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Paragon Industries / CNTRLCORP

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Welcome to Paragon Industries!
This is a Mining and Security Organization. No obligations as we run the value chain on our own. We want to cooperate together, and increase our income, by providing and secure our operations/members/clients.



Paragon Industries has been created to provide you with the materials needed, from the beginning of the production chain, to the end. Offering you the minerals needed to keep your business running and booming. We secure our own endeavors, with high-end military combat ships and offer our security department to serious clients with clean records – exceptions may be possible, depending on the mission. Ever since the company was created, we have grown constantly. Respect and professionalism are our priorities. For urgent matters you can call us 24/7. Connect to Discord and communicate your interest.

Paragon Industries are your partner to success. The companies’ values are to provide a serious business and fair profits to all of our stakeholders. We assure to have hardened and experienced personal securing your ships, once you have hired this company. We will guarantee you, to have strong escorts that will ensure you safe arrival to your destination. Please note that we are not assigning affiliates, as we want our business to be a core group. We do not work with pirates or other enemies to our society. So be sure your record is clean. Our fleet consists of various ships along our main priorities but also any other ship available is part of this fleet.


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We are a mining organisation, that plans to mine in high risk sectors. To make this happen, we have several departments for most roles.

  • Mining department:
    • This is your basic miners. But remember that to operate a mining ship, you need scaners, mining laser operator, cargo operator and pilot.
  • Transport department:
    • For people that like to travel among the stars, hauling our precious minerals back to base, or to the best dealer.
  • Exploration Department:
    • They are in charge of finding the precious minerals, for the miners. And the best route for transporters.
  • Security Department:
    • Secures the miners and transports. Killing off whoever tries to stop us.

From time to time, we expect that the explorers will find something precious that needs to be salvaged. Security may need to claim, and secure a new mining, or salvage site. Transporters might find themselves too far away from security for a quick rescue.


Code Of Conduct

  1. Piracy is not allowed.
  2. Be Respectfull.
  3. No affiliates allowed