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Roberts Space Industries ®


  • Syndicate
  • Hardcore
  • Role play
  • Exclusive
  • Piracy
  • Smuggling

Cargo repossession specialists coming to a system near you!!! Cheap prices asking no more than your ship and or life!


Who are the CODE? The CODE are a tight-knit group of gamers hailing from the ELITE and Eve universes. We Are the largest Pirate group in Elite and are here now to stamp our name in Star Citizen. If taking peoples hard earned cargo is something your interested in jump on our TS and say hi


Pillage, Plunder, Pirate, and Drink.


A member of The Code shall not:

  1. Kill a trader complying with community share collection.
  2. Collect from a trader twice in a given 24 hr Terra Cycle.
  3. Let live the Slaves known as Bounty Hunters.
  4. Give grief, outside of any other rule.
  5. Blindly murder.
  6. Kill traders only if:
    1. They Run
    2. They use delay tactics
    3. They fight back
  7. Cheat and or exploit
  8. “Combat Log”
  9. Stream Snipe
  10. Betray The Code


  1. Be on Teamspeak while playing
  2. Share in bounty.