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Cloud 9 is a safe haven for explorers and freelancers.

We travel across the vastness of space and participate in…

Public Media

…and expansions into the unknown reaches of the universe.

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We Want You!

Are you nice, fun, and interested in participating in organized activities with other nice and fun people?

If you are, then we want you to join our fleet!

Meet us and get to know us in the Cloud 9 discord. Hop in voice & ‘verse with us!

Join us now! Become a main member. Apply for Cloud 9 citizenship. After acceptance, take the Oath, then join our fleet and help make the universe a better place!

About Us

Cloud 9 represents nice and fun people from all over the world. We provide a variety of ways to get involved with activities. Friends of Cloud 9, affiliates, members, and Cloud 9 citizens may opt for limited participation through our open adventures. Cloud 9 citizens are our driving force, shaping our future, and are more fully immersed into the ‘verse, helping to build the Cloud 9 community through our structured elements, such as our crews and fleet.

We also extend beyond Star Citizen through Cloud 9 Games and The Collaborative, coordinated efforts from the Cloud 9 community, with representation from our citizens, that branch out to other online environments and, when we’re ready, to bring multiple groups together for activities.

RSI Page

Our RSI page covers the essentials, more information is available outside this site. We are an organization, regular commitment, recruiting, with primary activity Exploration and secondary Freelancing. We cover several professions to support both activities. We’re also open to casual and hardcore committed members. Anybody interested in RP is welcome, we’ll form a separate section for that, although we are generally a non-RP community.

History includes our lore-based history, along with front page content: ships, citizenship, ethics, and links.

Manifesto shares our motives, objectives, and outlines our Cloud 9 Tier 1 professions along with our crews and fleet.

Charter sums up why we’re here, and looks at some of our layers of access and opportunities for Cloud 9 citizens.

Cloud 9 Ships, Professions, and Fleet

We have a great collection of ships, vehicles, and properties for use through our professions by our Cloud 9 citizens!

Our ships branch out across all manufacturers in the ‘verse, from the luxurious Origin designs to the security-focused Aegis and Anvil, civilians’ Drake, and everything else!

We have the 890 Jump, Idris, Krakens, Pioneer, Orion, Reclaimers, Carracks, Merchantmen, Endeavors (including Master Set), Polaris, Hammerheads, Caterpillars, Hull C/D/E, Starfarers, Hercules, 600i Explorers & Touring, Crucible, Genesis Starliner, Constellations (including Emerald Phoenix), Apollos, Mercuries, Vulcans, Valkyries, Cutlass Reds, Vultures, Prospectors, Terrapins, SRVs, several land vehicles, all the grav lev and terrain bikes, all racing ships & vehicles, and several other ships & vehicles covering all Cloud 9 professions!

Our ships are here for you!

Attain access to our ships by becoming a C9 citizen and joining our fleet!

Refer to our Manifesto for our professions and the crews to make up the Cloud 9 fleet.

Cloud 9 Citizenship

Cloud 9 citizenship brings our members together to build camaraderie, provide a defined and structured way to participate in activities, and further expand the Cloud 9 community throughout the ‘verse and beyond. More information is available in the C9 discord and the C9 site forums.

To apply for Cloud 9 citizenship:
1. Join Cloud 9 through RSI and set us as your main
2. Join our C9 Discord & register with your RSI name on C9 Site Forums
3. Choose your current professions and apply for citizenship

To become a Cloud 9 citizen:
1. Be an active member and help the Cloud 9 community grow
2. Your application will be reviewed and you’ll be asked a few questions
3. If eligible, you’ll have a naturalization ceremony, take the Oath of Allegiance

As a Cloud 9 citizen:
1. You’ll become an important part of our community and can help us shape our future
2. You’ll be able to nominate and vote for each other into currently available positions
3. You’ll help us build the Cloud 9 fleet!

Basically: join, participate, apply, take the oath, join the fleet.

If you have any questions, please ask in the C9 discord, C9 site forums, or C9 spectrum.

Cloud 9 Ethics

Cloud 9 is not a pirate or otherwise “bad guy” group or community. We do not condone provoking or initiating attacks. The exception is public enemy. Select locations like SPK and Jump Town are okay, only when others clearly welcome combat and when it does not affect reputation. Individuals may opt to participate in legal bounty hunting. Members or affiliates that fail to follow our rules will be removed.

Our interaction in the ‘verse aligns with Chris Roberts’ vision as it pertains to PvE and PvP. In August 2018, Chris said, “The design of this is to have 90% of the universe be AI. Most of your content will be PvE. Fashioned in a way that if you don’t want to engage in PvP, you don’t have to.” Related links: Reverse the Verse & Spectrum thread

Cloud 9 History

Founded in the early 21st century, Cloud 9 underwent initial developments within various settings, including the virtual environment known as Star Citizen. Much of the progress that followed has since been redacted, although near the end of that century, some of their citizens opted to enter cryostasis, with the hopes of extending the reach of their community and of their understanding of the universe beyond the scope of the farthest accessible star, to redefine what it means to explore, discover, and create opportunities, but above all else, to have fun, even amidst the torrent and turmoil of inter-galactic conflict.

Members of Cloud 9 were awoken in the early 30th century. Although they survived the great sleep, they remained in their elderly bodies. The technology of the time allowed for improved health and longevity of life and, with that, the members were able to extend their lives. During that time, they acclimated to the new time, the new cultures, and learned of the histories and developments that occurred over the past millennium. Nearly a decade later, they prepared for transferal, and were reborn as newborns containing the knowledge and memories of their previous lives. Just as technology slowed the aging of their elderly bodies, it was able to accelerate the aging of their newborn bodies to their desired ages, then maintain an aging rate of their choosing.

On the 10th of December, 2946, the founding member – who had gone missing in the 21st century – arrived and revived Cloud 9, and in time reunited with the reborn members. It was during this reformation that they discovered that some of the original members, who did not live long enough to enter cryostasis, had an encounter with an entity – only known as the Third Incarnation – intent on advancing them to the next phase, guiding them toward their destiny.

From the moment of its revival, Cloud 9 experienced a real life version of the events that occurred nearly 1,000 years prior. They were no longer characters in a space simulation. They were real, flesh and bone. They died and were revived. They lost their ships and through the feats of technology they were respawned. Again and again. All the while, making progress as an organization and community. All the while, reliving the exact moments that they experienced through Star Citizen.

Later during the course of these events they came across a means of time travel, but it was not fully developed, leading Cloud 9 to experience simultaneously occurring events between the 21st and 30th centuries, between virtual realities and reality itself.


3998 // [REDACTED] (3998-01-31) 2946 // Cloud 9 community revived (2946-12-10 13:31) 2939 // Cloud 9 crew reborn (2939-01-04 07:35) 2931 // Cloud 9 crew awoken (2931-07-04 00:01) 2872 // Beginning of SynthWorld project 2800 // The Ark is built 2438 // First contact 2271 // First jump point discovered 2252 // [REDACTED] (2252-08-09) 2232 // First interstellar travel, crew enter stasis 2140 // First publicly available spaceship 2113 // First human terraforming technology 2075 // First human quantum drive 2069 // Cloud 9 crew enter cryostasis (2069-02-03 10:04) 2052 // Cloud 9 member invents cryostasis machine 2038 // Close Incarnation of the Third Kind [DETAILS REDACTED] 2016 // Cloud 9 organization founded (2016-12-10 07:31) 1928 // [REDACTED] 50Ma // [REDACTED]

Additional events will be revealed in time.

Cloud 9 Resources

Our main locations for communication are through our discord servers and website forums.

We have additional channels and servers available to our citizens.

We have meetups on a global level and across multiple regions, along with special events, all occurring throughout the week and month.

We always meet in our discord chat first, then in the ‘verse.

We are an international group, we default to UTC (0) time.

Our members are from all over the world, including the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, Europe, etc.

We have a variety of meetups, from the more logistical to the more action-oriented, including planned and unplanned.

Select the Join Us Now link to join Cloud 9

Cloud 9 Website: (under reconstruction, please see our forums below, thank you!)

Cloud 9 Website Forums:

Cloud 9 Discord: { }

Cloud 9 Steam:

Cloud 9 email:

Explore and ask us in C9 discord and C9 site forums for more information.

See you in the ‘verse!


To explore, discover, and create opportunities.

Cloud 9 is a safe haven for explorers and freelancers.

Cloud 9 is about community and collaboration.

Civilians that join Cloud 9:

  • Have fun
  • Help others
  • Enjoy recreation at its best

We have several professions that we apply to both exploration and freelancing.

Our motives:

  • Exploration
    • To travel within and reach beyond the boundaries of our cosmos
    • To discover worlds, races, and the mysteries of the universe
    • To create opportunities with others

  • Freelancing
    • To provide our professions as services for others
    • To produce profit to support our efforts in exploration
    • To return to others a memorable experience

Our exploration objectives and collaborations:

  • Objectives
    • Meet aboard Cloud 9 vessels and at our various properties
      • Unplanned adventures – impromptu, last-minute trips through space with fellow members
      • Planned adventures – coordinated in advance for more involved exploration with fellow citizens
    • Travel near and far to the known and unknown
      • Learn about histories and developments
      • Chart the unknown for return trips
      • Explore, discover, investigate
    • Determine degree of safety, level of precaution needed per location
      • Upon arrival, create or update records of presence of friend or foe, and environmental conditions
      • Designate type and amount of escort needed to successfully continue exploration, and possible alternative routes
    • Establish bases of operations across the ‘verse
      • Cloud 9 headquarters, internal operations
      • Cloud 9 public-facing base for services
      • Mining & Farming Management outpost
      • Research & Development outpost
      • Transport Management outpost
      • XEN outpost (xenology, alien investigation)
      • Outreach outpost
      • Salvage mobile outpost
      • Maintenance mobile outpost (refuel, repair, rearm)
      • Amenities outpost (touring & news)
      • Security mobile outpost
      • Racing training location
      • Medical outpost (including Search & Rescue)
      • Construction mobile outpost
      • Networking & Governance outposts
      • Storage facilities
    • Expand the universe
      • Develop step-by-step process for creating and contributing to civilizations
      • Explore, properly terraform, build communities on planets and beyond
  • Collaborations
    • Our ambassador coordinates with other organizations
      • Receive volunteer escort from troops and combat ships for safety and defense on explorations
      • Provide non-combative volunteer assistance to our allies
      • Implement the use of our own defensive combat for explorations when necessary
    • Citizen outreach
      • Seek out civilians that align with our manifesto and charter
      • Invite them to join Cloud 9 and become citizens
      • Offer special deals to affiliates on our services
      • Greater benefits available to our citizens

We implement several professions through exploration.

We also provide our professions as freelancing services through C9 packages.

Cloud 9 Professions:

Our crews use these, they’re compatible with but not dependent upon the limitations of Star Citizen mechanics. Tier 1 is integrated into the ‘verse. Tiers 2 & 3 (listed separately) may not have mechanics. Exploration is our official career – travel, discovery, learning, claiming land, building, colonizing – and uses all professions.

Our Main (Tier 1) Professions:

Department of Exploration:

  • Exploration (C9EXP)
  • Research & Development (C9RAD)
  • Xenology (C9XEN)

Department of Support Services:

  • Medical (C9MED)
  • Search & Rescue (C9SAR)
  • Maintenance (C9MAI)

Department of Trade:

  • Transport (C9TRA)
  • Salvage (C9SAL)
  • Mining & Farming (C9MAF)

Department of Security:

  • Defense (C9DEF)
  • Covert Ops (C9COV)
  • Intelligence (C9INT)

Department of Public Services:

  • News Media (C9NEW)
  • Luxury Tours (C9LUX)
  • Racing (C9RAC)

Department of Construction:

  • Claims & Acquisitions (C9CAA)
  • Construction & Establishments (C9CAE)

Department of Networking:

  • Intrastellar Networking (C9ISN)
  • Interstellar Networking (C9XSN)

Department of Governance:

  • Intrastellar Government & Economy (C9IGE)
  • Interstellar Government & Economy (C9XGE)


  • Undisclosed

Professions with mechanics take priority with crew activities.

Cloud 9 Crews & Fleet:

Civilians join Cloud 9 as main members, apply for Cloud 9 citizenship, upon acceptance take the Oath at our naturalization ceremonies, then join our main crew and additional crews when we have vacancies.

  • Alpha
    • Initial: All Professions; Later: Exploration
    • Our Alpha crew is our flagship crew, it covers all professions that are not covered by additional crews. As all primary crews in the fleet are formed, the Alpha focus turns to Exploration. All C9 citizens are part of Alpha by default, while limited citizens are nominated and elected into term-based crewmate positions, including the role of captain.
  • Beta
    • Initial: All Security; Later: Defense
    • As additional security crews are formed, the Beta focus turns to Defense.
  • Gamma
    • Initial: All Support; Later: Medical
    • As more support crews are formed, the Gamma focus turns to the Medical profession.
  • Delta
    • Initial: All Trade; Later: Transport
  • Epsilon
    • Initial: All Construction; Later: Claims & Acquisitions
  • Zeta
    • Freelancing Services & Financial Growth
  • Eta
    • Initial: All Networking; Later: Interstellar Networking
  • Theta
    • Initial: All Governance; Later: Interstellar Government & Economy
  • Iota
    • Undisclosed
  • Kappa
    • Initial: All Public Services; Later: News Media
  • Lambda
    • Research & Development
  • Mu
    • Search & Rescue
  • Nu
    • Salvage
  • Xi
    • Luxury Tours
  • Omicron
    • Xenology
  • Pi
    • Undisclosed
  • Rho
    • Maintenance (Refuel, Repair, Rearm)
  • Sigma
    • Mining
  • Tau
    • Racing
  • Upsilon
    • Intrastellar Networking
  • Phi
    • Intrastellar Government & Economy
  • Chi
    • Covert Ops
  • Psi
    • Intelligence
  • Omega
    • Top Secret
  • 25th
    • Refuel
  • 26th
    • Repair
  • 27th
    • Rearm
  • 28th
    • Transport (Passengers)
  • 29th
    • Farming
  • 30th
    • Construction & Establishments
  • More crews
    • As additional crews are formed, our Cloud 9 professions are divvied up among each appropriately. See our Tier 1 professions above, each serves as a focus of at least one Cloud 9 crew.

Other Cloud 9 subgroups:

Our crews & fleet serve as only one component of our subgroups. We also have logistical teams, committees and management.

  • Management
    • Our management subgroup is activated after forming several crews, teams, and after we have increased our number of active Cloud 9 citizens to warrant the nominating and electing of our citizens into term-based management positions.
  • Committees
    • Each member of management forms a committee. To help open Cloud 9 to the voice of our people, the committee members consist of C9 citizens that do not have other leadership roles in our community. Most of our committees vote on change proposals. Any Cloud 9 citizen may submit proposals for changes to Cloud 9. Our committees vote, followed by final review by our Founder.
  • Logistical Teams (or just Teams)
    • Our logistical teams are mostly made up of Cloud 9 citizens that meet in voice & ‘verse to discuss a variety of more think-tank oriented topics. Our crews are generally more action oriented than our logistical teams, although both are necessary for Cloud 9 community maintenance and growth. We also have some teams that are directly involved in crew activities. We have a Help Team, Lore Team, Knowledge Architecture Team, Creative Team, Specialist Teams (C9 professions, crossing over into crews), Emergency Response Team (also crossing over into crews), Website Team, Stream Team (official C9 streamers), C9G Team (for Cloud 9 Games), and the CIA (Cloud Intelligence Agency, aka Cloud 9 Intelligence, CI9).
  • Crews
    • Being elected into a crew and then elected into a specific crew position after are among the initial steps toward building our numbers and activity levels within the Cloud 9 fleet. After a solid foundation is in place in Alpha with active crewmates, additional crews can be formed based on the number of active C9 citizens interested in different areas. We also have the option of participating in different crews and professions. Each citizen has 1 primary crew and profession, with additional secondary crews and professions.

Cloud 9 citizens interested in leadership opportunities are encouraged to become active participants in our meetups, involved in crew activities, and attain logistical team positions. All of our subgroups have leadership roles within each area of focus. As a part of forming additional crews, we will need Cloud 9 citizens to serve as captains, which are also elected and term-based positions, giving other citizens opportunities to serve as captains of our crews. We also have leadership roles that cover larger areas of Cloud 9, including a position to help all crews and another position to help all teams; those roles will be activated as needed.

We use Cloud 9 spectrum directly in the ‘verse, alongside Cloud 9 discord servers, Cloud 9 website, and Cloud 9 forums on the C9 site. These communication platforms are our go-to places for our discussions, planning, and activities.


Members of Cloud 9 shall have fun, help others, and enjoy recreation at its best.

If, at any time, a member does not have fun, then they shall:

  • Stop by the bank with a reality check for the amount of $HaveFun
  • Cash it in, return to our cloud, then
  • Have fun

If, at any time, a member does not receive help, then they shall:

  • Understand that others cannot always offer help
  • Ask another member if they can help
  • Accept and respect the response

If, at any time, a member does not enjoy the recreational use of their time, then they shall:

  • Explore: find new Cloud 9 pathways
  • Freelance: implement a euphoric state
  • Participate: share in the experience with others

Cloud 9 is truly a safe haven. A place of refuge and security.

A safe haven for all:

Cloud 9 promotes nonviolent adventures and experiences throughout the cosmos for all races. Human, Banu, Tevarin, Kr’Thak, Xi’An, Vanduul, and any others that we discover in time. Although there may always be conflict between various groups of humans, Cloud 9 encourages the uniting of all humans so that we can defend ourselves from Vanduul threats. We even hope to one day attain peace with the Vanduul. There will come the day that we will even need to unite with the Vanduul, as we all face the new threat, a great, mysterious darkness from beyond.

While we are a community of peace, we also have elements that are prepared for responding to dissonance, and will proceed as deemed appropriate if necessary.

About our community, membership, and citizenship:

Cloud 9 has multiple layers of access to the different organized components of our community.

  • Allies
    • Friends of Cloud 9: friends from the general public that participate in our open adventures with us
    • Affiliates: individuals that are main members of other organizations and participate in our open adventures
  • Members
    • Main Members (Colleagues): anybody can become a main member, agree to a few things like follow the rules and participate in our activities; main members can help run our open adventures with our allies
    • Cloud 9 Citizens: any main member can complete our citizenship application and after a simple interview and review process could potentially become a citizen, which is how we qualify for being elected into crews, crew positions, and all of the more involved Cloud 9 activities that are reserved only for citizens
  • Leadership
    • Elected Officials: our citizens have potential to attain leadership roles like crew captains and team leads; as we form more subgroups we will be able to activate more leadership roles

Our affiliates are welcome to volunteer on missions but receive no profits; however, they receive discounts from services.

Anybody that aligns with us is welcome to join us. Citizenship is highly recommended, it is the best way to make the most out of Cloud 9.

Distribution of proceeds:

Our citizens receive profits gained from services in a variety of ways. Details are provided separate from this page.

Citizen involvement:

Our citizens select 1 primary profession and 2 or more secondary professions, all of which can be applied directly to exploration and freelancing.

Exploration – we gather together, unplanned and planned in advance at designated locations, to venture off into the depths of space. Seek out others, board vessel(s), travel to destinations known and unknown, determine safety of locations, seek out potential locations for Cloud 9 outposts, help expand the universe.

Freelancing – we organize tasks and provide services to help build upon the presence of Cloud 9 within the ‘verse.

Cloud 9 Meetings Parties:

We have meetups where we discuss interests and hopes for a better tomorrow for Cloud 9 and for the ‘verse as a whole… and we party.

Cloud 9 Leadership:

We activate additional leadership roles as they become relevant and are needed. All of our leadership is asked to help each other and help others, to expand awareness of what we do and participate in our activities. Input is welcome, it can be shared with us through the proper channels. Main members and citizens are also welcome to get involved in ways that could potentially lead to gaining leadership positions in future.

Cloud 9 Disclaimer:
The Cloud 9 organization, its members, and any other affiliates – henceforth referred to as C9 – do not accept responsibility for the nature in which anybody has fun, helps others, or participates in the recreational use of their time. Anybody taking action of any kind is solely responsible for their own, individual actions, and C9 shall not be held liable or accountable for them. C9 promotes a happy, healthy, and positive environment.