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“At Consolidated Amalgamated we’re not concerned about making your lives better. We’re concerned about making our lives better. There, isn’t honesty from a corporation refreshing?”

-former CEO Dirk Broderick, shortly before his unanimous removal by the Board in 2938


CONAM is being founded in a desire to repeat the best experience we have had with MMOs in the past; making life-long friends by meeting new people in-game. If you’ve played popular multiplayers in the past you’ve likely experienced this too. We also are in a position to secure a fleet of starships and vehicles/equipment/items while supporting development of the game that covers every kind of gameplay discussed for Star Citizen. We want to do it ALL, and we’re looking for people who also want to experience everything without having to be part of a thousands-strong org.

So, about us: Only three of us are actively in the game right now, but a dozen or so more are planning on joining us later. We’re a group in our mid 20s to late 40s and we like to have fun and can laugh at others and ourselves. While chat and text could be off-color at times (especially if the adrenaline is pumping), it is not our goal to make an environment where anyone would feel uncomfortable. We’re not hardcore because our families and real-life always come first, and the martini glass is our icon for a reason; we’re here for fun. The corporate aspect is around because we’d like to make a little in-game profit doing it.

Although we’ve assembled an outstanding fleet representing every possibility in the game, as I said our org is still small right now. But if you’re already learning the ‘verse and we sound like your kind of people (i.e. a little older, no wiser, and interested in having fun while trying everything Star Citizen has to offer), why not hop onto our Discord server and either give us a holler or write us a message? If you don’t have Discord I think you’ll like it. You can get it here:

Download Discord…

And you can join the CONAM server here:

Consolidated Amalgamated Discord Server Standing Invitation…

The other tabs on this site contain a little more information about us, and the Spectrum CONAM forum is a place you can read through past discussions. I invite you to check it out at…


So, we hang out and share war stories? Is that all CONAM will do in the verse? After all, it’s not WoW or SWTOR. There won’t be any raids and things like that… right?

So what are we going to do for content-based fun?


Yes we do, but more about them in a sec. We want to actually have the resources available to the corporation and its members to really be able to do everything the game offers; combat, exploration, freight transport, mining and production, and anything else that CIG has in store for us. To this end we’ve gone ahead and made the financial commitment to purchase a number of larger ships that the members of the corporation can crew and benefit from. Understand, our goal is that CORP MEMBERS CAN SPAWN AND USE THESE VESSELS. While we’d love to do things as a group, this is a ship library you can draw from. Like any program of group use we expect people to take care of them (see the Charter tab for more), but they are here to be used.

The current fleet of CONAM consists of the vessels and vehicles displayed in the squadron image at the bottom of this page (scroll down). As you can see, combat and cargo are well represented with the 48 missiles of the Andromeda, the guns and holds of the Cutlass Black and Freelancer, and the several fighter craft. We also have the utility of the Caterpillar with its modular cargo bays and tractor beam emplacements.

And then there’s the Carrack. A multi-crewmember ship that is alternately described by CIG as a capital ship or the next thing to a capital ship, it is designed from the ground up to be a long range, independent explorer. With a vehicle bay, a small hangar, great armor and four heavy turrets, and the best scanning and jump calculating set-up out there, it is a gameplay powerhouse. Think Serenity/Prometheus with a bit of the Enterprise thrown in. Its repair and medical facilities mean that as long as we have fuel and food there is just no reason to go home, so we can take a CONAM show well and truly on the road. It even has scout drones! Our Carrack will serve as the corporation’s flagship and home-away-from-home as we use it to find new places and new opportunities in the ‘verse.

Next, there’s the Polaris. This is a corvette, a heavy hitting capital ship with a main armament of powerful anti-ship torpedoes and anti-fighter missiles, plus seven large turrets. A pure combat vessel, this ship will be the ultimate bargaining chip for both escort and piracy operations. It has a hangar deck that can house, fuel, rearm, and repair a full-sized fighter or light bomber. Working as the flagship of a combat group, this vessel gives CONAM some real power projection possibilities.

Well, that’s great for exploration and combat, but what about professions? What about playing the game without shooting at something? The Prospector rounds out the mid-sized craft as a solo space or surface mining platform, and the Cutlass Red allows medical transport and search and rescue mission capability. If a little shooting is your thing, the Cutlass Blue is the game’s premier bounty hunting rig. But, what about multi-crewed blue-collar workhorses?


The Pioneer is the current outpost and structural building platform, and even if others are added into the game (either ship or ground-based), it’s generally assumed this will be the largest and most capable. We don’t yet know what limits construction will have in Star Citizen, but what we can see is that it’s a pretty immersive system that involves automated building and structural 3D printing of custom layouts, not just hauling pre-fabs around and setting them up. Using the Pioneer, you can live out your inner carpenter desires in the 30th century.

If being a greasy recycler is more your speed, the Reclaimer fits the bill. It is a capital-sized salvage vessel that is optimized to cut large wrecks into smaller chunks with lasers and then move those chunks into its cavernous bay using tractor beams. The nice thing about salvage is you never quite know what you’re going to get; valuable cargo, advanced weapons, even data that can prove useful or profitable. If someone lost it out there, it’s yours when you find it.

Future fleet expansion planned by current members includes a frigate capital, larger scale miners, repair vessel capability, and a drop/troopship. Also, VIP transport and heavy hauling may be down the road.


So, the description in the Admin panel says these are the “public rules that members of ‘Consolidated Amalgamated’ shall abide to.” Besides the obvious pickiness that it should be “abide by,” that they clearly meant to say “adhere to,” I think it’s a bad idea to put out structure in what is a casual corp. Want a rule? Don’t be too mean. I won’t say be nice, we can good-naturedly pick on each other, but nobody – corp member or otherwise – should feel they are being unduly targeted.

That’s it. If you borrowed it, bring it back with gas in it. If you scratched it, get it fixed. If you lost it, replace it. And always kiss your loved ones every day. If you want rules, that’s as far as I’m gonna go.

Welcome to Consolidated Amalgamated! o7