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Roberts Space Industries ®

The Technicians / CONARTISTS

  • Organization
  • Casual
  • Role play
  • Scouting
  • Freelancing

“…you’re gonna need a crew that is as nuts as you are….”

“…so who’ve you got in mind?”


Ah, you found our little place here on spectrum. Well done. This makes the first part of the test – you’re smart enough to find stuff.
If you keep looking, you may find more stuff.

[History currently in the making]

“What do you mean illegal? Hey, some of my best friends are Advocacy Members, we exchange mugshots from time to time.” – Beekay


Simply put:

We organize stuff for our customers. We get things back to their owners, we get them to their new owners, we find what you’re looking for.

- We do no harm but we also do not take shit.
- We don’t talk about our jobs or our customers in public. (RP)

- We are friendly towards anyone who is friendly towards us and we are delighted to find new business connections and jobs to do.
- We are on the bright side of the law. (RP)

Other than that, you’ll find out what we are all about when you pass the test.
The test is to make sure you have the right mindset for our little group.
Because we are looking for a certain type of personality, not because we don’t like others, but because our jobs require that type.

Don’t be afraid to ask, we are looking for personel all the time – new members as well as affiliates.


The rules between con artists are not to be discussed in public.

We can offer our bar rules which came through experience:
- no bears, no lions and no space cows at the bar
- no sandcastles
- shirt & shoes get you service, no nothing, casual mondays
- no tossing of little people at the bar
- no geese juggleing
- no spitting