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North America, Europe, Russia,
Australia, South Africa





2950-01-01 – Founding of the CONCORD.
2950-01-05 – Founding of CONCORD Fleet.
2950-02-02 – Organization Consolidated Trading & Mining Co. joined CONCORD Assembly.
2950-02-02 – Work began on drafting of the CONCORD Charter.
2950-03-05 – CONCORD reached 30 members.
2950-03-25 – In accordance with democratic vote, spelling of the Org’s name and SID have been changed.
2950-03-25 – Founding of CONCORD Diplomatic Corps.



2950-01-01 – Основание КОНКОРД.
2950-01-05 – Основание Флота КОНКОРД.
2950-02-02 – Организация Consolidated Trading & Mining Co. вступила в Ассамблею КОНКОРД.
2950-02-02 – Начата работа по написанию Устава КОНКОРД.
2950-03-05 – КОНКОРД насчитывает 30 игроков.
2950-03-25 – По результатам голосования членов организации, написание её имени и тега было изменено.
2950-03-25 – Основан Дипломатический корпус КОНКОРД.




Q: What is this Org?

A: CONCORD is a multilingual organization with members from all around the globe. At the moment of writing, we have active people from North America, Europe, Russia, South Africa, and Australia. Our leadership structure is specifically design to accomodate that diversity, and we believe that true strength lies in unity. We are a friendly community that values personal freedom, be it choice of in-game profession or the right to speak out your mind, and stays true to the spirit of law. We promote peaceful cooperaton between individual players and organizations alike, and are always looking for new members – be they separate players or whole communities that share our views. Our highest organ, the Assembly, is specifically designed to accomodate associated organizations and enable them to make binding decisions that would both the CONCORD and themselves.

Q: Why would I want to join CONCORD?

A: We offer a stable, mature and friendly community with clearly-defined long-term goals. We provide opportunities to people who see themselves as peacekeepers or diplomats, although these two roles are by no means exhaustive of many careers you can pick as a CONCORD member. More importantly, our organization pays special attention to the needs of new players, and as such we host our own little knowledge base, and some of our members are officially registered SC guides, who like to help newcomers for free. So, if you are a new player in need of assistance, or a veteran who wants to become a dedicated mentor – we offer you this very opportunity. At the same time, CONCORD members are not required to pick a career at all – our Tier 0 membership is non-obligatory and allows players to become part of our community without having to sacrifice membership somewhere else, all while retaining the right to our support and assistance. But above all else, it is our belief that each member should have equal opportunities to contribute to growth and development of the community, and enjoy the benefits of teamwork.

Q: Why did you copy the name of EvE Online’s NPC police?!

A: Well, we did not. As an international organization dedicated to peaceful cooperation, we have chosen the word that literally means “agreement” or “harmony” in 5 different languages (and sounds nearly the same) as our name. We believe that, by working together towards achieving this difficult, but noble goal, which at its core is the idea of helping others, we will have fun and leave our distinguishing mark in the ‘Verse. So, this name choice has nothing to do with EvE Online and their space police, although some of our militarily inclined members do appreciate the coincidence…

Q: Is this Org still active?

A: While there are many dead orgs that claim to be very active on their RSI pages or even own websites, this is the real deal. Yes, CONCORD is still very much alive, frequently playing together in Star Citizen and other games. In fact, we are hoping to further increase our activity during 2020, so all active players are welcome!

Q: What do I need to join CONCORD?

A: Just leave your application at our Org page, join our Discord and say “Hello!”. We’ll figure out the rest from there, together.



Content Creators Support Program (CCSP)

As an organization driven by active and cohesive community, and owning some of the biggest and coolest ships in the ‘Verse, we have both the capacity and desire to assist Star Citizen content creators in their often uneasy work, by lending our ships and/or directly participating in their videos, whenever we can. We see this program as our way to actively contribute to popularization of Star Citizen. If you are a content creator, and are interested in this offer, contact CONCORD management. Support is provided for free, at your (and our) convenience.

New Players & Guides Assistance Program (NPGAP)

CIG’s new Guide System has proven to be a major success. Our organization completely supports this initiative. Therefore, we actively work to improve registered Guides’ capability to help new players. We do so by providing safe environment for teaching, as well as access to our internal FAQ, a list of useful web-apps and sources which may come in handy for new and old players alike. Additionally, we may spare a ship or some equipment for educational purposes. If you are a registered Guide or a new Star Citizen player in need of assistance, and are interested in this offer, contact CONCORD management to learn more.




1. Be respectful to your fellow players, regardless of whether or not they are a member of this Organization;

2. Bearing in mind the rule above, try to resolve your personal issues with others in a civil manner, be that by words or in a duel – no harassment or malicious pursuit allowed;

3. If you need help of some kind – don’t shy away and contact other active members or Organization Leadership;

4. Remember where your loyalty lies and act accordingly – this Organization does not force people to pledge allegiances, but if you did – it will be expected;

5. Nothing above is intended to limit your ability to undertake contracts, increase your wealth, fight enemies, develop your character, in other words – enjoy the game.