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Storm Cloud Armada / CLOUD

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Greetings and welcome to Storm Cloud : A Star Citizen Organization and Multi-Gaming Community!

We encourage you to visit our organization overview page (Here)



Storm Cloud Gaming

We are a friendly community of people from around the globe that have been gaming together for over 5 years. We met on the SC forums during the initial pledge campaign in 2012 and have been together ever since. In early 2015 we formed this Org along and created our own forums and TeamSpeak in order to pool our resources, skills and love of gaming together into one place for the benefit of the entire group.

Since that time we have seen the ebbs and flows of development but continue to wait patiently as the game materializes and work to organize events whenever possible. We have just undergone a “reorganization” into a proper Gaming Group complete with Star Citizen Chapter. With the change has come a new command structure and organizational identity. Check out our overview page Here

We aspire to accomplish great deeds in the Verse’ and we’d be happy to take in anyone that is willing to help write the future chapters of Cloud’s history with us! Join us for the Star Citizen, stay for the community !

Storm Cloud Armada (Fiction)

SCA has humble beginnings as a small-time shipping and escort affiliate organization operating in high and low sec space for a dozen years or so. In its brief history, many ex-military personnel and private sector haulers began to coalesce under the umbrella of the flexible start-up. Offering a casual work environment coupled with better-than-average employee benefits and career expansion opportunities, the group began to grow steadily. Eventually, there were near-on a hundred members in the group all working to better both the Verse’ and it’s members.

As more military and experienced private sector members joined the ranks, they brought with them the Goliath vessels of war and industry opening new revenue streams for the organization including mining, salvage, research, exploration and advanced combat capabilities. The fleet grew in both capability and muscle, quickly evolving into the true definition of armada.

Alas, with time, the Verse’ is the great equalizer. Membership settled into cyclical ebbs and flows after its initial boom. Some decided they would try their hand at other professions, others decided to head back planet-side until the market changes. Still others retired from the game completely. Many assets sit unmanned at dock, but ever-ready for duty as their skippers and SCA council pan the Verse’ for the right opportunities.


Organizational Goals

The primary goal is to have fun while enjoying the game with our fellow org-mates. If you are enjoying your time with the group, then we have met the prime directive. Your time in the Verse should be enjoyable, plain and simple.

Working together effectively is an extremely rewarding experience. Completing a successful mining operation, getting into and out of an enemy-controlled area without being spotted, running a shipment past a hostile blockade and dispatching an encroaching aggressor all require teamwork and communication.

Organizational and Individual Prosperity
Whether it be system domination, economic superiority or simply earning enough funds for a shiny new ship, we want not only the organization, but our people to grow and prosper.

Structure and Assets

  • Three Council Members responsible for command, vision and overall organizational strategy with input from member specialists.
Assets and Roles The organization has economic, defense and exploration corps that includes several capital and role-specific ships.
  • Explorers will help find new star systems for us to settle, resources to exploit and planetary objects to investigate.
  • Industrialists will gather, refine and profit from any resources or goods and foster trade development.
  • Our ace pilots will serve as interdiction, security and pacification forces within our Area of Operation.

Initially, these specific divisions are a very loose indicator of desired profession/ role in the organization; People will be trying their hands at everything for quite some time before settling into a more static role.


Storm Cloud Gaming is the parent group hosting a Star Citizen chapter. As such, all members of the chapter are subject to the General Community Guidelines outlined on our site. These are standard, boiler plate do’s and don’ts for most web sites and online communities.

The Star Citizen Chapter, however, will have more stringent rules for application and maintenance of membership. Here is the specific Star Citizen Chapter Code of Conduct

We are looking for casual , friendly citizens to join our ranks. Currently, all professions are on the table with the exception of piracy. This is largely due to the unknowns surrounding the reputation system and potential individual/ organizational impacts piracy may cause.

Come visit us (HERE)