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Corporation Incorporated / CORPINC

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Come to Corporation Incorporated for all your space related needs!

Transportation without question, protection against pirates, being pirates, we do it all!

You can also check out our website here, or just read the information below!


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\\Corporation Incorporated Official Record

\\Record Begins

In 2121, after losing a bet, Corporation Incorporated (CorpInc) was founded by Steve Castle to be a supply contractor for the terraforming project on Mars. Business was going very well, with Corp Inc. having a fleet of 42 starships using the dated, albeit cheap Quantum Drive Engine mk1 invented by RSI back 2075. The ships would have the occasional hiccup (see attachment I: Explosive Quantum Bits) but Corp Inc. accepted the losses as necessary for the sake of their country, and some whispered for the stockholders. On September 13, 2125 at approximately 08:00Z, the Corp Inc. ship Spruce Goose was on final approach to Mars’ sphere of influence. Due to an unfortunate error among the crew, she crashed into the surface of Mars, killing the entire crew and destroying her cargo. According to records, the cargo was a chemical compound that was to be used by the RSI terraforming device to finalize the process so the project could be considered a success. (See attachment II: 2125: A Dark Day). The government covered-up the crash of the Spruce Goose (since Corp Inc. was the cheapest supply contractor by 4000%) by telling their families they landed safely but died when the atmosphere collapsed. Corp Inc. continued to transport supplies for the terraforming project on Mars and it was finally completed in 2157.

Almost a century later, with no major mishaps (See attachment III: 2214: The Sun is Hot) Corp Inc. was contracted to aid in the development of the AI system, Janus, onboard the spaceship Artemis. A couple of engineers “volunteered” to go along with the Artemis to ensure the AI was functioning properly. The ship disappeared (see attachment IV: Neso Triangle Jump Point) and was never heard from again. An in-house engineering report found that Janus would not have been able to put the crew back into stasis once awakened (see attachment V: Missing Semicolons).

In 2250, Corp Inc. had record high stocks (see attachment VI: Congratulations on ¤107 UEC) and decided to start looking into developing their own technology. After almost a decade, Corp Inc. released their first line of products including the “Solar Powered Lunar Observatory” and their own “Quantum Unentangler”. These ideas caused the simple-minded stockholders to immediately sell off all of their assets, causing the company to seemingly disappear overnight.

It wasn’t until 2902, that Corp Inc. started operations again, and H.G.B. inherited the company, (see attachment VII: Found this in My Attic) along with the remaining assets. Having always wanted to build his own starship, he set out to build a ‘revolutionary’ class of exploration ship with the remaining assets. Things were looking really good for The Stool Pigeon until there was an unfortunate accident during its maiden voyage (see attachment VIII: Explosive Decompression). After learning that space is in fact, a vacuum, H.G.B. hired a team of crack engineers to come up with an even sleeker design and the fruits of their labor was the Stool Pigeon II. The Stool Pigeon II was a marvel of engineering (see attachment IX: At Least it looks Cool) and was equipped with a copy of the latest and greatest software suite. Since Stool Pigeon II didn’t explode on her maiden voyage, H.G.B. wanted to see the ship in action for himself and gathered a crew to traverse the galaxy and find buyers for his ship design. Records say two days into the voyage an engineer at the central computer fell asleep, allowing the screensaver to engage (see attachment X: Sponsors) causing a total power failure. The crew and H.G.B. were killed when the ship drifted into the hangar bay of a Vanduul Kingship.

After a lengthy court battle over whether H.G.B. was still alive and if the company assets were controllable by the board of directors a compromise was reached where H.G.B.’s distant 6th cousin Jebediah was appointed as company President. Along with his two associates Bill and Bob, they have since bought an Idris frigate along with a small fleet of ships. The current plan is to bring Corp Inc. back from the ashes, to rise among the corporate juggernauts!


  • Attachment I: Explosive Quantum Bits: Error! Data corrupted.
  • Attachment II: A Dark Day: Official reports say that 4,876 scientists died when the atmosphere of Mars collapsed unexpectedly.
  • Attachment III: 2214: The Sun is Hot: Error! Data corrupted.
  • Attachment IV: Neso Triangle Jump Point: 39 years after the Artemis and many other ships disappeared without trace, an explorer by the name of Nick Croshaw went to study the Neso Triangle no-fly zone and came across the first jump point ever discovered by humans.
  • Attachment V: Missing Semicolons: Error! Data corrupted.
  • Attachment VI: Congratulations on ¤107 UEC: Record high cost of shares of Corp Inc.
  • Attachment VII: Found this in My Attic: H.G.B found the title to Corp Inc. in a box he found in his attic which contained possessions passed down through his family. He took the title to the bank that was miraculously still around to see how much is was worth. The company had ¤2.45 UEC left in its saving account in 2250 and with an average interest rate of 2% over the last 650 years, was worth ¤953,405.67 UEC.
  • Attachment VIII: Explosive Decompression: Error! Data corrupted.
  • Attachment IX: At Least it looks Cool: Error! Data corrupted.
  • Attachment X: Sponsors: As part of the deal to use ‘Operating’ System 2900, Incorporated Corporations Inc. required us to run an advertisement for them in the computers screensaver. We later found out, that because of the way the ship was wired, letting the screensaver kick on caused the ship to catastrophically lose all power. The engineering staff had been informed to just to give the computer a push from time to time.

\\Record Ends


Our Mission

Our mission is simple. If there is a way to capitalize from it, we do it. Spare no perso…we mean expense!

What we offer


Do you need something shipped on time with the guarantee that the couriers would rather die than surrender your cargo? Does the UEE or other law firm get antsy when you need something shipped, or do you just want to be discreet? It doesn’t matter, Corporation Inc. will ship your cargo with ‘No questions asked!’. We personally insure your cargo and guarantee that it will arrive on-time and in one piece or your money back!


Building a business is hard enough without the worry of the economy. Corporation Inc. provides various services for aspiring entrepreneurs to help you get on your feet. You ask us, we’ll do it!


Space is rough, between the Vanduul, pirates, and the occasional space whale, your bound to get your rear end served to you on a silver platter several times. We offer heavy discounts to new adventurers to help them get started in the verse. Fly around with us in your clunker ship, borrow one of ours, or even serve as a temporary crew member on our flagship, The Sitting Duck. We promise to get you up to speed with the latest techniques and can provide you information on how to find a good deal or even make a quick buck.


We all know that the Vanduul are dangerous. What you don’t know is that only several crews out there are actually ‘brave’ enough to go toe-to-toe with them. If you need those pesky Vanduul removed from your preferred trading route or you just need an escort through a dangerous piece of space, we got you covered!

Bounty Hunting

Some may call it kidnapping but we assure you that it’s just a discreet way to handle your personnel recovery needs! We won’t ask any questions about the person you want ‘picked up’. Just tell us who you want and we will go get them. Our crack team of kidnap…err, Personnel Recovery Experts will track them down and bring them back to you alive and ready to transport.


Do you want to find a jump point or check out the newest space anomaly but you just don’t have the right equipment? We offer an exploration service where you tag along with a team of experts that will let you have first dibs at anything we come across.

What we stand for

Helping you out! Whether it’s with great service or reliable information, we got your back!


The following are the rules and regulation of Corporation Inc.. Failure to follow any of these will result in harsh correction by one of our attitude adjusting staff members.

Personnel code of conduct

  • Racism, Sexism and other forms of discrimination are not allowed.
  • Respect will be maintained between all members at all times.
  • Leaking any of Corporation Incorporated’s secure info is prohibited.
  • Members will report any negativity toward Corporation Inc. from within or by another organization to ranking officials for attitude adjustment.
  • Mutiny or distrust is to be abhorred and is expected to be met by harsh consequences from any other member as soon as it witnessed.
    • If the ship has a brig the guilty person will immediately be placed within it to await punishment from an Attitude Adjuster or Executive Director.
      • If the ship does not have a brig, use your imagination.

Shipboard and combat code of conduct

  • Members will always listen to the captain of the ship they are serving on.
    • The only person who has more authority than the ship’s captain is an executive director who can override any order.
  • Members will not fire on any obviously non-friendly targets unless they are fired upon first.
    • This does NOT apply to the UEE as we cannot afford any more fines. If the UEE fires upon you, try to escape before returning fire.
      • If you must return fire, attempt to disable any UEE ships before you attempt to destroy it.
  • In multi-ship formations, the captain of the largest ship will be considered the fleet commander.
    • Executive Directors can choose to be the fleet commander no matter what ship they are in.

Contract and missions code of conduct

  • All contracts are seen through to completion, regardless of the cost.
    • Corporation Inc. will pay any excessive cost if a mission goes over budget or faces any extra fees.
  • Members are expected to put their lives on the line in the name of the contract.
    • If the mission is very obviously suicidal, fallback and contact an Attitude Adjuster or Executive Director for reinforcements.
  • Members will contact either a Contract Specialist or an Executive Director before accepting a contract from any source.
  • Members will not ask not ask any questions regarding any cargo they may be carrying for a transport contract.
  • Members will not question the legality of a contract to the supplier of the contract.
    • If a member has a concern, they can raise questions to a Contract Specialist or an Executive Director who will advise appropriately.
  • Members will stick to the original contract unless an Executive Director says otherwise.