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Heralds of Convergence / CONVERGE

  • Faith
  • Casual
  • Role play
  • Transport
  • Exploration

We may not live in the world we remember, nor may EarthGov stand to hold us back, but we are still called to serve. We will prepare for Convergence, & we will help those around us prepare, we will be made whole.

Altman be praised.


We awake from a deep sleep to see our foes, and friends, have vanished. In their place we find new people, new faces, all of whom are blind to the truth. We must walk in Michael Altman’s footsteps. Just as he sought to bring the truth of the Markers to our world, so must we be bring it to this one.

Altman be praised.


We have been given a mission, one that no one other than Michael Altman himself has ever been given. We have been chosen to be the first ones to bring the truths of Unity to this world, & prepare it for Convergence.

In this world Altman’s truths were never told, the Marker never revealed to the world, to the universe. We will work together, with the people of this new realm, to undo this crime, but while we bring Altman’s teachings to these people, we must also prepare their bodies for convergence as well.

No longer shall the bodies of the fallen be left to decay, and their souls to be lost. We will safeguard them till the day when they may be reborn. We will safeguard all of those who fall from illness or by violence, so that when convergence is upon us, we can all be re-united together, forever.

If you should be attacked, bring your attacker into the Marker’s shadow, and if you should be slain, remember,

Death, is only the beginning.


We understand, that in this world, there are many things you may find yourself doing, that may not agree with our beliefs, this, we shall accept.

If you should find yourself capable, if you find yourself driven to, these are our rules, these are our simplest beliefs.

  • Life is sacred, rebirth, even more. Should you disable your enemy, instead of killing them, bring them to us. They shall lie in the shadow of the Marker, & learn what Altman learned, from behind the glass of a cryopod if need be. If they do not learn, then we shall see that when convergence comes, they will be ready for rebirth.
  • If a threat presents itself, and they should perish, bring them back to us, and we will safeguard them for their next life. A new life, free from the pains of our current existence, free from the mistakes made in this one.
  • The Markers must be out there, if they existed so prolifically in our world, so must they exist in this one. Do not lose hope, the original Marker existed on Earth for generations before Altman revealed it to the world, and then was hidden away. Even if we find nothing, know, they are out there, know, that we will be made whole.