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Intelligence Support Activity

Intelligence gathering is a crucial part of warfare. One that is easily forgotten in the heat of battle, never than less does it shape strategies and wins wars.

That others may live



Our Records of History
The ISA, a short form of Intelligence Support Activity, is a strategic defense and intelligence service of the UEEs Military. The main focus of the Military Compartment is intelligence gathering behind enemy lines but also capable to perform direct combat operations. To ensure the success of all its missions, all information about the ISA remains at the highest level of classification. By many considered, the most secret element of the UEE. Since its creation in 1980, there is not much to know about the Intelligence-Service. But according to records, the ISA conducted a multitude of illegal acts against the law during 2582 and 2597. After the Military-Justice became aware of the unauthorized Operations, it immediately reacted and pulled the ISA out of service. After a few months, the Global and Interplanetary situation started to worsen. The UEE knew it would have to bring the ISA back to life to conquer the ever-growing threat to the Empire even when it is completely corrupted. In the year 2598, the ISA was reactivated after the investigations of its illegal activities ended and the case was closed. However, the UEE didn´t manage to stop further unauthorized actions from the ISA Side. In 2948, the ISA is still an unacknowledged compartment of the UEE, involved in every single activity going on in the known and travelable Universe. Nowadays it’s more a profit-focused Corporation than anything else. Nevertheless, it´s still in the interest of the ISA to ensure mankind’s superiority to other Species to fulfill their secretive, ultimate goal.

Our Initiative has just begun, join us and change the history for yourself, the ISA and all Humanity.


JOIN US ON “(SPECTRUM, soon implemented)”
JOIN OUR “(EVENT-CALENDAR, soon implemented)”


Our current Ship-Lineup

ISA Property

  • AEGIS Gladius Valiant
  • AEGIS Hammerhead
  • AEGIS Idris-M
  • AEGIS Javelin
  • AEGIS Nautilus
  • AEGIS Reclaimer
  • AEGIS Retaliator
  • AEGIS Sabre Raven
  • AEGIS Vanguard Harbinger
  • AEGIS Vanguard Sentinel
  • ANVIL Arrow
  • ANVIL Ballista Dunestalker
  • ANVIL Carrack
  • ANVIL Gladiator
  • ANVIL Hornet Tracker
  • ANVIL Terrapin
  • ANVIL Valkyrie
  • BANU Merchantman
  • CIND Hercules Starlifter A2
  • CIND Hercules Starlifter M2
  • DRAKE Dragonfly
  • MISC Endeavor
  • MISC Prospector
  • ORGN 350R
  • RSI Apollo Triage
  • RSI Mantis
  • RSI Polaris
  • RSI URSA Rover
  • TUMBRIL Cyclone Base
  • TUMBRIL Cyclone-TR
  • TUMBRIL Nova
  • TUMBRIL Ranger RC


Disavowed by the Government,
Unknown to the Public,
Feared by our Enemies.

The ISA (Intelligence Support Activity) is a Covert Intelligence Service, with multiple Elements. A Compartmented Naval Element consisting out of Ships from all Classes, responsible for all spaceborne operations and the ISA´s security. A Special Operations Element with the capabilities and resources to succeed in every kind of Mission. A wide variety of Support Assets also focusing to provide our services to the Public. And last but not least a couvert Syndicate-Arm.

Efforts and Goals of the ISA
The ISA´s primary effort is to establish a well-organized intelligence service to counter the threat emanating from the Vanduul. We are supporting the UEE in every way possible, to ensure human supremacy on the battlefield. The UEE has limitations when it comes to certain activities, the ISA has not. And this is where we step in. Since the UEE has to maintain a good image and being a role model, there is no space for illegal activities. However, if that would be the case it would have a significant influence on the UEE-Government and could lead to unwanted disputes. Now as an unacknowledged element of the UEE, we have a lot more freedom of action. Even if our main focus is on protecting humanity, we also strive to be financially secure in every way. We want to see the ISA at the top, and we will not back down until we reach the ultimate goal.

Our Mission-Set:

  • Capital Fleet Operations
  • Offensive Strikes
  • Covert Clandestine Operations
  • Anti-Piracy Operations
  • Espionage
  • Special Missions
  • Special Reconnaissance
  • Surveillance
  • HVT Operations
  • System Security
  • Deep Space Exploration
  • Mining, Refining
  • Scavenging
  • Scientific Research
  • Data-Collection
  • Agriculture for Self-sustainment
  • Diplomatic Missions
  • Public Services
  • Illegal Activities (Top Secret)
    (Not all of our principles are as honorable as they seem)

Public Services
We aim to provide a wide array of services to the public, not all our activities listed above will be available to clients in normal circumstances. However, if specific services are required from allied Organizations or certain individuals to be available, those will be provided under necessary conditions. The ISA makes every effort to meet the requirements of all its customers and to deliver the services to the client with the utmost care, efficiency and professionalism.

Available Public Services:

  • Person Rescue/Recovery
  • Ship Recovery
  • Hostage Rescue
  • Security Escort Service
  • Mercenary / Army for hire
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Refueling-Service
  • Logistic and Transfer
  • Medical-Services
  • Mobile Spawn-Point Service
  • Humanitarian Aid and Disaster relief
  • Data-Processing
  • Research
  • Jump-Point and System Charting
  • Diplomatic Support


ISA Rules and principles
Trust is the daily ruler of an Intelligence Service. There are some People you might trust more than others, but it is necessary to be able relying on your Team, your Brother in arms. Trust is the basement of a working Organization.

Our General and most important Rules:

  1. Be respectful
  2. Insults against members or other players are NOT tolerated
  3. NO racism and sexism
  4. NO information sharing with 3rd party individuals or Orgs.
  5. Do not ruin the game for other Players
  6. Have Fun

Our Rules and principle at ISA:

  1. Follow the orders of your Commanding Officers
  2. Follow and fulfill your dream
  3. Support your teammates in the ISA
  4. Avoidance of civilian HUMAN casualties
  5. No HUMAN slavery
  6. Profit comes right after Humanity
  7. Do whatever is necessary to be successful
  8. Illegal actions are allowed when shifting ISA´s favor but have to be reported to Org.-Executives in advance.
  9. Remind yourself! We are not necessarily the good ones.
  10. Be absolute professional on client-assignments (but have fun of course)
  11. Do not take our intends too serious
  12. Do not steal from the ISA
  13. Do not share non-public information about the ISA with others
  14. Conspiracies against the ISA will not be tolerated
  15. Be loyal to the ISA
  16. Earn your Promotion

// ISA-Compartments (Divisions)

Activity Compartments

  • Combat-Compartment
    Capital Combat Division (CCD)
    Anti Ship Warfare Division (ASWD)
    Anti Fighter Warfare Division (AFWD)
    Bombardment Wing (BW)
    Fighter Squadron (FS)
    Interdiction and Interception Element (IIE)
    Special Aviation Element (SAE)
    Security Division (SD)
    Mechanized and Armoured Element (MAE)
  • Intelligence-Compartment
    Special Missions and Reconnaissance Division (SMRD)
    Intelligence Analytics Division (IAD)
    Combat Awareness Division (CAD)
    - Active Surveillance Service (ACSS)
    - Analytics Surveillance Service (ANSS)
    Enhanced Exploration Survey (EES)
  • Illegal Activity Compartment (IAC)
    (Unknown! Top Secret)
  • E-Warfare-Compartment
    Electronic and Cyber Warfare Division (ECWD)
    Technical Compartment (ITC)

Support/Supply Compartments

  • Medical-Compartment
    Emergency Response Element (ERE)
    Medical Division (MD)
    Rescue and Recovery Division (RRD)
  • Engineering and Technical Compartment
    Repair and Maintenance Element (RME)
  • Logistics and Research Compartment
    Logistics and Transport Element (LTE)
    Stratotanker Division (STD)
    Research and Science Division (RSD)
    Enhanced Exploration Survey (EES)
  • Scavenge and Mining-Compartment
    Scavenge Ship-Recovery Division (SSRD)
    Ressource Mining Element (RME)

// Promotion Regulatiuons

  • Grand Admiral / CEO
    Not available
  • Admiral / Prime Executive
    CO or XO of a Large or Capital Vessel
    Role of choice (if available)
  • Colonel / Executive
    XO of a Large or Capital Vessel
    Officer for a Large or Capital Vessel
    CO of a Small to Large Vessel
    Role of choice (if available)
  • Commander / Instructor
    Officer for a Large or Capital Vessel
    CO of a Small to Medium Vessel
    XO of a Small to Large Vessel
    Leader of a Fighter-Squadron
    Leader of a Special Operations Team
    Various other Roles
  • Soldier / Crew
    Crew on Small, Medium, Large or Capital Vessel
    Member of a Fighter-Squadron
    Member of a Special Operations Team
    Various other Roles
  • Recruit
    Crew on Small, Medium, Large Vessel
    Various other Roles

// How to Get Promoted

  • Do a good Job
  • Be a role-model
  • Follow the Roles
  • Be reliable and trustworthy

Commonly you will get promoted by the recommendation/commendation of the direct superior.

// The Fleet
The ISA provides a big number of Ships. Every single Ship is acessible to everyone. CO Ranks on a Ship apply only to ships owned by the Intelligence Support Activity itself. Commanding Officers of all Ships will cycle, to ensure everyone gets the chance to Command his/her favorite Ship in our Lineup. We are glad if Members share the Command of they’re own Vessels but the owner will, of course, remain in supreme command of his/her property.