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Red Wood Industries / CJRWI

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Welcome to Red Wood Industries (RWI)!

If you’re looking for an organized, active and skilled organization with a dash of role play, then look no further!

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Red Wood Industries (RWI) is a formerly Militaristic Industrial organization, now turned sovereign state, boasting a powerful private organization with a formidable fleet.

Over 250 years ago, (records from that period are incomplete) RWI entered into a conflict with an enigmatic hostile force known as ‘The Shadows’. This conflict became known in the local cluster as The Great War.

The war spanned several star systems in the local cluster within proximity to the Icarus system, but was not a true intergalactic war, more an interplanetary conflict.

During the Great War, RWI was instrumental in securing the victory for the local Galactic Council. Because of RWI’s contribution to the war, it was granted its own territory, the rank of state, and sovereignty to rule itself.

The RWI fleet has always been considered extremely powerful but has been left to deteriorate during the peace period after the local Great War, peacetime allowing the fleet to fall into a mindset of complacency.

50 years ago, a mining expedition located a damaged freight vessel, the crew having abandoned ship for some unknown reason. The technology was different to RWI standards but followed similar principles, and was eventually repaired.

The ship was handed over to RWI’s exploration and research departments, where the ships Quantum drive was activated, bringing the ship back into the UEE’s explored territories.

With communications established, an exchange of information and histories began in earnest. This allowed RWI to learn of its true origins, the information having been lost nearly two millennia prior.

Nearly 800 years previous (UEE Calendar) UEE Exploratory vessel Icarus had been tasked to explore the Tamsa system shortly after humanity started space exploration. However an undetected subspace anomaly interfered with the Quantum drive.

The anomaly interacted unexpectedly with the drive, focusing the quantum energies like a lens, amplifying the force and speed of the drive. However the ships trajectory close to a small dwarf star caused a temporal ‘refraction’ causing the ship to become displaced in time.

UEE recognisance ships attempted to find the Icarus, but there was no trace of the ship, and no planets searched along the known Quantum vector revealed any information

RWI was hesitant to allow UEE ships to travel to Icarus, especially having learned of Imperator Ivar Messer and his corrupt empire. Despite reassurances that the UEE had changed for the better, RWI currently does not allow ships from the UEE to travel to the Local cluster.

What comes next, is for the Future to reveal.

Founded by (Captain Jack)


RWI’s focus in the UEE territories are limited. Associated vessles are dispatched with three main directives.

Aquire New Technology: Research and attain new technologies that can aid RWI assets on Icarus and in the wider Local Cluster. This can be in regards to hand held technology, up to new star ships, be they freighters or combat craft. An emphasis on defence is preferable, but not essential.

Public Relations: Learn more about the state of UEE space, and attempt to improve relations on both sides. UEE space is considered suspect by RWI, previously related history has lead the Local Cluster Galactic Council to be concerned by the current politics.

Secondary to this directive is to ‘Put our best foot forward’ to show the UEE Territories who RWI as a galactic power are.

Profit: The UEE territories function on a financial system that is incompatible with Space-Credits used in the Local Cluster. To this end, RWI organisation members are directed to undertake missions that will provide ‘United Earth Credits’ used for the purposes of the previously mentioned directives.


Red Wood Industries is led by a Grand Admiral (GA) who is essentially the “President” of all RWI assets and operations. The GA is often required to report to the Red Wood Council, who in-turn, oversee all divisions (Departments) of RWI. The position of Grand Admiral is given to a high-ranking individual through council election or through a recommendation from the previous Grand Admiral. In almost every election, the newly-elected GA is chosen from the Navy Division.

The five main divisions of the RWI are:

Navy, Defence, Marine, Science, Industrial

The Navy division is typically responsible for commanding and protecting RWI and its interests.

Although RWI Defence is a division, it is essentially tied with the same responsibilities as the Navy Division. They are, however, represented as a separate entity on the council.

RWI Science is responsible for the creation and experimentation of new technologies and discoveries. RWI Science is also responsible for every deep-space exploration mission.


The ranks in Red Wood Industries follow very closely to that of Naval ranking systems. Such ranks range from top positions, such as Admirals and Captains, to more lower tiered positions like Lieutenants and Commanders. The current ranking officer positions are as followed:

Grand Admiral, Admiral, Vice Admiral, Captain, Commander, Lieutenant, Ensign

The only division that has a separate ranking system is the Marine Division. Their officer rankings are as followed:

General, Lieutenant General, Major General, Brigadier General, Colonel, Lieutenant Colonel, Major, Captain, Lieutenant, Second Lieutenant

Grand Admiral

The Grand Admiral, or the GA for short, essentially oversees all operations of Red Wood Industries and is treated as President of the organization. The GA reports directly to the RWI Council and decisions are made on what to about certain situations. Ultimately, the Grand Admiral can authorize decisions on his/her own but is often required to obtain authorization by the Council first. Should a Grand Admiral be considered missing or killed in action, the next GA shall be chosen either by RWI Council Members or submitted in request by the previous Grand Admiral.