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Welcome to the Citizen’s Coffee Company!

A place for orgs of all sizes to network and outsource work

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A bit of luck, and a small checklist moved Citizen’s Coffee Company from an Earth based Coffee Shop to a name known around the universe. The checklist was a group of ideas that the original founders decided would be their key to expansion and not drowning out in the universe of coffee shops and bars.

* Location: Be in walking distance from the landing pads in every location we establish.
*Hours: Never close, our doors are open regardless of time or day and including every single holiday.
*Consistency: Every shop, from Earth to Vega and beyond, will provide the same level of quality to our customers.
*Hybrid: We need to serve good coffee and great beer to our customers. Some are arriving when it’s their morning, others arrive and their clock tells them it’s night.

These four bullets ultimately led to something that the owners and founders never imagined. Once humanity expanded to the stars and settlements started having more advanced luxuries that one would find on Earth, franchises soon followed and cluttered every location with dozens of cookie cutter stores and shops. Citizen’s Coffee Company, or Triple C or CCC or CitCCo, simply could not afford to compete in that manner but still wanted to have a single location in as many cities and ports as possible. Management began buying whatever property they could as close to the landing pads as possible, and would renovate the interior to create the same unique experience in each location. Old hangars, warehouses, apartments, really anything that could fit a bar and some tables became a location for CCC. The lack of finances, and thus the inability to purchase multiple stores in the larger ports, is actually what led to our success.

When business owners would fly into a port or city for a meeting with another corporation or organization, setting up a meeting spot could sometimes be a problem. When one franchise would own 14 storefronts in the same city, getting to the same one could be very confusing for first time visitors at said city. Triple C, known for only having that one single shop in the area, soon became the unofficial meeting grounds for small business owners setting up contracts, or new eager professionals looking for work from the ever popular bulletin board in each shop. Even bounty hunters started to frequent the coffee shops to network with future clients, and in more rare occasions Xi’an and Banu Traders would pop in looking for escorts or haulers.

It didn’t take long for management to see the potential in their unlikely success. Any business owner, or the representatives from the big corporations was offered affiliation with CCC as an official Business Owner or Business Representative. These affiliates were given access to private meeting rooms to discuss contracts, and had special contract permissions on the Citizen’s Coffee Company MobiGlass app. It became so popular that the owners decided to sell their fleet of MISC Hull-C transports that were used to ferry Earth grown coffee around the verse, to a number of small organizations that contracted their very first jobs in a Citizen’s Coffee Company.

Triple C has become the single most visited coffee shop/bar in most major locations around the universe because of its dedication to sticking with the original list of values that the founders established. That simple list for a small chain of coffee shops ended up creating the most efficient network for business owners to post contracts and hire qualified employees in much of the known universe. A single RSI Constellation Phoenix is maintained by the company and has been used as the neutral meeting ground on several occasions for feuding corporations. During these events, dozens of organizations have provided personnel to act as a peacekeeping force in order to ensure the feuding groups come to terms without creating a hostile situation that would escalate out of control. The irony of these meetings has been that the combined forces that come together to cease hostilities between organizations are typically better equipped than the local UEE Navy presence. Rumor also has it that Triple C provides a week of free food and drink for anyone who volunteers to assist in these matters.


Although originally established as a coffee shop and bar at most major star ports and space stations, Citizen’s Coffee Company has become a legitimate place to establish business contracts between other organization owners or representatives. Most contracts strictly follow UEE law, but in some cases pirate groups or raiders have repeatedly targeted traders and small groups resulting in a very loose bounty contract being drawn up. These contracts tend to get lost and UEE Advocacy can never seem to catch up with the original source. Accepting an invitation to affiliate with Triple C means you are likely a small business owner trying to survive in a big universe. This will not be a place to openly recruit or poach members from other groups. Should you and another organization establish good terms and mutually decide a merge would benefit you, then that is of course a different story. Use our locations to establish partnerships and deals, but do not cross other members as it will result in permanent membership banishment. When posting contracts, be sure to not include any information that may compromise your organization as we do not discriminate our affiliates. Some affiliates may work in grey areas or have a history with the law, but as long as you aren’t a wanted criminal, we serve you.


  • Absolutely no open recruiting is allowed at any Citizen’s Coffee location.

*Keep chat clean, don’t make this turn into something that needs constant moderation.
*Your actions will reflect your organization.
*If you use a contract from an affiliated organization as a way to get close to them and cause harm, bounties will immediately be posted by the CCC and will not stop until requested by the harmed organization.