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Roberts Space Industries

Cloud 9 / CLOUD9

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Travel across the vastness of space with us and participate in…

Public Media

…and expansions into the unknown reaches of the universe.

discord & guilded


Founded in the early 21st century, Cloud 9 underwent initial developments within various settings, including the virtual environment known as Star Citizen. Much of the progress that followed has since been redacted, although near the end of that century, some of their citizens opted to enter cryostasis, with the hopes of extending the reach of their community and of their understanding of the universe beyond the scope of the farthest accessible star, to redefine what it means to explore, discover, and create opportunities, but above all else, to have fun, even amidst the torrent and turmoil of inter-galactic conflict.

Members of Cloud 9 were awoken in the early 30th century. Although they survived the great sleep, they remained in their elderly bodies. The technology of the time allowed for improved health and longevity of life and, with that, the members were able to extend their lives. During that time, they acclimated to the new time, the new cultures, and learned of the histories and developments that occurred over the past millennium. Nearly a decade later, they prepared for transferal, and were reborn as newborns containing the knowledge and memories of their previous lives. Just as technology slowed the aging of their elderly bodies, it was able to accelerate the aging of their newborn bodies to their desired ages, then maintain an aging rate of their choosing.

On the 10th of December, 2946, the founding member – who had gone missing in the 21st century – arrived and revived Cloud 9, and in time reunited with the reborn members. It was during this reformation that they discovered that some of the original members, who did not live long enough to enter cryostasis, had an encounter with an entity – only known as the Third Incarnation – intent on advancing them to the next phase, guiding them toward their destiny.

From the moment of its revival, Cloud 9 experienced a real life version of the events that occurred nearly 1,000 years prior. They were no longer characters in a space simulation. They were real, flesh and bone. They died and were revived. They lost their ships and through the feats of technology they were respawned. Again and again. All the while, making progress as an organization and community. All the while, reliving the exact moments that they experienced through Star Citizen.

Later during the course of these events they came across a means of time travel, but it was not fully developed, leading Cloud 9 to experience simultaneously occurring events between the 21st and 30th centuries, between virtual realities and reality itself.


3998 // [REDACTED] (3998-01-31) 2946 // Cloud 9 community revived (2946-12-10 13:31) 2939 // Cloud 9 crew reborn (2939-01-04 07:35) 2931 // Cloud 9 crew awoken (2931-07-04 00:01) 2872 // Beginning of SynthWorld project 2800 // The Ark is built 2438 // First contact 2271 // First jump point discovered 2252 // [REDACTED] (2252-08-09) 2232 // First interstellar travel, crew enter stasis 2140 // First publicly available spaceship 2113 // First human terraforming technology 2075 // First human quantum drive 2069 // Cloud 9 crew enter cryostasis (2069-02-03 10:04) 2052 // Cloud 9 member invents cryostasis machine 2038 // Close Incarnation of the Third Kind [DETAILS REDACTED] 2016 // Cloud 9 organization founded (2016-12-10 07:31) 1928 // [REDACTED] 50Ma // [REDACTED]

Additional events will be revealed in time.

Join us in the ‘verse!

Join us in guilded, link is at the top of the page.

We welcome nice & fun people. We abide by the law.

We have all the ships, including Javelin, 890 Jump, Idris, Kraken, Privateer, the list goes on!


To explore, discover, and create opportunities.

Cloud 9 is a safe haven for explorers and freelancers.

Cloud 9 is about community and collaboration.

Civilians that join Cloud 9:

  • • Have fun
  • • Help others
  • • Enjoy recreation at its best

We have several professions that we apply to both exploration and freelancing.

Our motives:

  • • Exploration
    • ○ To travel within and reach beyond the boundaries of our cosmos
    • ○ To discover worlds, races, and the mysteries of the universe
    • ○ To create opportunities with others

  • • Freelancing
    • ○ To provide our professions as services for others
    • ○ To produce profit to support our efforts in exploration
    • ○ To return to others a memorable experience

Ask about our exploration objectives, collaborations, Cloud 9 professions, crews & fleet, and our various subgroups. We implement several professions through exploration. We also provide our professions as freelancing services through C9 packages.

We travel near and far, learn histories and developments, investigate and chart the unknown. When possible, we build bases of operations across the ‘verse that focus on each of our professions.

Our citizen outreach includes meeting nice and fun civilians that align with us and we invite them to join us. Our affiliates receive deals on our services, while they and our members are invited to participate in our open adventures. Any who go the extra step, take the oath of citizenship and are invited to become citizens help shape our future, receiving rights like the ability to vote on changes, along with the benefits of shared profits and access to our ships and properties.


We shall have fun, help others, and enjoy recreation at its best.

If, at any time, anyone does not have fun, then they shall:

  • • Stop by the bank with a reality check for the amount of $HaveFun
  • • Cash it in, return to our cloud, then
  • • Have fun

If, at any time, anyone does not receive help, then they shall:

  • • Understand that others cannot always offer help
  • • Ask someone else among us if they can help
  • • Accept and respect the response

If, at any time, anyone does not enjoy the recreational use of their time, then they shall:

  • • Explore: find new Cloud 9 pathways
  • • Freelance: implement a euphoric state
  • • Participate: share in the experience with others

Cloud 9 is truly a safe haven. A place of refuge and security. We promote nonviolent adventures throughout the cosmos for everybody. All humans. All aliens. Even amidst conflict, we hope to attain peace. There will come a day when we may all need to unite to face a new, darker threat.

Cloud 9 has multiple layers of access. Our Allies consist of friends of Cloud 9 and affiliates (clients). Our members include our main members (colleagues) and Cloud 9 citizens. Our leadership is made up of elected officials from among our citizenship.

We have random open adventures in the ‘verse and some announced open activities that our allies and members are welcome to participate in with us.

Our main activities are reserved only for our Cloud 9 citizens, which include our organized efforts, crews, access to our ships and facilities, with which we participate in a variety of professions.