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The Canis Lupus Coaltion (CLC) is a group of men and women, with a wide range of expertise, who are dedicated to crafting, overclocking and utilizing the finest weapons and componentry in UEE space. Please contact us for your high performance personal or ship item needs


“What began as the fever dream of a madman grew into the organizational structure by which a small, tight nit but often far flung team of highly skilled individuals brought upon the galaxy a far more tide shifting set of events than the human race had ever witnessed.”

————————————————————————- Grand Admiral Galil3o s. 2949 —————————————————————————————

Founded in 2944, the Canis Lupus Coalition is currently operating as a small group of long time Alpha pilots, each with a slightly different focus, who are looking to expand our science/combat focused org now that more group gameplay is beginning to come online.

Please check out the Org Manifesto for details into our planned areas of operation.


As you chart your unique journey across the cosmos, whether you’re a green pilot straight out of the UEE academy or a season vet who’s seen many a PTU come and go, one thing is always abundantly clear while looking out into the black vacuity …

Space… is a dangerous place… and this singular notion is impossible to ignore.

The members of the CANIS LUPUS COALITION aim to bring a little peace of mind to the vastness of the void with a wide range of high performance weapon and component offerings, in both the personal and ship item spaces. We also utilize our technological prowess to augment a number of For Hire Services in the civilian and military fields.

When you venture out into the Verse, your ship and the equipment you carry with you become an extension of your skill. In order for the CLC to provide top of the line performance and the highest quality service in UEE space, we control the entire process of weapon and item modification. This includes everything from ultra-rare deposit survey and mining to quantum entanglement component enhancements, and a thousand minute details in between. The CLCs current areas of operation include:

Rare Mineral Extraction

The RME division has the full capabilities to conduct both focused mineral research and scanning as well as targeted extraction. These rare deposits are invaluable in the quantum combustion research techniques used in item modification and overclocking by our MODO team. Our RME division is also scaling out to Orion class harvesting for large custom munitions orders in the future.

Modification / Overclocking

Our MODO division is dedicated to customizing both personal and ship components as well as all types of weapons. Whether its endurance and dependability or record breaking performance configurations that push your equipment to the brink, our team of component physicists and technicians have you covered with our state of the art Endeavor platform.

Biology / Chemical Augmentation

The BIO-AUG division works closely with the MODO team using the shared CLC Endeavor platform to provide all the targeted chemical enhancements of the human body sanctioned in UEE space, from neural attenuation to nerve blocking agents. Their research is ever expanding so keep checking in for new pre-regulation offerings.

Flight Testing / Mil-SEC

The FTM group is as diverse in their alliances as they are in their skillsets and armament. They are the live testbed for the MODO and BIO-AUG teams work and provide them with crucial feedback based on real universe data. These heavy trigger fingered individuals are available to hire (both solo and larger squadrons) for a wide range of security and more offensive undertakings. We’ll leave it at that.

Transport / Mercantile

Our T-MERC team handles the CLCs large scale shipping operations, be it Hercules class vehicle transport or CAT based logistics. This team also provides customized weapon and component deliveries via our traveling Merchantman marketplace as well as smaller scale, more clandestine deliveries when discretion is of the utmost importance.


Jett and Bear have final say in all disagreements. If in the event they cannot come to a decision, Ghost will provide the deciding vote.