage. We have nothing to share, nor nothing to hide, so spying here is a waste of time especially if affiliated organizations are cautious enough not to expose classified information that is private to their business. To sum up our espionage policy: We do not give a single shit about spying here because the CCC does not get involved in other organizations business and affiliated groups are here on their own terms. If spying between affiliated organizations, or employees of the CCC is reported, it will be dealt with as they occur.

  • Using espionage to harm another organization or harrass members will result in an instant removal of you and all your associates from the CCC.
  • Blackmailing affiliates and employees will result in your removal from the CCC.
  • ANY form of harassment that is related to SC will be documented and promptly reported to Cloud Imperium Games.

Whatever drama you may have with another organization, leave it at the door. Nobody here has time to get involved with your petty claims, keep it among yourselves. If it is directly related to the CCC, report it to management.