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Roberts Space Industries ®

Colonial Moving Ltd. a.k.a. the Colonial Movers / COLMOVERS

  • Corporation
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  • Role play
  • Transport
  • Trading

We are Colonial Movers and we move anywhere!


Was there ever anything more exciting than moving furniture in a pirate/vanduul/slaver/taxcollector filled galaxy?

We at Colonial Moving Ltd. thought not. There was always a distinct thrill in evading pirates flying in convoy through the Cathcart system or witness the wonders of Goss, while having a full cargobay.

Starting as a family company, brothers Marcus and Sarzu started shipping goods in their old Mark 3 Constellation. Over the years we have delivered a wide range of goods, ranging from military grade explosives, space lube, weapons and even a custom made pitchfork to the Chairman of Roberts Space Industries Chris Roberts himself. In recent months we have begun partnering with other cargo pilots wanting to join us as franchise holders.

Our philosophy is that as everything in the known galaxy is already in motion and moving, that movement should be as free as possible without restrictions and that we should help this along as best as possible. We therefore lobby the UEE for the lifting of any trade or contraband restrictions* We believe in cooperation, our partners are free to do as they please on their own ships coming toigether voluntary in joint ventures.

So if you want anything moved? Our Colonial Movers will aim to facilitate as it best as possible going anywhere!

  • Our only ban is on slave trade as the moving of cargo that doesn’t want to be moved goes against the philosophy of freedom of movement


We are Movers, we are moving right along with an ever expanding verse

We are Movers, we move together towards a common (delivery) goal

We are Movers, we only carry stuff that wants to be moved

We are Movers, we move in the enemy’s way to help each other

We are Movers, we won’t be caught smuggling

We are Movers, we move anywhere!


This is for all you new people. We have only one rule. Everybody moves, no one stops. If you don’t do your moves, I’ll remove you myself! Welcome to the Movers!