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Roberts Space Industries ®

The Aquarium / COOLFISH

  • Corporation
  • Casual
  • Engineering
  • Security

Welcome to The Aquarium where the CoolFish swim. A Corporation of neutral citizens roaming the stars.


Opened in 2018 the Aquarium is a group of casual gamers. We are at heart a variety community, our focus is creating a relaxed environment to socialize and bring together all walks of life while being based around casual gaming and self care. Don’t break you, there’s only one.

Community Discord, Not only RSI but separate corp-section included within:


In the Verse we carry our casual flag high while delving deep into mechanics and trying out things “ For Science “. The Aquarium Corp is focused on Engineering in the verse, currently Security corp jobs and mining while hopefully stepping into construction in the future. We currently have multiple multi-man ships and are looking to stock them with high-quality crew, come on in, the water is fine.


  1. Respect each other and the officers of the corp
  2. No political/religious chat.
  3. No Stereotypes; Nationalistic, religious, cultural, etc.
  4. No links and/or self promo without permission
  5. Be respectful in discussion, everybody is entitled to their opinion, you don’t have to agree to be polite.
  6. Don’t troll or feed the trolls.
  7. Play to have fun and enrich your life, it is just a game, use it to better your life not become/replace it.