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Corporate Search and Rescue / CORPSAR

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Welcome to the official Search and Rescue department of the Corporation.

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The Corporation has a long tradition of Search and Rescue activities in the universe. In the first Vanduul war, CORPSAR operations were a necessary task for rescuing lost freighter pilots by capital ships escorted by fighter squadrons. The CORPSAR duties continue to the present day by the corporate Avenger and Idris squadrons.


What is CORPSAR?

CORPSAR is the official Search and Rescue devision of the Corporation. While strongly affiliated with the parent corporation we seek to form a union of multiple organizations to provide a universe-wide SAR network.

How does it work?

Affiliates of CORPSAR will have access to the Corporations capital ships and medical facilities, in case of emergency. Affiliates can answer distress calls and earn influence points, if also a member of the Corporation. If not a member of the corporation a fair rescue fee is negotiated between parties.

How will a rescue work?

You use the distress system to call for help and a few minutes later a CORSAR pilot is on the way to you. After he picked you up he brings you to the next corporate facility where you get medical assistance.

Why join us?

CORPSAR is an easy way to earn corporate influence or credits. You can help to build a better tomorrow for all citizens or benefit from our network and feel safe wherever you travel.


Personal safety comes first! When on a rescue mission you are not to engage into combat unless the odds are in your favor.

Professional conduct is mandatory! Never engage in illegal activities while on a rescue mission and keep a polite and professional tone. Victims of space accidents are often traumatized and need professional and calm reassurance.

Keep your ship fueled! We don’t want you to get stranded in deep space, because you forgot to check your tanks before answering a distress call.