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Chamber of Star Commerce / COMMERCE

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Functioning as a Chamber of Commerce where individuals & members of an Organizations may come together to network, discuss trade strategies, pursue profitable ventures and generally keep a finger on the economic pulse. Regardless of your lawfulness, the CSC is THE resource for conducting business.


The Chamber of Star Commerce was founded in the year 2795, shortly after the successful ratification of the Fair Chance Act. Originally structured by the Terra Parliament as a part of their comprehensive plan to distance themselves from Earth’s imperialistic tendencies, Terra had hopes of developing the Chamber of Star Commerce into a premier branch of the UEE as an official body designed to assist in fair trade and representation for expanding off world business interests.

Unfortunately, the imperial politics of Earth at the time were able to undercut the organizations rise into an official capacity. However, the political excising of Earth was not able to stop the Chamber’s core concept from taking root with the burgeoning merchant-trader princes of Terra, nor stop the CSC from meeting the needs of outlying systems expanding population.

With less governmental intrusion, the Chamber provided both a venue and tool set for independent interest partners as well as Organizations to meet and navigate successful trade operations. It’s independent identity allowing it’s services to be expanded and offered to the full spectrum of clientele.

Additionally, in the year 2954 the CSC has embarked long term planning for additional financial services. Hiring for such endeavors will begin as the CSC looks to deploy trained and vetted mediators, providing conflict resolution services and deal brokerage between businesses on a commission and fee based model as we see trade mechanics and in ‘verse politics refine and resolve for Beta forward.

In 2955 the Chamber of Star Commerce has made forward strides in expanding its pan system reach by entering into association with the Spectrum Social Networking Hub, known as The Star Citizen ReadyPlayer1 Network. This mutually beneficial arrangement provides the CSC with access and visibility to an expanding group of over 17k+ members on Facebook that is rapidly expanding, and covers hundreds of Orgs and private interest partners. Look forward to seeing the Chamber acting as THE source for mercantile and negotiation services.

Be sure to search for the largest SC Fan Page on Facebook, at and join. RP1 also hosts a community flight hub and voice comm serve on Discord where we look forward to utilizing as neutral grounds for trade interest as needed.

Finally, feel free to go directly to our facebook trade page at for tools, guides, resources related to trade craft, as well as open, neutral, networking platform. May your profits be grand!

Represent your Org or individual economic interests and expand your reach into the galaxy! Affiliate today!
Advanced broker opportunities available. Comprehensive screening required. Inquire/Apply today!


Since 2795, we’ve been fighting for your business and looking out for your bottom line. We are your eyes and ears here in UEE space and beyond. We listen to your needs and convey your message in the political arena, taking action on legislative issues that impact your business. Learn more about our enhanced member benefits or simply click the button below to join us today.

In Reality
The Chamber of Star Commerce is seeking members of organizations who seek to represent their Main Org’s business interests.

Example Given
Are you a UEE private hauler? Then perhaps this will be the place where you can meet corps that are interested in mining resources and need a reliable delivery agent. Looking for routes that may be safe? Find info agents who mingle at our trade events and have their finger on the pulse. What about if you want to shave some time off your multi system run, and want to know what the pirate clans of that shortcut system are all about? Talk to the pirate rep and see what kind of cut of your profits you’d need to pay to bribe your passage across their turf.. even with their ‘toll’, you may just have earned yourself another 5% profit margin by reaching out.

This is just an example. But needless to say, there are fantastic 2nd and 3rd order benefits and effects of utilizing the neutral grounds provided to network and stay in the know. The deep black is never forgiving of ignorance. So affiliate today!


The Chamber of Star Commerce Affairs Division advocates for free enterprise, competitive markets, and rules-based trade and investment as the path to opportunity and prosperity for all. The Division’s staff of regional and policy experts advances these principles before the UEE, Banu and Xi’an governments as it works to shape trade and investment policies and help companies succeed in international markets. As a neutral ground, all comers are welcome to field their needs and seek to represent their organizations needs.

In Reality
The Chamber of Star Commerce is designed as neutral, open platform for trade and economic negotiations.
Membership is voluntary and without costs or fees.
There is no intention for the CSC to operate in the fashion of a Main Org, nor does its pursue any political agenda other than sponsoring a forum for business navigation.
Size is not the goal of the CSC, though the more representatives of individual Orgs, or individual private interest partners that join, the more improved the opportunities that may exist.
Once the PU launches, CSC will host various trade events on a regular basis as the market’s economy requires to be of use to representatives affiliated.
CSC is currently expanding it’s network of community connections and exposure well beyond the RSI Organization platform.
Tools are in development to assist representative members with best representing their organization as well as seeking out like minds and resources of value to their organization’s interests.

View our business plan & associated networks below via our interactive mind map.
Chamber of Star Commerce Interactive Presentation