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The Cohhilition / COHH

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Welcome To The Cohhilition

We’re a community based around the streamer CohhCarnage

We’re expanding our *“Happy, Helpful & Respectful”*-creed into the ‘Verse

Cohh’s Stream


A Long, Long Time Ago – In a ‘Verse oddly similar to ours…

Cohh stirred in his slumber, uneasy from the torn surface he was resting on. After having finally managed to corner the Xi’An, the ground combat had been harsh, leaving little time for reflection nor rest – but now the fight was over, the realization of what Cohh had actually done started to dawn on him.
He was the only one left, the lone survivor – alone in the middle of the wrecks of massive defenses and vehicles from both sides, torn asunder by the weapons.. and yet he was at rest.. the calm that comes after acknowledging that none of this really mattered.

The High Command has called this a “necessary” campaign. That the Xi’An “needed to be disciplined”. What was actually the root cause, what had triggered the slaughter of a Human colony outpost, would never surface – everything that mattered was keeping up appearances, making sure the UEE Regional Command showed force and kept their honor without reverting to actual open warfare.

All of this wouldn’t matter anymore to all of Cohh’s fallen comrades, their corpses strewn across the battlefield – torn asunder on the altar of pride and politicians promises. They had been the 23rd Carnage Company – one of the spearhead crack assault companies – chosen for this mission purely on the account of their proximity to the atrocities committed by the Xi’An. Their mission had been simple – Let the Fleet do their thing, then find a suitable Xi’An settlement and let the ground forces pay them in kind for their wholesale slaugther of the Human outpost.

After the Navy capital ships and fighter wings had punched a hole in the defenses, the 23rd Carnage Company had been dropped with light vehicles and few heavy weapons, as the Xi’An forces reportedly were “light and un-prepared”. They were, at first, but then the UEE forces discovered what the Xi’An policy of forced conscription for everyone really entailed – no adult Xi’An was a “civilian” – and so everyone was a combatant and weapons were plentiful in the harsh outer edges of the Xi’An Empire. The Carnage Company Commander called in for air support, but so did the Xi’An. In the end, everyone just got bombarded by both sides and whoever dug down the best survived – and in the eerie silence afterwards the close-quarters combat got brutal.

Cohh scrounged around and finally managed to find a working CommUnit. His burst transmission was picked up by a patrolling squadron of Mavericks and soon a Starfarer descended from the lilac skies of the Xi’An planet.

As Cohh set foot on the starship, he uttered : No more!

And so Cohh terminated his military service and started off on the path towards the founding of The Cohhilition Mercenary Company.

(.. to be continued)


The Cohhilition is about being Happy, Helpful & Respectful.

As many will acknowledge, this can at times be hard – especially when you’re locked in a dogfight against pirates or protecting a merchant transport from Vanduul attacks.

  • We keep our promises, we stand by our charges and we try to root out villainous fiends who transgress against the laws of civilization and society.
  • We always strive to better ourselves, either by earning our way so we can get the next “BEST” upgrade or by winning accolades with superior ship handling in dogfights, real as well as simulated.
  • We spread the creed of “Happy, Helpful & Respectful” out amongst the ‘Verse – one happy merchant, one defeated pirate or one apprehended criminal brought to justice at a time!
  • We have little time for selfish or disrespectful people, within the organisation as well as outside of it.
  • We WILL protect you, should you hire us!
  • We WILL get you, should you be a criminal, deficient in manners as well as sense of justice!

But the best of all is this :

We WILL have a great time doing it all, comrades helping each other out as needed – unselfishly, working towards the greater glory of The Cohhilition!

Our forums


As a member of the Cohhilition you must believe, adhere and act according to our creed : Happy, Helpful & Respectful.

No badmouthing, no excessive swearing, no racial/sexual/bigoted slurs in chat

A Cohhilition member should comport him or herself with elegance, a happy can-do attitude while acknowledging the needs of others and help others out – within reason and as other organisational duties allow.

We have no time, nor space, for whiners, drama-llamas, egoists & arrogant people.

Being part of the Cohhilition means you want to devote time to play with others to further the enjoyment for all, yourself included.

We will post a more detailed plan for all of this as the game gets nearer release and we get more concrete targets, but the mission statement remains : Be Happy, Helpful & Respectful – and as a consequence, you and everyone else will have more fun!