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The Convoy™ / CONVOY

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“It is a fact that in the right formation, the lifting power of many wings can achieve twice the distance of any bird flying alone.” ~Author Unknown

——/ We stick together. We get the job done. /——


| Convoy™ RSI Forum Thread |————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-

The Convoy™ started as a humble Starfarer Owners Club back on October 15th, 2924, and has since grown to include all types of haulers and escorts.

The small club originally formed out of a necessity for group protection while carrying cargo across the vast web of star systems. Cargo haulers often ended up having to plot courses through lawless territories in the interest of time. These routes sometimes sent them cruising through pirate territories and pirate attacks continued to be an issue. It was all too common to find precious cargo, ships, and even lives lost to those pirate raids.

The Starfarer Owners Club grew in size over the following nineteen years, its reputation spreading far beyond the scope of just a humble owners club. It soon became known as home to all the best Hauler Captains, from Freelancers to Starfarers and even the great Banu Merchantman, the MISC Hull series and RSI Orion ships. By July 2nd, 2943, that same group of Teamsters had built such a reputation that they became known collectively as ‘The Convoy™’, owing to the spectacle that is a one hundred strong fleet of Starfarers strung bow to stern & skid to skid as far as a Drake Radar suite can see.

On January 22nd, 2944, The Convoy™ officially became an organization and over two hundred of the best hauler & escort pilots signed on as full time Convoy Captains in the first weeks of affiliation, that number continuing to grow over time – now over 1,000 strong!

Big businesses, mining magnates, and remote worlds all knew that no matter the size or distance of a given job, The Convoy™ would get the job done. Our original motto, “Neither the vacuum of space, nor pirate raid will stop this Convoy hauling its cargo through”, represented the core principals and spirit of what The Convoy™ & her Captains stood for. While the Trail Boss’s share the spirit of this motto, they were tasked with making it happen internally and so our young Swampers and Prospects more likely remember the phrase, “We stick together. We get the job done.”, being drilled into them. Some learned that lesson well while others went to their graves wishing they had heeded the veteran Trail Bosses words.

Today, our organization welcomes all haulers, along with those who would provide escort and any who might need escort or company, on the long treks across the galaxy. The Convoy™ consistently hold its place among the most trusted organizations the Verse.

The rest, as they say, is HISTORY.



—| Convoy™ RSI Forum Thread |————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-

The Convoy™ remains neutral in geo-political matters since haulers and escorts are fulfilling their own contracts. The Convoy™ can provide support, resources and an environment that will help and encourage members to organize themselves, protect themselves and develop some best practices around the trading and military escort game. Since members belong to a wide range of organizations, this type of structure will be mutually beneficial for all groups that share an interest in the economic side of Star Citizen, including pilots looking for work.

By design, The Convoy™, as an organization, is not a “clan” or a “guild”. As such, our structure allows for its members to remain autonomous and independent. The Convoy™ even welcomes those who would align with one or more other organizations as long as their interests do not conflict with our ideals.

Don’t mess with The Convoy™
TAKE NOTE: We don’t take kindly to those who would grief any ships or crew that are part of or employed by The Convoy™. This website will host features before the game is released where we can post our contracts, requests for assistance, gathering points, bounties, and rep points for those who treat The Convoy™ fairly or not.

Registering entitles you to The Convoy™ badge for your signature line in the forums. This link shows you how.



| Convoy™ RSI Forum Thread |————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-*We Stick Together*

Never forsake a fellow member of The Convoy™. Any person or persons, members or not, who would choose to do harm to or cause grief to any fellow member of The Convoy™ will be justly dealt with.

We Get The Job Done

If you take a job, you complete it to the best of your ability. We expect our members to represent The Convoy™ with honor and integrity; to get the job done and do it right.

No Pirates

History has proven that pirates cannot be trusted. Therefore, we do not work with or harbor pirates within our organization. There are plenty of pirate guilds for you. If you are part of a pirate organization, we will know. If you work with them, we will find out.

—— / ——

Some have called us truckers, long-haulers, or “Space Teamsters.” No matter the name – as big-rig pilots along with those who would ride with us, fly along with us, or offer protection for us, we all stick together.